Joy Ride Photography

Six clicks from this very sunny and cool afternoon. Some of the photos were dropped in file 13, how was your Saturday? The grayscale photo of the north end of the Strip is gray since the photo wouldn’t tune up for me, take that, photo! The other photos are a part of the detention basin.

After the many days of rain we’ve had recently, the basins have been maintained by the county. Trash removal and smoothing the sides and floor out.

Around The House

Just some pics from around the house I took a couple of days ago with the Nikon and 140mm lens. What’s up with the canned goods? I keep a large stash of food and water in a spare bedroom closet which currently has 14 cases of water and much more food than what you see in the photo. I picked up the spurs in 2019 when I purchased my home as just a nik nak around the house. I am in the west, right?