Chill Birds

On the way back home today I stopped (didn’t get out) at a small lake to grab some bird photos, these poor birds get up and walk toward you or your car apparently assuming there is food on the way…. Read More ›

The Poop Squad

Watch out where you step folks, here comes a poop squad! As a kid growing up on a big lake in Michigan, it was too common to see Canadian Geese on the lawns eating the grass and shitting every other… Read More ›


Watching horses run is amazing, even in an arena like this you appreciate the strength and grace of the animal.

Bird Launch

At the boat ramp in Anclote Park, I tried to get a bit closer to this gorgeous bird as I had the 35mm attached. The damn thing flew off so fast, such a chicken shit! ๐Ÿ˜‚