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John is a native of Michigan, 58 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites, both self-hosted and on the side. I enjoy WordPress and Instagram - It's a photo and blogging obsession... Thanks for visiting my humble photo blog.

  • Tootsie Pops!

    A conversation with a friend on IG today had me recall this fun old TV commercial from my childhood. How ironic it is that I can’t lick the lollypop today because of type two diabetes! No faux sweeteners for me,… Read More ›

  • Breakfast at the Black Bear Diner

    I had breakfast at this yummy diner a few days ago, my travels today took within a couple miles of the place so I once again headed over there. As a Vegas Local who knows the city, I highly recommend… Read More ›

  • Durango at Summerlin Parkway

    Taken yesterday on the way to my pharmacy, I crossed over the bridge that passes over Summerlin Parkway. Looking west you see the Red Rock Escarpment many miles west of me. The Escarpment is a Fault Line.

  • A Clear Day on The Vegas Strip

    This day showed much less smog and dust in the air over the valley, the Strip was looking clear and clean from so many miles west! Would you like to see more Las Vegas Strip photography? By the way, translated,… Read More ›

  • Speed Hump

    It’s just so naughty… Get to work people! 😂

  • Elevations and Lines

    You are looking way down and east! My photography is often just plain old weird isn’t it? I tend to photograph things that aren’t likely to be of much interest to others. That said, I would like to know what… Read More ›

  • The Wood

    The beauty of my Michigan wood

  • Window Flowers

    I snapped this in Michigan recently, my mother always kept flowers in this spot. The tradition continues. 😍

  • Four Cells

    A joy ride today found me high above the valley floor in the Burbs. Stopping on a little-used road I grabbed this photo of four horrid looking cell towers. Honestly, I believe they look better, less obtrusive without the faux… Read More ›

  • What Was It?

    Just what this place was long ago I have no idea, but today it’s used for horse boarding. Some sort of carnival with kiddie rides?? These are drive-by photos so I didn’t get a full set…

  • Slicing The Trunk

    My friend and long time co-worker was born with a chainsaw in his hands and has decades of experience working with them. He began working for the US Forest Service in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (aka The Yooper) many years ago…. Read More ›

  • Cruising Speed

    I’m somewhere between Las Vegas and Chicago in this little video via the iPhone 10X. Flight is awesome!

  • Fish Oil and Blood Pressure

    We all know what fish oil looks like but that little pill is one of several BP medications and others I swallow each day. This was clicked with the Tamron 60mm Macro lens. Drugs…

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