Grayscale and Color Mixed

All of the grayscale photos were shot on the iPhone using the Lenka grayscale application, the other photos were shot using the new Sony A7C camera which was wrapped in a thick dish towel to protect that expensive body and 28-60mm lens.

Taking the bike ride today was very much a spur-of-the-moment decision since it wasn’t yet 90 degrees, it was a very nice ride.

The only bummer was that when I was crossing over the road on the pedestrian bridge, there was what looked like a middle-aged man passed out on the bridge as the very busy road below flowed with its usual heavy traffic and noise.

This is a great place to live but Las Vegas of course has its unfortunate citizens like any other larger city in this country. So sad… There are 15 photos in this set, more than my usual number.

My Backyard In Spring

The truth is that it looks the same all year! Those old woodchips need to be swapped out though. All of the extra rain over last winter has brought forth a bumper crop of weeds though and it’s an every-other-day task to spray or scuffle-hoe them down. I am very sure that the HOA people are sending notices to all of the homeowners about controlling their weeds which too many of them don’t. Stop being so lazy, people!

Lenka Grayscales

On today’s ride, I took 21 photos, let’s begin with these three. The Lenka application is strictly for the iPhone platform and shots only in grayscale, or black and white if you prefer. I rarely use it but its photos tune up very well in the high dynamic range app on the MacBook. It was 80F with the tiniest breeze, perfect!