She Put Fifteen More Miles Behind Her…

Day by day, mile by mile, the bike is getting closer to 2000 miles since late 2021! Easily the farthest I have ever rode any bike in my lifetime. Would I purchase an non-powered bike again? Nope. Today is another perfect day for biking! The bike will hit 2K in less than 150 miles.

A Draining Basin and Golf Course Palm Trees

The huge detention basin has almost dried up about two weeks or more since the last huge monsoon storm hit the valley. The basin did it’s job well. It’s odd to ride along these golf courses with their super-green lawns and the smell of fresh water in the air. Meanwhile just a stones throw away, all you see is barren ancient rock.

The Mystery Cat Returns

If you’ve followed this blog for a while then you know about this mystery cat. It seems to live in this neighborhood, but then maybe not. It appears to be healthy which is great but all house cats should always be kept indoors in my opinion. Sunshine and 85 degrees are on for today!