Black & White Photos

In The Basin Today

Good afternoon from Las Vegas Valley! Today I got the heck outta the house for a ride into the desert and hit one of my favorite local places, Calico Basin. It was wonderful today with the temperature at or below… Read More ›

Pop -n- Coffee

Here in the Desert Southwest people refer to Pop as Soda, this sounds so dumb to me! I use the word Pop in restaurants, I sometimes get that look which says your not from here are you? No, I’m not… Read More ›

Twisting and Turning

These photos were taken inside the BLM Fee area where you must pay to enter. Beautiful views mile after mile! I don’t like the idea of an entrance fee in this location as Americans have already paid said fee with… Read More ›


This was once on the wall in my apartment kitchen – I removed it. Uhg.

End of Life

It’s piston and crankshaft no longer rotate or go up and down, it’s life has come to it’s end. Powered down never to power up again.

Moon Glow

Three more photos from late last night in the backyard, better than I thought they would. 😎


I’ve slept with a CPAP mask since 2011, it becomes second nature to you to strap the mask on each night… Frankly it sucks but it’s better than letting your heart get worse!

The Old Timer

This old timer is probably long gone now as Bonnie Springs Ranch is long gone. Bullshit. Wouldn’t it be so creepy if his eyes turned to look right at you?