The Crick, The Wood

These serene scenes are a far cry from the streets of Las Vegas. I grew up surrounded by forests and farm fields full of soybeans and field corn. Cows and farms. today, I live in a city of around two million people. Which lifestyle would you choose?

What amazes me when driving around this little country town is (I don’t like saying this) how dirty everything is. It has been raining on and off for four days straight, making the roads so dirty that dirt transfers to your car. Homes and lawns are so unkept and seem to be falling apart.

The gray sky keeps me feeling exhausted! On a positive note, the people of my hometown are much more friendly than many but not all of the people of Las Vegas. Which life would you choose?

12 thoughts on “The Crick, The Wood

  1. Michigan has quite the different landscape compared to Las Vegas. Even with the cold winters, I’d still pick Michigan in terms of the scenery and largely because I enjoy being able to hike throughout the entire year.

    • Thanks Rudi for your comment. I think that if you were to spend a few months in Las Vegas, your opinion may change. Our climate is wonderful all year. Gray sky makes me so tired.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Derrick. I really do miss Michigan but I love the beautiful year-round climate of the Mojave Desert. It’s worth the trade. Michigan will always be my true home though.

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