Good Morning

From Mr. Pigeon! I’m featuring this little dude because I’ve not been getting any new photos lately. Been busy with life you know… Also, my dad and I have had an ongoing text conversation since yesterday regarding my health, how would my family know if anything happened to me and so on. I reminded him that I have Life Alert.

I get the impression that he wants me to come back to Michigan.

But that’s not terribly likely. The thought of living in a bitter cold and dark environment again like Michigan doesn’t set well with me and I made that clear. I must admit though in spite of sounding even more conflicted that I do miss Michigan and the few friends I still have there. It’s bloody tough being alone in a big city.

Just one more thought here from yesterday – to the little turd on Instagram that referred to me as a bitter old man – fuck you. Get some respect for others. You will age like the rest of us, perhaps one day you will be referred to as the bitter old man. I still have no idea what the turd meant as I am NEVER disrespectful to others on Instagram. You are blocked.

The Cobra

In 1980 I purchased the first of what would be dozens of CB radios over then years. It’d be great to have all those radios back with me! Some were exotic radios from other countries that worked on our FCC allocated CB Band but had many more frequencies available due to not being built for the U.S. market.

Which is why they are so cool! I’ve been a licensed Ham Radio licensee for decades.

The CB radio hobby is what brought me into the Amateur Radio community of which I’m sort of active with here in Las Vegas. That said, I grabbed a quick snapshot of the radio’s (a new cb I just bought) front end the other day.

I thought why not mess with this boring shot, see what can be done? What you see is what you get! I rarely use these, there’s nobody to talk to! This is a PNG file and was left a bit large on purpose, sorry if it’s slow to pull down.