Crazy Colours!

Early this afternoon I took a short joyride to this tasty restaurant for one of their wonderfully delicious burritos. Forget Roberto’s and Taco Hell, this is apples and oranges different. No photo yet, but the burrito isn’t cheap at $8.00 bucks a pop but it’s well worth every red cent. The beautiful mural is located inside this restaurant!

It’s about 83F right now with abundant sunshine, perfect. I don’t think the weather will be anything like this back in Michigan in a few days. It’s so weird too because I’m used to near-constant sunshine, palm trees, and mountains.

Fourteen Goslings?

That’s how many I could count in one photo, these geese parents are very good at procreation! I was on the way to the bank and saw this goose family sitting right on the edge of the main roadway and was concerned for the babies. I’m happy to report that on the way back home, the geese were all gone, no squished goslings were seen…

The lawn poop squad has some new members!

Leftover Photos

These photos never made it into previous uploads so here they are. One photo was taken at Calico Basin a few days ago, the other two are from yesterday on the way home from the park where no bird photos were captured.

Sunshine and 95 hot degrees are forecast for Las Vegas today. Hey, it’s Las Vegas!

In a few days, I’ll be back home in Michigan finally to be with my family, I’m so excited! I’ll be on an antique car tour with dad too which I am very excited about!

Return of The Noid

Do you remember the 1980s cartoon character the Noid? Domino’s Pizza created the character back then and this goofy guy has stuck with me all these years so to see a TV commercial with the Noid again was pretty funny and cool. The Domino’s franchise is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and my home state. Read about Domino’s history.

Are you annoyed by the Noid?

Not Worth The Ride

This morning I headed for Floyd Lamb Park anticipating capturing a few nice bird photos but all I saw were Canadian Geese and a few Coots. Ho Hum. So I snapped a photo of one of the ponds and headed out of the park. There was a gathering of antique car enthusiasts in the parking area, I had a quick chat with them. In any case, the weather is lovely today with the ridiculous three-day windstorm done with. Sunny and 90F today!


This is an amazing airbrush painting that was given to me in the 1990s by a young man who painted this. I was attending  an event related too my ham radio hobby doing public service at a rest area along the I-69 freeway in Michigan. The man worked at the location maintaining the facilities and grounds as a state employee. I held on to the painting until last year when I shipped it to my daughter and her husband. She had seen it in one of my photos and liked it very much. I miss that painting but it’s in a home now with a Godly couple. He is risen!

What Is This?

My buddy back in Michigan sent me this cool antique something video yesterday, I have no idea what it is, nor did he. I sent the video to my dad, he probably knows what it is. I tossed a couple other items in this post, how about that forecast? It clearly shows that the scorching Vegas summer heat is well on its way back to us. And it’s day three of wind, wind, and more wind, Las Vegas is easily the windiest place that I have ever lived, it’s almost relentless!

The Approaching Sunset

This sunset was less spectacular than others but still nice to watch. I hope that the damn wind will diminish today after three days of steady gusts. Maybe the painter can complete the work today but being on a roof on a windy day is always risky business and there are two areas waiting for paint. Sunny and 82 is our forecast today, perfect.