Circa 1981

A few days ago I came across this old time radio as I was surfing around the internet. I couldn’t resist buying it from someone on eBay as it’s a radio I wish I’d never sold back in 1981, the radio was produced until 1984.

Compared to today’s technology for devices like this one, it’s a dinosaur but I love the old radio! The photo shows what a mess it was before I took plenty of glass cleaner in a bowl, and probably fifty Q-Tips to it.

I was totally amazed at how well this old radio cleaned up, my guess is someone had it in a dirty garage. The darn thing looks not too far from new now. The receiver does work, but I need to get some Tuner Shower, split the case open and wash off the switches from inside.

Rotating them creates a lot of crackling which wipes out most of what little the radio can hear with just one little telescopic antenna! The tuner is strictly AM, SSB and CW. It receives from 150khz to 30mhz. Your basic shortwave radio frequencies.

More to come on this if I can get it cleaned up and sounding better, I can make a short video

Egg Me

Good morning from the valley! I was up and around just before six today and stepped outside with a new portable weather station which told me the temperature at the time was eighty-three degrees. At six AM! One hundred degrees is forecast for today. My egg yolks were too solid again, maybe I should have had a bowl of chili instead… πŸ˜‚

A Chicken Breast Lunch

Yep, just the chicken breast and a few 50% less sodium Lay’s Classic chips! I ate most of the chicken, the rest goes in a sandwich bag in the fridge. Less sodium chips, yay for Lay’s! Hopping around WordPress today, it came to mind that events around the world are having an effect on the blogging community. My stats have changed in the last two weeks, have yours?

Pepper Dog!

OK, I am digging really deep in the archives this morning for these photos. I spoke with my father the other day up in Michigan, just catching up on things with him. Pepper is doing well, gladly, her hindquarters haven’t become more painful for her as she’s a senior dog these days.

Blondie is well to, she’s much younger. I miss these babies! It totally sucks that I can’t make my summer journey home to see my family. It’s so good for the soul to be with those you love so much. A tiny tear comes to my eye…

Sundown, Cool Down

After yet another scorching Las Vegas summer day, it’s always so nice when the sun dips behind the western mountains. Having a cold one in the backyard after dark under the palm tree, the warm, soft breeze blowing and swirling around you is always a treat after the big heat.

Heat You Can Eat!

While at the grocer yesterday, I couldn’t resist grabbing the correct ingredients for another hot pot -o- deliciousness despite telling myself I’d take a break. I’m weak, sue me! This pot is a bit too hot though, it got to my poor tum-tum. I can tame the heat a bit though… How about some homemade chicken noodle soup next time? I have a new recipe for Scalloped Potatoes too!

Sunshine Past

Here are a few snaps from a couple days ago, I’m on the way home after having the new wheels put on my truck. If you are wondering what the temperature will be here today (probably not), it’s forecast for 106 again. Walking through air that hot and hotter at times, is an experience that you will either love or never want to experience again! I love that heat…!

An iPhone Sunset

Instead of using the Nikon, I tried for decent sunset photos via my iPhone Ten. Yep, I still use an older iPhone! Why? Because it’s paid for, and it still does everything I need it to do!

Black and White Day

Actually, it’s a very good day, the photos almost demand the title. I had several stops to make today hence I haven’t uploaded anything until now. Our real, actual lives come first since blogging is for me an avocation.

Yesterday, my new chrome wheels were installed on my truck, and I very much like the look! No photos yet, nobody probably cares to see it anyway. Driving around today taking care of business, it came to me that I have come full-circle.

Back in the day, back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, my father and I traveled quite a bit to race his 1/4 mile drag boat. We were in several states over the three years we did this and it was an experience that I am very lucky to have had and I am so grateful for those days.

During those years, I was totally blown away by the beauty of the desert southwest in Arizona where we raced several times. I wanted to stay there. Fast-forward to 2013 and the now-ex and I moving to Las Vegas.

As I’ve said here before, I just didn’t want to move back home to Michigan and the gray skies, and cold dank weather most of the year. I made the correct decision in staying here! I am where I wanted to be those many years ago. I’ve now come full-circle!

The firetruck was moving, I clicked the camera very quickly for those photos

Sky Palms

After making the video of the pigeons going nutty for a buggy breakfast, I turned around and snapped these iPhone photos right behind me. Usually, my iPhone photos process very well, these two nearly identical images are no exception. It’s another palmy, sunshiny day!

Flapping For Bugs!

As usual in the morning, I stepped outside to get a feel for the day’s weather. I could already hear the pigeons flapping madly in the neighbor’s tree! I slowly walked into the backyard, making occasional stops hoping to not spook the birds into flying away. I got close enough for this video using the zoom via the iPhone. They are flap happy bug eaters!

Another Sunset For You

Here is last night’s sunset. Not as vivid as I would like but still nice. Photos were taken in my backyard, and looking west down my street. Today’s forecast is for 108 degrees, we need a cooling trend! My truck will have its shiny new wheels installed later today, that’s the extent of modifications I will do.

Other than a new battery and tires, the truck is completely stock except for the wheels. I believe in keeping cars and trucks as-is. Anything more, the vehicle becomes less dependable in my opinion.

Repainting The Penn Central Caboose

This caboose is in my Michigan hometown. During the 1990’s I was involved in repainting this and the other cabooses located at this depot which was constructed in 1900. This time, the city has paid for most of the paintwork and using professionals who know how to properly prepare and paint the surfaces. Do it right the first time! Yep, I miss home and being near my family…

The link will take you to a website that contains Penn Central caboose information. These are not my photos, no copyright is inferred!

Yesterday’s Travels

Just a couple snaps, today’s forecast is for 104 degrees or so. I like air conditioning! I am waiting for the electrician to arrive to change all five ceiling fans, the old fans are just that. Old, squeaky and wobbly when they rotate. Blah! A home is a hole into which one pours money!

The bottom photo is at Lake Mead Boulevard and Buffalo Avenue

From 2017

From 2017 around Pahrump, Nevada. I was likely heading into California for Death Valley that day. One of those day trips that I do miss taking. So many places to visit… I see a big difference in these Nikon D3300 photos verses the Nikon Z6 mirrorless body. The Z6 is so superior.

Good Morning, Blue Sky!

I admit that my palm trees appear too often on the blog but oh well. I snapped this beauty directly after photographing the feeding frenzy being enjoyed by the pigeons on the neighbor’s Sumac trees. Having a look at the weather app on the iPhone, today’s forecast high is 108 degrees. The next few days will be slightly cooler, yay! Such is desert living…

The tree looks much better after pruning!

Pigeon Behaviour

For a good while now, I’ve been watching pigeons flying in and out of the African Sumac trees next door. That is one of the two trees I recently had removed from my backyard. I had just crawled out of bed and had a walk back there like I do many mornings. This morning, the pigeon activity was high, around a dozen birds were trying hard to hang on to the branches, wings flapping madly.

One bird was hanging sideways, it’s left-wing hanging fully extended. Watching closely for several minutes, I notice the birds are madly pecking at something on the tree branches. My best guess is that there are some very delicious buggy morsels the birds are trying so hard to eat. It’s a bit comical to watch them beating those little wings so furiously!

A video would have been nice, but as you can see in the photos, it’s a bit too dark on that side of the tree. I am glad that I don’t have to hang in a tree for my breakfast!

A Big Splash of Color!

I am being rather lazy today, really not too enthused about going anywhere so why not pop a splash of color on the blog with some nice old photos of authentic Navajo pottery! Maybe this is because of today’s forecast for 108 degrees? It’s very cool and comfy on my couch… πŸ₯”

The Mandolin Slicer

Some of you will remember a while back I sliced the heck outta my left thumb underneath with a knife while slicing a potato. Smooth move, ex-lax. Hence, I purchased this wonderful Mandolin slicer. I gave it a try yesterday afternoon right after it showed up, thank you, Amazon! It works so well! I’ll give it a try again soon, yummy!

A Tivoli Village Drive-By

I had several stops to make around town this morning, as I stopped at a light I liked this view of Tivoli Village. Click! I found a nasty scratch on the right lens of my glasses this morning, dammit! I hope the lens can be replaced under warranty!

Of course, a visit to the pharmacy was in order, and I hit a lamp shop I like and purchased five new ceiling fans for the house. The old ones are just that, old, permanently dirty, and they squeak and wobble when rotating. Enough already!

That was a costly purchase but it’s time. I will have to hire an electrician to install these as I know nothing about working with Alternating Current. Direct Current? No worries, I’ve played with that for decades.

The Power Plant

The power plant is a 4.3 liter V-6 with 150+ HP. It’s a damn good engine, one that I have owned in several trucks over the years. Years ago in Michigan, I owned a lawn cutting business, the truck pulling the trailer had the same engine but was coupled to a 5-speed manual transmission which worked very well.

I also owned a 19-foot boat that had the same engine, but had some internal modifications for marine use, again a damn good power plant in that application. My only regret though with this truck is that it doesn’t have the small-block 305-cubic inch V-8 engine. I am very brand-loyal and drive GM trucks exclusively!

I know… men and their pickup trucks! πŸ˜‚