Don’t Bother Me!

While in Calico Basin today I stopped on the road for this photo as there were very few people around due to the heat. It just seems to work like this every summer, and I love the lack of traffic…. Read More ›

A Giraffe in The City

A metallic giraffe stands watch at a local McDeath restaurant. What does McDeath junk food have to do with a giraffe? Do they kill and cook the animal? OK, a bad joke!

Horse Faces

These photos were taken a couple weeks ago I think, I’ve cropped them down to accent those cute horse faces! Aren’t they like people? The same yet always different… How cute they both have the same pose too!

The Angry Golden Lion

So I’m a bit bored this eve so I broke out some favorite photos to play with. I’m still a kid. In this version, I’ve added some gold-ish color to the lion’s face, also added a heavy black vignette feathered… Read More ›

Taking The Family for a Stroll

On the way to a store this morning I came upon mom and dad walking the not so small chicks right down the road! People were stopped and going around them gladly. Aren’t they just so cute!! 😍😎

Unlawful to Abandon Animals?

This sign shouldn’t even be here. It wouldn’t be here in a perfect or better world but people actually do this terrible thing. It’s sickening! I suggest abandoning the humans who do this cruel thing out here in the scorching… Read More ›

Blondie in Mother’s Chair

Blondie loves my mother’s chair that she sat in for years doing her crossword puzzles and other things whilst whipping up her wonderful meals each day. Great taste in furniture, Blondie! I miss you mother.

Really Big Pigs

In Michigan we refer to those twenty pound LP tanks as Pigs. This 10,000 gallon pig in the photo deserves a pair of pointy ears and a coiled tail welded on! And yes, I’ve seen smaller pigs with ears and… Read More ›

A Labradoodle Rework

Today I am a bit nervous about the oral surgery coming up very early tomorrow morning. It’s on my mind too much so why not have a bit of distraction with photography fun? I reprocessed Blondie’s photo from a couple… Read More ›

Horses in The Arena

I hit the road earlier today to get out of the house and perhaps find something interesting to photograph. low and behold, there were two horses at the Lone Mountain Equestrian area so out comes the zoom lens! One problem… Read More ›