The Killer Clown Downtown

How do you like this creepy guy! He was in a store window downtown in my hometown. He is the stuff of nightmares, my friends! How was your Monday? Mine was very busy and I’m so tired… G’night y’all.

29 thoughts on “The Killer Clown Downtown

    • That face is so gross!! Clowns are NOT funny, are they. I got nine hours and feel much better this cold morning. Dad is doing good actually but still not 100%. We are doing a drive west to Holland, Michigan tomorrow and I am afraid for dad’s health but he just won’t slow down. They do appreciate my being here and this is where I want and need to be right now. It is very difficult to watch a parent decline. Thank you for your kind comment, Shelley. Virtual hugs for you guys. ❀️

      • Yes, it is. There are some kind clowns that are funny, it’s hit or miss for me though on if I like them or not. This one is definitely creepy!
        That’s good he’s doing better. Despite the fact that we all decline over the years, especially at your dad’s age, it isn’t easy to watch. It’s a good sign that he doesn’t want to slow down and wants to keep living his life to the fullest. That’s inspirational! Oh, and, remember, he watched you struggle to grow when you were little, I like to think of it as a kind of payback in reverse. πŸ˜‰
        Hugs to you too! πŸ€—

        • Thank you, Shelley. The parents take care of the children, then the children take care of the parents. Life is a circle. I did some unsavory things in my youth that we talked about while I’ve been here and I am not proud of those days but that was around 40 years ago. Water under the bridge…

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