American Petrol

This must be the most patriotic station in the valley with all the flags and stars, love it!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜Ž

A Walk in The Park

About mid day today I decided to have a nice walk someplace so off the couch went my ass to the park! Here are several 35mm photos from the short walk. Some thoughts – my heart is compromised so walks… Read More ›

Deep Blues in The Park

Heading out early this afternoon and getting off the damn couch I headed for a local park. The place wasn’t too busy so I was able to get some very colourful photos, especially one of those fancy dandy children’s gym… Read More ›

The Range

I couldn’t resist taking this one, the way the mountain beyond is like a ramp heading upward to the sky. I’ll say this again, directly behind Alaska, Nevada is the most mountainous state of the fifty states. Mountain love! Your… Read More ›

A Photo of A Painting?

Or is this actually a drawing? I’m no artist or art expert but whoever created this piece has a wonderful talent for telling stories. In this case, a talent for recreating the old days when life moved at a slower… Read More ›

Miss VGK

Miss Vegas Golden Knights is wearing the VGK jersey, I wonder who made it as it’s obviously larger than XXL!! You see a bit of New York New York and the roller coaster behind her.