I Finally Got My Yearbook

Forty-two years after accepting my High School diploma which is locked up in a safe these days, I finally received my 1979 yearbook. Whether I lost the original book or never purchased one I have no clue. Hey, this was 42 years ago so don’t judge me. Those high school days were so incredibly wonderful, I want to go back in time.

You may also want to do this! This yearbook is actually a reprint from a company that has been keeping these records for many decades. Regardless, I have flipped the pages for a short time tonight but already remember so many people and fun times. Why can’t we go back in time and relive some of the best days of our lives?

I am such a handsome dude!

As The Ball Dropped

As the ball dropped, I stepped outside and to the center of my street out front. Another lovely sunset over Las Vegas Valley and the Mojave Desert. I hope that you have had a wonderful, blessed Easter Sunday, my friends. 🙏🏻✝️

The Forecast

Nobody could complain about this forecast, could they? Certainly not me! Leaving the party store yesterday, I spotted yet another wasted face mask on the ground. Come on, Americans, you should do better than this. 😡

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My Flag, Our Flag

These photos were captured this morning while stopped at yet another wonderful traffic light in Las Vegas. It is my flag, it is my fellow Americans’ flag but it’s not the flag for our new president. This flag doesn’t have five stars.

As The World Passes By

This photo is about two years old and taken in the wood near my old Michigan home. This dead oak tree was overdue to fall victim to the Stihl chainsaw. The video is certainly one made while heading to or from Michigan for another wonderful visit with my two babies, dad, and sister. Hopefully, our family will be able to reunite this coming June, over one full year since I have seen any of my family.

Watching the iPhone video, I felt as though so much of my life, my children’s life, and our family have been victims of an unseen foe that is incredibly deadly. A foe that all of mankind is desperately trying to destroy. The dead Oak represents the virus. The video taken over six miles above Earth represents the hope I have of our Lord returning triumphantly to redeem mankind. Be well, my friends.

More Lovely Colors

Well, old Johnny’s cupboards needed a restocking so of course, I grabbed a few flower photos at the grocery store again. This Kroger store has wonderful fruits and veggies, fresh bread made in-store, and much more. I feel so blessed to have access to so much good food! Let’s not forget how fortunate we are in America. 🙏🏻

The Last Great President

Late last year, I hit 60 years young, during these years as an adult I sincerely believe that Ronald Reagan was the very last truly great president the United States has ever had. Sliding the slider forward to January 2021, I once again have no president. During the Obama years, I had no president. Why? It’s all about politics, and never skin color so don’t go there with me.

Why the American people, the little well-trained babies called Millennials included, can’t see through the veil of lies and deceit that was the Obama presidency, and certainly the Biden years to come, I can’t understand. It’s right there in front of you, smacking your face.

Biden was the absolute worst choice the American people could have made. So thank you, and you know who you are, for taking the rest of us down the evil hole with you. Please, deport yourselves. Just an opinion, folks…

Old Custom Cars

Here are eight photos sent to me from my old buddy back in Michigan. These are real beauties, but the custom back end of some are a little bit weird looking. What do you think? Having been around antique cars for many years, I tend to be a bit picky about how these beautiful old classic American cars should be modified or restored. I will always prefer factory original restoration, you should see some of the ugly restorations around Las Vegas, yuck! Cars and trucks can last decades down here.