My Daughter, Horsing Around!

Ever since she was a little girl, my lovely daughter has loved animals, any kind of animal be it the Guinea pigs she had as a child, dogs, and cats which she and her husband own these days. The horse isn’t hers but she wants to purchase the horse! She sent these to me yesterday. I wish I could give this sweet lady a bear hug!

What’s Cooking in My House?

This! The chili was made yesterday, slow-cooked for six hours and oooh it’s so good! The eggs and toast were yesterday’s breakfast and the apple sausage was last night’s deliciousness. Good eats at my place!

Remembering Christmas 2019

Thinking this morning of what has happened since our family Christmas 2019 in Michigan, I think these color images turned grayscale fit the bill nicely. And what is yet to come? My family decided unanimously a couple of weeks ago to postpone our usual gathering in Michigan to June 2021.

I’m sad, I’m angry but there is zero anyone can do about the situation. It’s the smart decision, the right decision but it still sucks.

At this time, it’s already been over one full year since I’ve actually laid eyes on any of my family and it hurts. We stay in contact of course, but it’s just not the same but I’m grateful for the technology that allows us to stay in contact. These converted photos of home seem appropriate.

Under The Canopy

I’ve been using the Sony RX100 around the house yesterday and today mostly because I’m bored. The little camera is attached to a mini tripod which makes handling it much easier. Snap, click. The little mirrorless camera does a hell of a good job and is so much easier to maneuver than the big Nikon. Here are some Lantana photos, both plants are still doing really well with daily watering in the morning and afternoon.