Fourteen Goslings?

That’s how many I could count in one photo, these geese parents are very good at procreation! I was on the way to the bank and saw this goose family sitting right on the edge of the main roadway and was concerned for the babies. I’m happy to report that on the way back home, the geese were all gone, no squished goslings were seen…

The lawn poop squad has some new members!

Just Like My Daughter

As a man, I don’t fully understand the huge affinity that young women and women have for horses. I like them for their beauty, great strength, and graceful moves. They are so much work though as I remember from years ago when my folks had a home in northern Michigan and kept two horses. One of them scared the shit outta me!

I was a complete noob at it as I am today, the horse reared way up and nearly tossed my 21-year-old butt on the ground. Nope, this isn’t for me! Real horsepower comes from pistons and crankshafts, right? Yep! The girls riding the horses across the dirt lot are different girls than those behind the horse in the arena behind the brown horse.

When my daughter was very young, she was always fascinated with horses as she is today and rides four times per week. Not too long ago, she asked me to purchase a horse for her which I would gladly do for her, but horses aren’t cheap just like cars. I didn’t like refusing her request but it is what it is. Perhaps someday I can do this for her!

The landscape photos are just for good measure… 🌴🌞

Your Morning Smile

Good happy morning from sunny Las Vegas. I hope this tiny cutie brings a smile to your lovely face today! Well, it’s another great day in the valley but the damn wind is once again relentless which is making it very difficult for my painter to work on the exterior paint. It’s day two of battling the winds.

As I write this, he is managing to get the east and south sides of the home painted since there is less wind on those sides. However, the south and west sides still need paint as does the chimney. It’s a bummer for him and his helper/wife, I’m sure they want to be paid, and I would like to see out of my windows again!

The 1.82mm plastic covering makes this a bit difficult. Damn wind!!

California Quail, Mourning Dove and Squirrels

Yes, more cute critters in this post, the Mourning Dove was a surprise, I’ve not seen them in this area before. The quail tend to run away like a chicken with its head chopped off, zoom! Those landscape photos aren’t balanced right, too much blue but even pulling up the white level didn’t fix them. I tried! I have zero desire to go anywhere today, no plans. Supposedly, Las Vegas will hit 97F today but it’s only around 80 right now. Still too cold, LOL!!

Cuteness On My Shoes

Yesterday I got my fix of these darling little critters again at Calico Basin. Sometimes I wonder how these squirrels are doing when I’m at home, is that weird? This visit, I had less than a handful of peanuts for them, I should use seeds though. They were actually running across my shoes, then stop and sit up on their haunches to look up at me, so adorable! And so trusting too. Lots of birds came running too including two California Quail. The quail would snag a nut then very quickly run under a bush to eat its reward. These birds have a fun-sounding set of sounds.

Beautiful Sunshine

It’s back, those pesky clouds and low-pressure center have moved away to the east, returning our lovely sunshine to us. The horses seem to enjoy the sunshine too, those little cars are presumably loaded with tourists, I’ve seen the cars many times in this area, always following a lead car which is the van in one photo. The little birds are so cute but I don’t know which species they are. Up next are more photos of the cute Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels.

Birds, Squirrels and Blue Sky

The sky and desert look fine, the critters look as best I could bring them back from fuzziness, I can’t focus the 24/200mm lens fast enough. I don’t know which species the bird is but it has nice colors. Las Vegas has yet another high wind advisory until 11PM Sunday night. Gusts to 50mph and sustained winds of 30mph or so. Another blow!

Landing Gear Deployed

I snapped a half dozen photos of this large blackbird as it hovered in place, then descended gradually behind the bush. It’s amazing how the bird can literally hover since there was a nice northwest breeze blowing. The other three photos were way out of focus. I use manual focus, the Nikkor 24/200mm lens doesn’t focus as fast as I’d like.

The middle photo shows his landing gear deployed for touchdown! 😂❤️