Landscapes, Night Lights and Weather

Would you like to live high in the mountains near Mount Charleston? Such a grand view, but the snow and cold are heavy up there in winter. And, it’s a long drive into town for supplies. The rocky photo was taken in Calico Basin, millions of years in the making. The black and white iPhone night photo was snapped a few days ago, and how about that Las Vegas weather forecast? The weather will be nice and toasty while I’m up north in the cool weather!

Powering Las Vegas

Here are some old photos of the beautiful Hoover Dam, two of the photos are iPhone photos. I haven’t been there since before the damn virus came along but the dam is now open to the public but with restrictions. Maybe I’ll head back there when I return from Michigan. The blog will go silent for a few days unless I can sneak in a post with the iPhone which would be difficult, much more so than uploading to my Instagram account. Stick around, I’ll be back!

Summer, 2017

These three iPhone photos were captured in 2017 at my daughter’s wedding reception. I didn’t bring the Nikon on this trip which was a bad choice as I didn’t get many good photos of the reception or bride and groom so I’ll not bore you with those photos.I still don’t know why I didn’t bring the Nikon!

As you can tell in the photos, the sky was threatening rain all day but never followed through. My daughter and hubby are still happily married I’m glad to say! I did my best to clean up these not-so-good photos, a note to me, always bring the Nikon for important events like this!

Around Fremont Street

Here are some oldies from a visit to Fremont Street probably around two years ago. I love those saddle bar stools! The photo of the toy store is cropped big time, this store has been featured on Pawn Stars several times over the many years that the show has been on the air. And that men’s room must be infested with God knows what, eew.

Seashells in The Mountains

This is proof positive that the American southwest was once underwater in a warm, shallow sea around 200 million years ago. I photographed these imprints of seashells outside of Las Vegas, imagine laying around in a desert for millions of years. Imagine the stories these imprints of the shells could tell us if they could speak.

Rain And Hail On A Sunny Day

This video was recorded in November 2019 which was a very wet winter. So wet that the west side of my house flooded on the outside between the house and fence. Fences here are block walls by the way. The hail was tapping on the window and the skylight over the dining room. Hail, a little taste of Michigan weather for me. The photos were taken yesterday on another fantastic joyride on another beautiful, sunshiny day in the valley.

Departing Las Vegas for Michigan

Here’s another video for you, this was 2019 as I headed for a summer visit to Michigan. The aircraft departed west and then rolled right to come around for a northeasterly heading. The Las Vegas Strip looks nice down there doesn’t it? You also get an idea of the size of Las Vegas too.

The valley is roughly 20×30 miles in diameter. The mountains on the west side of the valley are much larger than those on the east, north, or south and are a part of the Spring Mountains range. The highest point in that range is Mount Charleston at an altitude of just under 12,000 feet.