The Mule

A new joyride was due on this beautiful day so off I went, making a stop at the local park. Seeing a horse trailer at the end of the dirt lot, I slowly walked that way. Looking at this animal, I knew it was a little different, not a true horse. The nice lady owner walked over to me and asked if I had taken photos.

I said yes, just three but I forgot to ask permission first. She said it’s OK. We had a quick chat, she asked me if I knew the difference between a horse, donkey, and mule. Not really since I’m not an equine lover but they are beautiful animals. She gave me a quick education on the differences.

Now I know why I was immediately suspicious of this different-looking ‘horse’! Being in the darkness under the steel roof, I had difficulty getting the 24/70 lens to focus which is weird as this lens is so easy to shoot with. At least one photo is well focused. The park was packed, I am amazed at how few people were wearing masks.

Who Am I?

I saw this beautiful bird in-flight just before he or she landed in the little tree. I have no idea what species this beauty is but it is so elegant when it’s flying. Do you know which species? Photographed at Floyd Lamb Park.

Angry Birds

These big birds were fighting a bit when I was photographing them, but I missed the really big fight, unfortunately. I am amazed at how vicious they can be, wow! I have two more videos but wow are these guys noisy! Enjoy. 😎

Geese, Ducks and Coots

Not feeling like sitting on the couch all day today I headed out for a joy ride that ended up taking me back to the park again. This time, the park wasn’t jammed with tons of people, allowing me some peace and quiet to get some decent photos with the Nikon and 24/70mm lens. It’s si beautiful today!

Coming up in the next set from today, I have some photos of very aggressive geese, or are they ducks, fighting. I was surprised to see how vicious these birds can be.

Just A Bit More Cuteness

Here are the last of the photos that were taken yesterday in a very windy, blustery Calico Basin. And what do I see when I woke up before the sun today? My palm trees swaying like crazy people outside. Damn, another windy day? I don’t mind the winter windstorms, but they can get annoying. Mostly sunny and 68 is forecast for today.