Thanks for stopping by my website:

My name is John, I’m 58 years young and a Michigan native who enjoys photography with my Nikon D3300 and occasionally with my iPhone7 and Sony RX100. Growing up in Michigan was a beautiful thing, I had a great childhood and have wonderful memories of snowmobiling all around northern lower Michigan and in Michigan’s Upper peninsula. As a teen, my father and I spent many weekends in Michigan’s northern lower peninsula riding dirt bikes in the north wood.

Photography and Blogging:

We also engaged in quarter mile drag boat racing which entailed travel to several states while I was in High School, it was a good time in my life. Somewhere in the mid nineteen eighties I was given some old (at the time) camera equipment which I no longer have. That sucks. There was a colour film camera and a black and white camera. Actual film cameras. This is when I took a larger interest in photography. In the early 2000’s I put together my first site which was self-hosted.

That first site:

Was all about politics, Michigan politics specifically. Well, that site became unpalatable in due time because of the constant flaming and hateful comments that come with a political website. I canned that site after what was probably around one year and opened another self-hosted WordPress site with a different focus. It didn’t last either.

No Niche’ Here:

So here I am today once again firing up yet another site on WordPress.com, this time with a mix of photography, opinion and random thoughts on subjects that matter to me. And a little bit of video too? This is a General Interest blog, not a niche’ blog, however I will focus mostly on photography. Thanks for visiting Las Vegas Photoblog, I appreciate your taking time from your busy day to visit.

Blog Statistics:

Currently, Las Vegas Photoblog contains over 4000 posts and over 5000 comments with just under 100 followers. Why so low a follower number? Because I remove Business ‘followers’ daily for the simple reason of keeping the actual, true follower list as clean as I can. I’m not here for the big numbers as you can see, I enjoy interacting with my followers and the relaxation I get from blogging. I’m happy that you are here!

So what’s in the bag?

  • Nikon D3300 Body
  • Nikon DX/VR 70-300mm
  • Nikon DX/VR 18-55mm
  • Nikon DX 35MM
  • Tamron SP 60mm Macro
  • Sigma EX 10-20mm WA
  • Neutral Density Filtres
  • iPhone 10X with multiple applications
  • Sony RX100 Mini Camera

Thank you for visiting my humble amateur photo site, cheers!