Thanks for stopping by my website: My name is John, I’m 57 years young and a Michigan native who enjoys photography with my Nikon D3300 and occasionally with my iPhone7. Growing up in Michigan was a beautiful thing, I had a great childhood and have wonderful memories of snowmobiling all around northern lower Michigan and in Michigan’s Upper peninsula. As a teen, my father and I spent many weekends in Michigan’s northern lower peninsula riding dirt bikes in the north wood with his friends.

Photography and Blogging: We also engaged in quarter mile drag boat racing which entailed travel to several states while I was in High School, it was a good time in my life. Somewhere in the mid nineteen eighties I was given some old (at the time) camera equipment which I no longer have. That sucks. There was a colour film camera and a black and white camera. Actual film cameras. This is when I took a larger interest in photography. In the early 2000’s I put together my first website which was a self-hosted website.

That first site was all about politics, Michigan politics specifically. Well, that site became unpalatable in due time because of the constant flaming and hateful comments that come with a political website. I canned that site after what was probably around one year and opened another self-hosted WordPress site with a different focus. It didn’t last either.

No Niche’ Here: So here I am today once again firing up yet another site on WordPress.com, this time with a mix of photography, opinion and random thoughts on subjects that matter to me. And a little bit of video too. This is a General Interest blog, not a niche’ blog, however I will focus mostly on photography. Thanks for visiting Las Vegas Photoblog, I appreciate your taking time from your busy day or evening to visit.

What’s in the tool box?

  • Nikon D3300 body
  • Nikon DX/VR 70-300mm
  • Nikon DX/VR 18-55mm
  • Sigma EX 10-20mm WA
  • Neutral Density filtres
  • iPhone Seven: multiple apps

Thank you for visiting my humble site, cheers!

Updated  3.15.18