Welcome to Fabulousness

I’m not sure that fabulousness is actually a word but it works in this instance. I was surprised to see this what looks like an exact duplicate but smaller version of our famous Las Vegas sign located on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip on Las Vegas Boulevard. Beyond the sign you can see a few of the pods on the High Roller wheel. The small steel cables are a part of the Zip Line ride high above.

Along the Linq Promenade

A few photos from the other day down on the Strip. I keep thinking about that delicious omelet I had at Maxie’s down there. It was seriously good with the cheese, mushrooms, diced ham and onions. Yummy! And a bit of cilantro on top. Spice! I also added a bit of Tapas sauce too. My mouth was on fire and I liked it! Do you love it hot and spicy too?

Angels of The Las Vegas Strip

OK, the ladies are not angels but they are fun to talk to, especially when they say or do something a bit naughty! For a tip of course. I tipped one of the ladies the other day whilst there. I’m a bad person… ğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜»ğŸ¤­