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John is a native of Michigan, 57 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites, both self-hosted and on the side. I spend a great deal of time on WordPress and Instagram - It's a photo and blogging obsession... Thanks for visiting my humble photoblog.

  • Wide Angle Vertical

    Not a fab photo really, just one of my palm trees in the backyard… Lovely blue sky though!

  • The Dusty Donkey

    I was really surprised yesterday when I processed these images from the Tamron 60mm lens, my grandma’s donkey is really dusty! Sorry, grandma. I mean that. This lens is so amazing, I need to head into the desert with it… Read More ›

  • Lone Mountain Equestrian Park and Trail

    The park wasn’t very busy yesterday, likely because of the 100 degree heat.

  • Water Brakes

    As part of flood control in Las Vegas Valley these concrete dams and pilings help to slow the flow of water coming down from the surrounding mountains. There are also several very large Detention Basins around the valley as well…. Read More ›

  • Cruising Down the Highway

    Four photos from yesterday, how about the view looking northeast! I’m near the west side of the valley hence the altitude.

  • Lone Mountain Road Construction

    Just a quickie photo from yesterday while on a wander around the area… Always the road construction in Las Vegas! You are looking east with the two fifteen freeway directly behind you.

  • The Balloon

    OK, I freely admit that these are really goofy photos! The balloon is floating over newly built homes for sale… Too rich for my blood. but the housing boom is still going strong in Vegas.

  • 90 Proof

    I usually keep a bottle of whiskey in the kitchen cupboard. I usually buy Southern Comfort, or SoCo but thought to try something different this time so I picked this bottle up yesterday. It’ll take me about nine months to… Read More ›

  • Mom’s Bell

    Each time I visit home I bring back with me a couple of small things that my mother had. This little bell is one of two things I brought back this time. I used the new Tamron macro lens for… Read More ›

  • Tiny Tamayters

    Yep, I mis-spelled all of this on purpose! Another photo from today playing with the new Macro lens…

  • Piece of The Vegas Strip

    I’m not sure where I snapped this photo today but it’s a decent photo… I’m a long way from the Strip!

  • Competition for Your Money

    Home sales have been a hot ticket in Las Vegas since I moved here in 2013. This photo makes my point!

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