Popped Again!

Dang Nabit! These fat tires are the weak link of this e-Bike, folks. Last year, the rear tire popped, at that time I had inserts put in between the tube and the tire to hopefully stop the tires from popping, but as you can see this thorn is really big and it’s super hard. I had to use pliers to extract the thorn after I got home. That was a solid decision to wait because as soon as that thorn came out, the hiss started. Well, I’m off the road once again, folks! It was a great 15-mile ride though.

A Gray Day For Ducks!

On today’s rather cool and short bike ride, I stopped to capture images of this large gathering of ducks, coots, and dozens of those pesky Rock Pigeons. It seems that the birds are also affected by the gray sky just like humans. you know, that blah feeling as in where the hell is the sunshine, man!

I have a few more photos of these birds for later today, I cut the ride short because of feeling sprinkles on my skin and knowing that there are rain showers in the area according to the local radar on my phone. Better dry and warm at home than catching a cold from the cold rain!