The Friendly Goose

This lone Canadian Goose was very friendly. At one point, the goose was so close that it had to be around three feet from my feet, and looking up at me as if to say hello, do you have something to eat? Those wonderful Canadians, always so friendly! I remember these geese as a child in Michigan, stay away when they have goslings.

A Peaceful Life

Looking at these photos from yesterday this early morning, it struck me just how much humanity can learn from the peaceful life and way of living these birds have. No worries except for the next meal and guys with cameras getting a bit too close to you. No coronavirus worries. No bills or taxes to pay. Only a peaceful, simple life.

A Disappointing Photo Trip

Early today I headed north to Floyd Lamb Park again for a few more bird photos. It was a very disappointing trip because there were very few birds there this trip, mostly Coots and Canadian Geese. Where have all the ducks gone? A cool northerly breeze didn’t help things either, it was basically a wash, so I headed home much sooner than expected. The upside here is that it’s warm and comfy here in my little home. Back to couch potato mode!

Cute Coot

These birds are really cute but have the weirdest looking feet. No webs in between the toes and the sounds they make are very different from anything I’ve heard before. These birds were very trusting and allowed me to get pretty close before moving away.

Goose Bum’s Up!

Continuing on with the Canadian geese taking a bath, they are comical as they flap, roll upside down and stick that little goose bum upward! I turned the 200mm lens on myself for that silly photo, even fully retracted, it couldn’t get me in focus.

Feel The Thump

This Canadian Goose wasn’t very far from the shoreline, neither was I when the bird reared up and flapped its wings several times. It had been splashing about taking a bath for a few minutes. Honestly, the sound of the wings was impressive as was the powerful thump that I could feel in my chest as those powerful wings moved so rapidly. These are large, powerful, and beautiful birds. Just keep an eye on the ground as you walk about the park. As a kid in Michigan, I’ve stepped on too much goose poop!