The Mandalay Bay

This photo via the Nikon is from yesterday when I was just East of the Strip on a mission. I’ve posted this unique building before, this time I went for a different flavour and texture. I added some texture to the image via iColorama on my iPad. The Cloud is so great for moving my photos around to three different devices! So here we are on yet another Sunday, where do the days and time go so fast? It ain’t fair man!

The Angry Canyon

Heading home this morning from a trip to just East of the Strip, I noticed the canyon to my West was looking wet and angry, a rain squall was moving into the area. What’s odd though is that it all seemed to just stall and stay out there just West of my area of town. I didn’t feel like driving out there though so no decent photos were taken. Just this one, processed to look old and maybe a bit angry. I hope your weekend is good!

The Unicorn Bunny

I made these two photos last night whilst watching the Golden Knights beat the Tampa Bay Lightning! I’d purchased some good old fashion junk food and decided it was far too salty for me these days and tossed them but not before coming up with a good way to put this salty junk food to use! The world already has the mythical Jackalope, now the world also has the Unicorn Bunny too! Happy weekend!

Around Vegas

Palms, Pines & Rocks

Five shots from yesterday with the Nikon and 70-300mm lens. That hike up the small ridge didn’t make my legs sore at all which really surprised me as I’m by no means in top condition! The BW photo is looking East toward Downtown Summerlin, the main office building is seen along with the flood channel retention basin in front of it. Two photos are looking toward Red Rock Canyon proper and the palms -n- pines are up the street from my humble apartment. More to come. Happy Thursday to you!