Around Town This Afternoon

It’s another sunny and hot day in the valley today at 105 degrees. I do enjoy leaving the windows down and switching the air conditioning off too since the air can cool you just a bit while moving. One thing that really grinds my gears once again though are the dolts riding bicycles.

I sat there at the light like the rest of the drivers, patiently waiting for the light to flip to green. Two guys on bikes were next to me also waiting. Suddenly, they both took off across the road and kept on going.  About five or ten seconds later, several cars blasted by heading north.

Really? Seriously? Here are two more morons looking to be six feet under before their time. A few weeks ago, I came upon a portable memorial that was remembering three men who had died while riding their bicycles. One man was a father of young children.

Whether or not a driver in a car was responsible I can’t recall but regardless this shows how dangerous it is to ride bicycles in this city where the drivers are very aggressive and think nothing of running red lights and so on.

And today, two more morons on bicycles ran a red light, putting at risk innocent drivers and passengers as well as themselves. It’s still true folks, stupid is as stupid does. I blasted them both as I passed after the light had changed to green and making a legal crossing of that road.

The Amazing Gavin

I don’t know who Gavin is, but apparently, he is an important dude in the neighborhood. I’ve included a few more photos from the Las Vegas Strip too. I was amazed and irritated to see the bicycles riding on the big boulevard as I call it. It’s the same thing as the bikers along Charleston Boulevard outside of the city around Red Rock Canyon.

Too many times, these dolts have crossed the white line and entered the main roadway, the perfect place to be splattered by cars and trucks. Not smart at all, folks… And you’ve been flipped off!

Get Off The Road

This is a gripe, sorry for this, but It’d be swell if it were illegal to ride bicycles along this miles-long stretch of Charleston Boulevard. Why? Too many times I’ve passed these dipsticks that are riding the white line, or have crossed it just a bit as I approach. Seriously? Apparently, these people have zero sense of survival and totally lack Common Sense. But these dipsticks never ruin the enjoyment of the beautiful geology here.❤️