Baked Taters

Slice ’em up, lay ’em in the pan, add a bit of butter, pepper and No Salt. Yumz! I use the heck outta my counter top oven! I have a full range but this little beauty works dandy too.

Moving The Pot

I hope this plant isn’t too far gone at this point to save it. It sat on the east side of the yard for a couple weeks or so and was slowly going down. Last night I moved it to the west side next to the other plant, so far so good. It was also pruned, removing the dead shit. It’s easy to see which is which isn’t it? I should apologise to the plant!

September 4th Sunset

Well look at this, there are some clouds up there this eve! A city that has 300+ days of sunshine per year isn’t totally conducive to good sunset photos in my view. These were taken not long before the sun completely went down.

I Feel Ripped Off


For several weeks now I’ve been dealing with tooth repair in the form of oral surgery and also at the dentist office. I signed up for dental insurance late last year, for this year knowing that I was going to have these surgeries done. Yesterday I received a letter from my insurance provider that my submissions for dental coverage have all been denied. Denied? Why?

According to the letter, my coverage for these services doesn’t kick in for one full year! In the meantime, the company was continuing to take my extra $30.00 per month for the supposed dental coverage. I was and still am seriously pissed off! I’m on the hook for the full amount, thanks very much, assholes. Our medical insurance system in our country is a farce.

I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again – the time has come for the States to change to the same medical coverage system that Canada and the United Kingdom have been using. NO system is perfect, the systems used by these countries is by no means perfect but I believe that it works far better than the f****ing system we have today, thanks to the assholes in Virginia.

Today I called the rat bastards and removed the faux coverage from my plan. Hey provider, **** you!

The Mitten State

One thing about my home state is it’s unusual shape and how easy it is to show people where things are by using your left hand. My baking/cooking mitt always reminds me of where I’m from.

Hot Metal, Hot Pavers

I haven’t done this in a while, everything outside is hot including my truck inside! I walked on those pavers with socks on earlier, you’ve got to walk with a spring in your step man!! 😂🔥

Beautiful Canaries

Nope, not the bird, rather these Canary Date Palms. Spell Check doesn’t like the other spelling. I don’t recall where in the city I snapped this photo but I like the bright B and W look. ğŸ˜ŽğŸŒ´

Proceed To Vanish

Somewhere between Las Vegas and Pahrump, Nevada there are places that can cause people and objects to vanish into obscurity, never to be seen or heard from ever again. Scary stuff man…