The Last Pontiac

Yesterday, my dad and I visited a new museum that is dedicated fully to the Pontiac division of General Motors which ceased production in 2010 due to financial problems. GM had to axe the Oldsmobile many years ago for the same reason.

Chevrolet will likely never get the axe due to it being the most affordable car and truck offered by General Motors. The Buick division is the next step up towards the Cadillac division.

I had the privilege of sitting in this beautiful car yesterday. It was a bit emotional for me because Pontiac is the car that my family sold for many decades. The museum is located near downtown Pontiac, Michigan. I am still a bit ticked that the Pontiac line is gone but General Motors apparently had no choice.

I am flying home tomorrow, it will be very nice to be out from under the constant gray skies which have made me feel so tired!

16 thoughts on “The Last Pontiac

  1. That’s a cool car, it’s a shame it was discontinued. And hope your dad has recovered now. Glad you’ll be back to blue skies soon!

  2. I never owned a Pontiac but I have waned all other General Motors brands except Cadillac. I was disappointed to see olds and Pontiac shut down.

    • Me too, John. Oldsmobile made some great cars back then. The Cadillac line isn’t so attractive to me today, the body styles aren’t very catchy…

    • Hi Rebecca, it sure is. Sorry I haven’t been visit your blog, I’ve been in Michigan helping my dad. Be well! ❤️

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