A Flying Eskimo

These airliner photos were taken the day I picked my sister up from the airport a few days ago. The other photos were taken from Lake Mead Boulevard on the east side of the city looking way down into the valley. Well, things went badly here yesterday, my sister now has Covid and I am pretty sure I do too.

Gladly, we are both double-vaccinated and double-boosted. She is staying in Henderson in a home that she and my niece rented as a part of their trip south into Arizona. The fun stops right here in Las Vegas for at least the next five days. Gosh damn virus, I hate it!

Lake Mead Is In Trouble…

Have a look at the photo of a boat ramp along the shore of Lake Mead. I took this photo a couple of days ago with my sister in the truck, I wanted to show her how critically low the lake really is.

She was shocked! As she should be. You can easily see where the waterline should be, the lake has not been at full pond since the early or mid 198os! Yet, home building and the population of the city of Las Vegas continue to grow, Very sad and scary, isn’t it?

My sister was picked up about an hour ago by my niece and her husband, they are going to be heading south into Arizona now as part two of her holiday. I will take her to the airport in a few days. ❤️