Perhaps a Gazing Ball?

I want to add a few more small yard decorations back here. My mother has a gazing ball back home in Michigan, considering the frequent sunshine a gazing ball would be a fun decoration. Fun sans washing the bird shit off of it! How about a Gnome that has his middle fingers up, flipping off myself and all who dare visit? Perhaps a mate for Mr. Tortoise too? Welcome to my little slice of Las Vegas!

Good Morning from Mr. Tortoise!

It’s been so beautiful outside the last couple days or so with the temperatures only in the nineties, that ten or so degrees makes a major difference. For this photo I simply held the Nikon just above the grass and took several photos with the zoom lens slightly extended. I am surprised, what a lucky photo eh? Is he real or is he Memorex? Do you remember those TV commercials from years ago?

The Rio and Gold Coast

This photo was taken on the way home the other day after taking all those photos on the Strip. You are on Flamingo Road westbound with the two fifteen freeway directly behind you. I’ve never visited the Rio or the Gold Coast casinos.

The Arc

About 1/3 of the circle creates the arc. Note the different shapes within each cable strand too. 😎

Booze on The Boulevard

I’ll betcha there are more gallons of booze on the Las Vegas Strip than there are people! Sin City? Drunken City! I have to admit, a cold beer looks darn good roundabout five PM! 😎

Sticky Chicken

Sticky Chicken is in a casino on the Vegas Strip, why they backed the truck inside is beyond me. I wouldn’t try the chicken simply because of that creepy name. If it’s sticky then it damn well better be something like a sweet treat! Would you eatΒ  sticky chicken? I didn’t think so… πŸ˜‚

My Kitchen and Backyard

These are iPhone 10 photos I snapped yesterday to send to a friend here in town. The white cabinets are new and my design as is the backyard rebuild in early 2019. I did OK eh? 😎