My eBike Hits 2000 Miles!

The Pedego electric bike rolled past two thousand miles during today’s 12-mile ride, which is the equivalent of riding from Las Vegas to my hometown in Michigan! Not bad for a two-year-old bike. I was going to name this post “Christmas In Tivoli Village” but didn’t obviously.

It was a cool ride but I was dressed just enough to handle the very small wind chill factor. How about that Christmas Tree!! It won’t fit in your living room, haha!

She’s Not Sad…

But, she does look a bit sad. Those eyes! During this trip, Blondie was a bit annoying because she ran outside and barked at what seemed like nothing but the wind. Sometimes the barking began before she passed through the big dog door which startled my dad awake.

Old people sleep a lot. It’s tough to feel aggravated by her when she walks in front of me sitting in the chair then places her eyes in your lap and looks at you. Please rub under my itchy collar! A high temperature of 57 degrees is up for today, should I dare a bike ride in such cold weather? 😂

A Hand In Time

Last night I was trying a new black-and-white photo app on the iPhone and took this silly photo of my hand. It had me thinking about how life was back in the 1980s, my favorite decade, and wondering where the heck all of the time has gone? Wasn’t I just 21 wonderful years young? And what happened to Joan?

Sony A7C -vs- iPhone 15

The image quality is so close to the same but not quite. I have been reading this afternoon about how amateur photographers like myself have considered dropping the full-frame big cameras and beginning to use a mobile device instead. Overwhelmingly, the iPhones are the majority when switching cameras.

Like many people, I have become tired of using a large, bulky camera and all of the settings you must consider when using them in the Manual mode. I can do it but it’s not something I enjoy doing.

The speed at which the iPhone 15 can capture a great photo is impressive, and, it makes many calculations very quickly such as ISO and shutter speed. This is like using the Sony A7C or the Nikon cameras I’ve had in Auto mode.

Also, some professional photographers have begun using the iPhone as a second camera for certain types of photography. It’s a confusing subject, isn’t it? The crick was photographed with the iPhone, and the other was taken today with the Sony A7C.

Basically The Same

These color photos were taken with the Sony A7C this morning and look basically the same as the photos from the iPhone 15 would. Once again, I am considering the days of using a full-body camera could be over for me. A  cell phone camera still has limitations such as extreme zoom images being badly pixelated but for the convenience of the iPhone, it might be worth the tradeoff. The last several posts have featured photos taken with the iPhone, did you notice the difference? The dark photo was taken at 10:30 last night.

Among My Mountains

Ahh yes, it’s so good to be home again among my beautiful mountains! The Mojave Desert is a very beautiful place to live. How was your Monday? I have two things on the agenda today which is nice after running around like a headless chicken yesterday. Sunshine and 58 degrees for today, hello, sunshine!

Finding A New Doctor

Finding a new doctor is never fun but today I scored big. Walking into my previous doctor’s office I was told that I couldn’t make an appointment because the new company that bought the other company no longer takes my type of insurance.

Great, this meant that I couldn’t get my blood pressure and diabetes medications among others. Panic soon sets in. Calling the customer service number on the back of my insurance card proved to be a real blessing! Not only did I find a new doctor today but actually got an appointment on the same day!

If you have ever dealt with having to find a new doctor quickly, then you know how frustrating this can be. I thought to myself, this must be a miracle, thank you, God! I am very happy and relieved that this transition went so smoothly today, miracles can happen. Silly photos below…

It’s Nice To Be Back Home!

Today has had me running all around my area of town taking care of a few loose ends that needed tying up but it’s great to be back among my mountains, palm trees, and sunshine! How is your Monday going?

Isn’t this small dam so pretty? I love the sounds, and please pardon my finger. 😂

Farm Equipment

Both of these tractors are at least 25 years old and still run like they are fresh from the factory. Good stuff, eh? The John Deere bush hog is very new, the paint is still on it, the old one was all beat to hell and yours truly had his part in its demise. The clarity of these images is amazing, isn’t it? The iPhone 15 camera is amazing. 57 cool degrees and a sky full of sunshine are on tap for Las Vegas today.