I Am A Michigander

And will always be one! American by birth, Michigander by luck. No, I’m not considering moving home to Michigan but when I take these trips back up north it brings back so many fond memories and some bad ones too…. Read More ›

Tootsie Pops!

A conversation with a friend on IG today had me recall this fun old TV commercial from my childhood. How ironic it is that I can’t lick the lollypop today because of type two diabetes! No faux sweeteners for me,… Read More ›

The Model T

Taken just the other day in my pop’s man cave, we worked on the ignition system of this old beauty. The Magneto-Battery switch was acting up. The car is not a body-off restoration but a daily driver as I call… Read More ›

Nellis AFB

The airfield below is Nellis Air Force Base located in the northeast corner of Las Vegas Valley. This airfield was the original airport for Las Vegas many decades ago. I’m not sure when the Air Force took over.

In-Flight Wing Photos

OK, I admit that this type of photo is rather cliche’ but yours truly loves to fly! This aircraft was a Boeing 737 I think, in any case it was a seriously big aircraft. In this set you see parts… Read More ›

On The Wing

These are five iPhone 10X photos from my departure to Michigan a few days ago. No room for the Nikon on this trip sadly, you can certainly see the difference between the two cameras if you’ve followed my meager photo… Read More ›

Built to Carry That Weight

Construction. Always more construction going on in this city be it roads or new homes or buildings. Las Vegas is growing! This is part of the 95/215 interchange.

A Bit of The Mummy

While I was out and about today I was able to get a bit of Mummy Mountain in this frame. It’s not visible further south if your up against the west side of the valley. The Mummy is 11,545 feet… Read More ›

Visual Perspective

Looking southwest you see a small portion of the Red Rock Escarpment and a few cars, the owners likely on a hike out to the edge of the escarpment. I’ve hiked this before, a tough one for my compromised back…. Read More ›