A New Radio

This new radio is a ten-meter radio which transmits between 28.0 and 29.7 megahertz. It’s not an expensive radio but should work the band fine with 60-watt power output. I need to finish wiring the power connector today, then the CB antenna I have must be (the steel rod) trimmed down to be resonant at 28 megahertz. More fun with radio.

Beautiful Birds and City Views

I’m slowly winding down the bird photos from the park the other day, the city views were taken today while I was in a not so busy area of the park where I could play around with the CB Radio equipment that I very rarely use. Actually, it’s more fun to use than the ham radio gear. I started my radio hobby in 1979 actually, which was my senior year in High School. I have another radio being delivered in a couple of days, it’s not a CB radio, rather it’s a ten-meter radio for the ten-meter ham radio band at 28.000 to 29.900mhz. Radio and photography, great hobbies!

Ham Radio

Amateur Radio or Ham Radio is allocated many bands or sets of frequencies that have been in use for many decades. Since almost day one of my ham radio journey, I have preferred the VHF/UHF bands which use FM, or Frequency Modulation, for its ease of understanding who you are communicating with, and the lack of the annoying interference. This link to the ARRL website will help you understand this better.

Since my home is in a Home Owners Association, I can’t use outdoor antennas, hence the magnet-mount mobile antenna usually used on a car or truck is what I use at this time. There is one other option I may try in the future.

The Eton Elite 750 Receiver

A week or so ago, I came across this receiver online and decided I had to have one! It’s similar to older models by other manufacturers that date back a few years now. Checking the technical specifications, I really liked what I saw in that aspect of the radio too. This receiver covers the entire Shortwave Radio band or the HF frequencies.

It also receives the Air Band, the AM radio frequencies that the commercial aircraft use which is very nice in a receiver of this quality. And of course, it also receives the FM and AM broadcast bands as well. So, this receiver covers a large portion of the radio spectrum and does it very well!

I unpacked the unit, powered it up, and got to work testing the controls, receiver sensitivity, and audio quality which is phenomenal for a receiver like this, very impressive. I still need to spend more time with the receiver later this evening and tonight after the sun sets, and the HF (Shortwave) and Medium Wave (AM Radio) bands come alive.

I will write more on this sweet new radio in the future. It’s still true you know, the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys! I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a ‘Toys R Us’ kid! Do you remember that silly jingle and store?

Top of The Tower, A Steam Train

I’ve dug up some different things to upload this evening. Being a train buff since the 1990s, this old Union Pacific steam engine is very interesting as it steams by, puffing that smoke all over the place! The tower and antenna photo must have been taken with a drone and is not my photo. The photo probably belongs to a member of the ham radio club I belonged to for years back home in Michigan.

The tower is a three-leg free-standing tower that is several decades old but has been well maintained by the club since those days in the 1990s. It has received a proper old paint removal and fresh paint as need, with the work being done by the members of the club. The antenna on top is a four-bay colinear vertical antenna, built for the high-band VHF frequencies.

Once upon a time, I owned a 220mhz repeater with the antenna on this tower. That’s long gone, but the club still maintains a 440mhz UHF repeater system on this tower with the antenna mounted on a bracket attached to the tower below the colinear VHF system. Have I lost you yet? Sorry if I did! Apparently, my interest in trains has taken a back seat to good old ham radio.

Turkey, Taters and Radio

How about some unrelated subjects for this upload? I purchased a big turkey breast at the grocer about three days ago, it needed to be polished off soon so I got to work on that early today, mmm, so delicious! I forgot the gravy. Mmm, gravy!

Those very redundant photos of golden brown deep-fried deliciousness were a late-night snack once again late last night after a couple of cold ones and yet another TV viewing marathon. I do love my little marathons…

Those radio-related silly photos were born of pure boredom, sorry to bore y’all with them! I had a really dandy walk this afternoon since it’s still currently sixty-six degrees and mostly sunny. I had two cameras with me and used neither…

Alternating Current to Direct Current

Not that anyone cares about this stuff, but I’ve made some nice upgrades to my miniature ham radio base station. No outdoor antennas per the HOA rules, so this is my only solution at the moment, sans installing a vertical antenna in the attic.

Sky, Mountains and A Horse

Early this afternoon, I headed out to a large parking area where I could test a new antenna and radio. The new antenna wouldn’t tune up properly, the SWR was too high.

I put the other antenna on the truck and was able to test the radio. It worked very well, thankfully.  After that was done, I grabbed the Nikon for a few photos, here are three.

Ranger Radio

Several days ago, I ordered this ten-meter ham radio which also has the CB radio frequencies too.

I can own the radio legally since I have an FCC license for ham radio, CBers would use the radio illegally because of it’s much higher power output.

I grabbed a few photos last night with the Nikon and the iPhone. I’ll get this thing on the air later today.

The Yaesu FT-7900H

This radio has not been available in the States for more than one year now, but I’ve found one brand new in the box anyway. I’m trying to pick up one more but am having some difficulties. The reason I want these older units is that they don’t have the damned C4FM digital circuitry.

Back in the day, Digital didn’t have so much to do with amateur radio as it does today, and I honestly don’t want a damn thing to do with it.

This adds complication to operating what is basically a very simple piece of radio equipment. And reading articles online about this proves to me that I am not the only ham who isn’t interested.

It’s kind of like those stupid four-door pickups to me. The manufactures, whether radios or trucks, will build what most people want. That makes good business sense of course, but it makes zero sense for me. Hence, I’m damn lucky to have found a source where I can still purchase this radio which by the way, is in Japan!

The radio made the hop from japan to my front door in just four days. That’s impressive, and other shipping companies might want to take notice of this!


Radio. Radio has fascinated me since my high school days, beginning with CB radio. If you’ve followed this blog long enough, then you’ll know this.

Since it’s so crusty outside today (I’m wearing my sweats, the windows and blinds are closed and it’s raining), I’m getting hopefully creative here with subjects that you may like. The Sangean radio (I have 3) are shortwave radios which also cover the FM broadcast band. I have them primarily for the shortwave spectrum.

The Yaesu FRG-9600 is a recent piece I picked up on eBay, it’s in mint condition still at 35+ years of age! The Yaesu FTM 2750D radios are brand new, one in the truck, the other inside as part of my “mini” station since this home is in an HOA, external antenna systems are not allowed.

I use a mobile antenna which is the best I can do, unfortunately. The Diamond 40 amp power supply is also new and powers the radio as it can’t connect to the 110VAC system. Back in the day, I had a 100-foot tower on the side of the house in Michigan, complete with two sets of guy wires.

It made the house hum when the wind blew through the tower hard enough! Are you completely bored yet? This hobby was considered a dying hobby in years past, yet I continually see very young boys and girls getting into the hobby and keying up, wonderful!

I can chat about this all day long, but I’ll spare you anymore rant!