Among The Desert Beauty

Here are a few more photos from the desert floor the other day, I never tire of this beautiful place. The temperature was already at 90 degrees when I woke up at seven this morning, and a high of 109 degrees is on the way for today. I took a very short ride around my neighborhood yesterday afternoon on the Pedego, that little ride confirmed that I made the right choice to stand down from riding in the summer heat. Wow!

The Peacock At The Park

Here are two iPhone photos and a video from yesterday at Floyd Lamb Park. There are two peacocks at the park actually and man are they loud when they make whatever that sound is! They are very beautiful birds. Sunshine and 104 degrees are the forecast for today which sounds nice.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been riding the electric bike for some time now, I have chosen to stop because of the summer heat. My face, back of my neck, and legs will get too cooked in the intense desert heat, so the bike has been docked in a spare bedroom for a month or so already. Bummer!

Climbing The Switchback

This is a super short video of the bike climbing a short switchback path that comes out of a wash where a trail runs right through it. You don’t want to be down there during monsoon season or if there is a rainstorm within say twenty-five miles. Flooding happens fast in the desert! I’ve noticed that the phone sounds like it is amplifying the sound of the electric motor located in the rear wheel hub. It never sounds that loud to me when riding so I’m sorry about it being so loud! That said, I will not go back to riding a non-electric bike.

I tossed the silly photo in because it reminds me of how I was during those married years. 😂

Crossing The Lake Mead Bridge

Today I tried making some videos while riding the bike and made four videos. This one as the title suggests was taken on the short pedestrian and bike bridge. The phone mount won’t twist any further hence the camera does not see any higher up which sucks. I would have to use a Go Pro on a helmet cam for that, or loosen the phone bracket and rotate it a bit on the handlebar. Such a beautiful day to be alive!