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John is a Michigan native, 59 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites, both self-hosted and on the side. I enjoy WordPress and Instagram. Thanks for visiting my humble photo blog.

  • Lock, Take and Hide

    This sign shouldn’t be needed, isn’t this just common sense? Oh, that left America decades ago…

  • The Little Backyard

    A couple photos from yesterday in my tiny backyard, small but it’s mine. ğŸ˜ŽğŸŒ´

  • Variations

    Continuing from yesterday’s new camera photos, here are some color variations on the playground equipment, a bit bland I guess.

  • A Colourful Playground

    Continuing with photos from the new Nikon, I decided to enhance the bright colours of this playground in the HDR app. OK, I went overboard a bit but the clarity of the photos remains. Now I will head into the… Read More ›

  • A New Nikon

    Today I purchased a new Nikon, the Z6 series. After getting the battery fully topped off, I headed to a local park for some photos but did take several photos in my backyard first before the sun got too low…. Read More ›

  • Salt and Grease

    Yep, I have an addiction to Western Omlettes and hash browns! Once a week or so I’ll allow myself this treat. It’s what this kind of food does to my blood pressure that make’s it kinda tough to eat it…. Read More ›

  • Drone’s View

    Good morning from Las Vegas Valley. Sunny and 66F is forecast for Las Vegas today, a much better forecast than the crap weather I saw on the Weather Channel early this morning whilst eating my chicken soup. Cold and rain… Read More ›

  • Photos from the Sony DSC RX100

    This afternoon I took a quick ride to the store and brought along the little Sony pocket camera that I’ve very rarely used. In fact, when I tried to turn it on, it was dead! What’s that tell ya? So… Read More ›

  • The View From Where I Was Nuked

    Two crappy iPhone photos of the view from the room where I was nuked. Great view aye? You can see my eye in one photo…

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