A Taste Of Home

Just one old photo from two or more years ago for you this early morning when it’s six in the morning, or three in the morning back home in my beautiful Mojave Desert. My dad is coming home from the hospital (again) sometime today. The man is a real fighter.

I’m doing okay and seem to be adjusting to the Eastern time zone which is a bit of a bummer because the Pacific time zone is in my future. This wreaks havoc with your sleep pattern! How have been lately?

8 thoughts on “A Taste Of Home

    • Hi Rebecca, thank you! Dad is doing as good as can be expected. He didn’t get out of the hospital today since doctor wants to keep him overnight for one specific thing. He wants out of the hospital bad like anyone does! Hopefully tomorrow. 🙏🏻

    • Hi Anneli, thank you. It’s one day at a time and we hope he can get out of the hospital tomorrow. He’s been in and out for three weeks now. Tough times for dad, sister and I are hanging in there but so tired. ❤️

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