Black & White Photos

Black and White Joshuas

A bit out of focus yet still makes the cut. A rain squall was coming over the top of the Red Rock Escarpment in the background which seemed to lend itself to the photo. 😎

Dead Boots in The Desert

I spotted a few donkeys finally near Bonnie Springs today, had to get this shot. Not sure why but there are donkey tracks all around them. Am I to believe that the donkeys at this poor person! Noooo!!


It’s been a few years now since I hooked up a Three-Point hitch to the back of a real farm tractor. Need your dirt flipped?

My Fotos

A totally random foto from a bit ago this eve via the iPhone7 and the Lenka application. Sometimes BW works. No furniture installed as yet as you can see…

Black and White Flight

I suppose this kind of photo is a bit cliche’ but I still love to take photos like these. So beautiful on high! This photo was taken Thursday, 12-6-2018 from 36,000 feet onboard the Airbus A320 heading for my home… Read More ›


We humans, possibly not the dominant specie on this planet are always on the move like colonies of ants.