Alta Drive, West

Here’s a random drive-by photo I took yesterday. The tall buildings in the distance are the Queens Ridge condominiums located on Rampart Boulevard. I put Liberty in too, this is a different version of her.

America Under Attack

Yesterday I was digging through my photo archives and came across this photo of Liberty that I took on the Vegas Strip a couple or so years ago.

As I was playing with the photo in an application, I had the thought that this somehow applies to America these days. We are under attack from a deadly virus.

We are under attack by groups of people rioting for various reasons that I won’t address. We are under attack by hurricanes and tropical storms.

America is no stranger to strife these days. Add to this, we are in a presidential election year.

America, today you are not the America I grew up in. America, I fear for your survival.

The Patio

These photos follow the previous post where I was waiting for my food to be delivered outside to take home. I was obviously bored, my brain runs too fast to be idled for very long!

I could do much more with my photos, everyone talks about how great Photoshop is. I find that software far too confusing for me to use, unfortunately.

If I could just sit down with someone who really understands Photoshop, then I’m sure I could pick it up pretty quickly.

Youtube videos don’t cut the mustard with me for a couple of reasons, one of which is my sincere disdain for anything Google. And that by the way is the one reason I will never use the Blogger platform again.

I swore off Google over one year ago. I guess you’ll have to deal with the way I create my photos! I’m mostly happy with them anyway.

City Views

This morning I was on a mission to the local ham radio store, I grabbed these photos along the way. It’s bright and beautiful today, but just fifty-nine or so degrees. Seventy tomorrow, and eighties by the weekend. Great!

Lovell Canyon Views

Lovely Lovell Canyon is west of Las Vegas Valley, beyond Red Rock Canyon and the fault line sometimes called an Escarpment. You will pass the road leading into the canyon on your way to Pahrump, Nevada.

Late yesterday, overnight and this morning, the wind has been constant with gusts up to fifty-five miles per hour. The seventies are forecast later this week, I’ll be grateful for this!

Yesterday’s Storms

Have given way to beautiful sunshine, yet it’s too bloody cold today! I’ll settle for the sunshine, thank you! Anyway, here are five more photos from yesterday’s excursion into the stormy desert. It was about ten degrees colder up there, and of course all of the snow and rain mix. It’s not high enough in that area for the snow to stay on the ground very long. I hope you like them. (Note: this is a post from October 2019)

Interior Sunset Photos

The changing seasons will change the angles at which the sunshine pops through the windows of my living room. I noticed this patch of desert sunshine on the Navajo pottery late Sunday, grabbed the Nikon. I used a high color contrast so that the red pottery colors are augmented, a bit too sharp? Have a dandy week, people!