The Dirty Drive Train

Last night I twisted the 60mm macro on my old time Nikon body and got to work snapping my Kona Bike chain drive. The bike is actually super clean as I use the same polish on the entire bike as I do on my truck. But that chain and sprockets appear filthy as hell in these macros. Yeah, I was bored LOL!! πŸ˜‚


The Fix It Station

New at the Red Rock Overlook is this cool Fix-It station for use by the many bicycle riders that transit the several miles between where Charleston Boulevard leaves the city proper (in my view) and meets up with Blue Diamond Road or SR-160 southwest of Las Vegas. It must be a nice ride in terms of the scenery but it’s on the side of the road, no thanks.

It’s a simple device really, inside the vertical shaft you see several cables within, each having a specific tool attached to it’s end. What you can’t see is what I didn’t think of photographing – behind are two horizontal pipes which support the bike up high for easier access to the work. I hope the public won’t vandalise this thing, it’s a useful device.

The Biker Gang

On the way home from the unplanned visit to the dentist office this morning, I saw this big gang of bikers out for a morning ride. And a beautiful day for a ride it is too with sunshine and 76 degrees. Ahhhh yes. Mojave Desert love! So last night I was chewing on some toast when my almost brand new Bridge popped out. What the hell!! Gladly though I didn’t swallow the damn thing.

I washed it off really well then put it in a pill bottle and off to the dentist I went really early this morning. So glad they were open! I basically walked right in and had the bridge reinstalled. Damn good dentist office! So now I have a yummy breakfast from my local breakfast joint in the fridgy but can’t eat it until eleven or so. Yay for microwave ovens!

My aircraft lifts off at five thirty tomorrow morning, I’ll be heading to Michigan then driving a rig to Florida and flying home from Tampa Bay. Wish me luck!


Here are some unusual photos of my bicycle tires and wheels. I really doubt that many folks photograph such things in detail but I’m not your regular amateur photographer either. I just returned home from an hour and a half bike ride, it was really nice as the weather is so beautiful once again today, perfect for biking!

The Rear Braking System

This is my old bike that the asswipe house painters screwed up completely. I donated the bike. The new and far better Kona bike has disc brakes! A far better braking system than wheel rim brakes…

Feelin’ The Heat

Honestly, it’s been a scorching summer in the valley and I’ve had enough as have a couple other locals I know via the internet. This happens at late summer every year with me. I get to a point where it’s aggravating that I can’t ride my Kona bike or have a nice short but enjoyable hike in Calico Basin or elsewhere. Grr! I need the exercise!

The seasonal cool down should be here in two or three weeks based on my experience over six years. Season changes here are not like Michigan changes of course, but you do get the sense for the flow of the seasons after a few years. Patterns emerge.

I’ll have some leaf cleanups from two of my trees but more so from the neighbors trees. A piece of cake as the property sizes are small. After doing that work for over twenty years commercially, these lots are so easy to clean.

Just 30% humidity, yeah it’s a dry heat!

Arm Power

I had to slow down and wait for this weird bike to go past my right turn yesterday, it’s powered only by his arms! This guy’s upper body strength must be super strong.


That’s not an actual word, I just made it up! Good morning from Sin City. A bit ago I grabbed the 60mm and snapped this photo of my Kona’s drive sprockets. I plan to take the bike out for a brief ride around my neighborhood sometime today, and I do mean brief since the valley will hit around 102 degrees today. Yet I’ve seen people biking in the open desert in this heat! That’s just nutty…

Sport Park

I pass by this park fairly often, never stopped in! I just like the action figures out front. There’s one more out of frame. And yes, this another one of my drive-by photos today! Never try this, children!