A Far Cry From Las Vegas…

just a few cars, plenty of trees, and even some rare Michigan blue sky. Being home has been wonderful, but I feel that I’ll soon have to return to Michigan. Sunshine and 90 degrees are forecast for today which is unusually warm for this time of year. Or not, I could be wrong but I’ll take it! Cloudy and 54 degrees are forecast for my hometown today, so blah!

10 thoughts on “A Far Cry From Las Vegas…

  1. I know you said you are going back soon for an early Christmas celebration. Are you thinking sooner than that,now? Maybe you should stay in Michigan for a while until things settle with your Dad.

    • I’ve had that same idea, Venus, but I’ll stay home a bit longer. This is a strange situation that I’ve never been in before. 😭

    • Me too, 90F today with pure sunshine, the weather that I am used to! Difficult is right, Anne Marie, thank you for your well wishes my friend. ❤️😊

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