Ham Radio, Augmented

I’m feeling stuck at home today with nowhere to go. Hoover Dam? Too far. Calico Basin and environs? Too far, too busy on the weekends. Valley Of Fire Stae Park? Too far! It’s a good thing that I’m a professional couch potato, aye? So why not properly mess up one of my photos? It’s called Boredom. Days like this make me wish I had a gal pal to go do something with… But some of you know that I’m scared to death of being involved with gals these days.

Last Night’s Sunset and Some Radio

Obviously, there were no clouds to augment the sunset but with some treatment, I gave it a nice glow. The radios are two dual-band VHF/UHF hand-held radios and the mobile version of the hand-held radios. I have that same radio in the bedroom for a separate station there, and one in the truck. I’ve been playing with ham radio since 1981.

A New Radio

This new radio is a ten-meter radio which transmits between 28.0 and 29.7 megahertz. It’s not an expensive radio but should work the band fine with 60-watt power output. I need to finish wiring the power connector today, then the CB antenna I have must be (the steel rod) trimmed down to be resonant at 28 megahertz. More fun with radio.