Old Glory and A Lake View

Good early afternoon! Running some errands this morning I snapped some random photos. The lake photo is from the Nikon with the 24/70mm lens. The others are from the iPhone 12. This gas station recently replaced the flag which is why it looks so clean and crispy. It’s a beautiful day with sunny skies and upper 60s which is so much cooler!

The iPhone photos are unprocessed

Fuel Ripoff: The Price Of Travel

My truck was about 1/3 down from full. Check out that ludicrous fuel price! $29.00 for 7.5 gallons of 87 octane. Back in the day, the cost for 7.5 gallons would have been $7 dollars or less. So who to thank? Your idiots in WashinKton, and those wonderful tree hugger groups. We are subject to OPEC oil prices today. Fuel is also more costly in Las Vegas too.

Never Forget!

Today marks twenty years since evil people murdered nearly 3000 people in New York City. Honestly, I am still pissed off about this. Our dumbass government absolutely failed to properly respond to this act of hatred and terrorism. It’s our tendency to slap criminals on the wrist in this country.

Hence we have a prison industry. I can clearly remember where I was when I heard about this and saw it on the TV in the doctor’s office waiting room. To this day, I still have a very strong dislike of my government. No matter who is in office, they are just the same old pussies who slap criminals on the wrist.