Meeting Marly

Marly, also known as Moose, is my daughter and her husband’s horse. You may have seen him and my daughter in previous posts and the many ribbons for the competitions she and they have won. Marly is a huge dude, a very strong and powerful horse!

When I fed him carrots and apples, it was obvious that I lack experience with these animals as I dropped the apple for fear of having my fingers amputated! It was a great visit at the barns today where they rent space for Marly.

Big hugs for my daughter and her husband, he’s a great guy and my entire family loves him! 30 degrees for tonight, and sunshine with a high of just 44 degrees for tomorrow, too cold!

21 thoughts on “Meeting Marly

  1. Finally! We get the Horses name. Lol. I really doubt he would bite you when biting for food. It’s definitely not the same. Most Horses are Gentle Giants or in Marley’s case, Gentle Moose.

    • Thank you, Nikki! She loves her horse, I used to take her to her riding lessons when she was a wee child. I don’t know if I am following your blog and can’t find a follow button but I am following you on IG. Thanks for stopping by! ☺️☺️🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Thank you, Cindy, horses are very beautiful but I am a bit scared of them. So much muscle and power! Moose, such a cool name! ❤️😊

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