A Desert Golf Course

I’ve never played golf but did try it years ago and found that I have a terrible slice to the right! Oh well. Golf courses look a bit different here than those you see elsewhere. The nicely maintained grass is surrounded by the natural desert floor, complete with creosote bushes and cacti. Those pants were creepy to come across. I was looking for a place to get a shot of the golf course and saw them laying at my feet. What the hell! I did 13 miles on this beautiful sunny day in Las Vegas.

Old Time Auto Ads

Back in the day, it was recommended to dig a hole In the ground to pour your used engine oil into. I actually did this many years ago, shame on me! How about a flimsy hammock for your baby, allowing the baby to swing to sleep? How about vacuuming your car with the engine exhaust? Yikes, things have changed for the better! Spread your legs? 😂

Water In Detention

There are a few detention basins like this one scattered around the valley to capture and control water that could become a terrible flood. I’ve never seen one doing its thing during the Monsoon season but it’s hard to imagine such a huge basin being filled with rainwater. Sunshine and 61 degrees are on deck for the valley today and that sounds just dandy to me. How is the weather where you are today? Hopefully full of sunshine!