Cropped Flower Photos

These photos are actually the same as posted yesterday but cropped way down to try and pull the bees closer. Some of them look OK, others have broken down a bit. Buzzzzz!! ğŸ˜Ž

Backyard Bees

Watering the flowers and Med Fan palm tree a bit ago I noticed the flower pots were again buzzing with activity. After the Pest Control dude left, I broke out the Nikon for these photos. I hope I’m getting a bit better photographing these little critters!I used the 70-300mm zoomer.

Funny thing though, I can stand there pouring water into the pots whilst the bees do their thing, they have zero interest in yours truly. Of course I approach and depart them slowly…

Asking For Death

Each year in Las Vegas, several hundred pedestrians are killed while crossing our roads. This apparently homeless man decided this morning to cross this very busy six lane road whilst the red hand or Stop icon was still on.

The road behind him had the green arrow for the left turn yet this man makes the crossing regardless. I do feel sorry for him and those like him in this city, but some people just lack any form of common sense.

And as I’ve said for some years now, good old common sense took a permanent holiday several years ago in America.

Sun City Summerlin

Located in the Summerlin Community, Sun City Summerlin is one of those Del Webb communities for those aged fifty five and up. This one is a real gem, beautifully maintained and with nice folk in there. I grabbed this photo whilst mobile. I’m old enough to live there, the homes are above my price point!

Return of The Navajo Turtle

Or perhaps it’s a Desert Tortoise? In any case I set it down on the kitchen counter and got to work. It was heading into night so the light wasn’t that great. I used the Tamron macro lens in manual focus.

The Old Mountain

If that very distant mountain on the northwest corner of Las Vegas Valley could speak, imagine the tales of millions of years of weathering and major geological and climatological changes the rocks could speak of. It would be a fascinating tale to hear! Geology is beautiful.

Salt Burger

How about a burger with almost one half of your daily sodium intake? Well done, Burger King! Healthy junk food eh? A whopping 980 MG of sodium, a heart attack made just for you!