A Walk in The Park

About mid day today I decided to have a nice walk someplace so off the couch went my ass to the park! Here are several 35mm photos from the short walk. Some thoughts – my heart is compromised so walks… Read More ›

Riding The Ninety Five

Here are some 35mm photos from late morning today heading for a different doctor office. I have decided to kick the other doctor to the curb and go elsewhere regardless of this likely setting things back a little bit, it’s… Read More ›

Cooling Tower

My latest pot of breakfast, lunch or dinner has been slow cooking since about twelve noon local or for about six hours plus or minus. For this pot I swapped out one of three cans of dark red kidney beans… Read More ›


Some of you really liked the flags at the park yesterday so here are the remaining photos I wasn’t going to use. This morning we have sunshine and a temperature hovering around 47 degrees at the moment. I’ve got some… Read More ›


Mr. Tortoise has been in this space before, here he is today bathing in the warm Mojave Desert sun sporting some different looks. Tortoises like to spice it up a bit too. 😂🌵🌴

Different Versions

Today I’ve whipped up some different versions of photos taken yesterday, sorry for the redundant nature of them. It’s early, not time to go out yet as I’ve had just one cuppa mud! Nothing on tap for today around my… Read More ›