Yes I Did!

I voted yesterday. The ballot was long, it took a good bit of time but it’s done. There’s so much I could say here in this space, but I’m going to refrain.

In Valor

This morning, I had to take a ride to the pharmacy for a pickup. Gotta have my drugs, right? I then decided to head to the Police Memorial Park again since I hadn’t tried the Nikkor 24/70mm lens on this memorial. Here is one of many photos I snapped this morning. I thought the Las Vegas Strip was more visible from this location but nope!

Stand And Salute!

Here is another photo from today, this is a very large American flag, the breeze must be rather strong to stretch Old Glory way out like this. The temperature has been hovering around one hundred at my place today. 😎🌴🔥

Stand and salute Old Glory!!

September 11, 2001

On the way home from picking up a special order shop fan from Home Depot, I noticed this wonderful painting at the entrance to a subdivision. As you can see, it was a drive-by photo but I did capture the most important part of the painting.

I pray that the many innocent people who were killed by evil terrorists are with our Lord just now. Honestly, I’ve been very angry about this since that day I heard and saw this happening on a TV in my doctor’s office. To hell with these people.

United We Stand!

A Smokey Blanket

As I mentioned earlier today, I feel so bad for the residents and firefighters battling the wildfires in California. May God bless them. This photo is looking west from the end of my road, it’s obvious that the smoke has returned. It hasn’t blanketed the valley for several days now. America, you are in trouble… Pray the Lord will help us, and the world.