New Photos From A Desert Cruise

Here are ten new photos from today during a short cruise to my favorite local places out there that some of you also recognise. It’s just a bit cooler out there since it’s higher, how much higher I am not sure. What do you think? These are in my view the best of the thirty photos I took. It’s currently 105F under a very sunshiny sky.

The sky is that blue…

A Morning Sky and Weather Forecast

Las Vegas has an excessive heat warning starting today, the temperature is turning up again as shown in the photo of my TV. How nice that my new AC system gets a workout! The sky photo is looking south from my kitchen window at around 6AM. No storms in the area, bummer!

The dining room photo is another settings test using what I learned yesterday with the pro photographer. I look forward to trying these skills in the desert. The fan photo was taken using different shutter speed settings and the photo of my Nikon is from the classroom yesterday.

Test Clicks

Well, my time with the professional photographer this morning went very well. In that one hour, I learned how to properly set the F stop and Exposure easily, along with the ISO setting and so much more.

What I need to do going forward is to keep taking photos so that the proper settings for each photo indoors or out will become second nature to me. It’s nice to know how the hell to use the many settings of the Nikon Z6 camera.

Some of these test clicks are converted from the RAW image which is also something that I’ve never tried. Photography is such a great hobby! It keeps me out of trouble too… 🤩