Water Pressure

The main function of these water towers is to supply enough water pressure for the surrounding homes and businesses. The water pressure in the public system at my place is between 65 and 75 pounds PSI or per square inch. How is your Wednesday going?

I’ve been using the new iPhone 15 exclusively for over two weeks now and can safely say that I am very happy with the quality of photography that this phone camera has produced. I am still not certain though if I want to use the iPhone’s camera exclusively for this website/blog

I may switch back to using a brand new Nikon in the future as the Sony A7C is a fine camera but it just isn’t quite on par with a Nikon. Photography is an expensive hobby!

Time Travel?

As expected, the three-hour time difference between the east and west coast is kicking my butt. Have you ever wondered why there are multiple time zones around planet Earth? Is this really necessary? What if the US had just one-time zone? Or, planet Earth just one giant time zone? Is this possible?

That said, I am very sure that a bed is in my near future… 😂

Oily Grayscale

Just a bit of fun with a photo from a few days ago with a monsoon sky over the west side of the valley. Thanks, Becasso for jazzing up a boring photo a little bit. I’m going for a quick bike ride after three PM since it’s below 90 degrees for a change. The loner battery is still on the bike since I am waiting for Pedego to approve the warranty replacement battery which is taking too long…

Flood Control Equipment

I’ve not had to use my old army boots and brooms to push the water through the fence yet which is great. Thank you, Hilary for not beating Las Vegas up too bad.

I have seen some photos of Kyle Canyon Road in the Spring Mountains of the road severely washed out. The county has a big job on it’s hands to repair that huge mess!

When It Rained The Other Day

Just a few photos from the other day when my area of the valley got dumped on really hard. More, please! Well, I drove down to the social security office again very early today and was shocked to find a long line already formed at 8 and the place doesn’t open until nine! Such a crock of chit man. I left the place when my lower back started hurting after just ten minutes of standing. I’ll try to do this online again and hope that I can complete this this time. May your day be more successful!