The 1990s Look

My little house which I love is a 1995 build and it shows. the funky walls to the left were cropped out because it looks so goofy. The table and art bring the room forward a few decades. Partly sunny and sixty degrees are the forecast for today!

Shooting With The iPhone This Afternoon

I have been watching some videos and reading about some hidden functions of the iPhone 12 and newer IOS devices. I found some fun looks in the Portrait mode as well as ways to grab a quick video. I ended up using the Lenka app for the grayscale images. Sunny and 60 degrees was the weather today which was very nice. A sweater over my tee shirt and just short pants was perfectly comfortable. More to come.

Do You Remember These People?

Scanning the TV channels late last eve, I came across this wonderful movie. Doesn’t everyone love The Wizard Of Oz? Obviously, these photos were taken with the iPhone but you get the idea! I remember watching this movie as a child and I still love it so much! Judy Garland was a fantastic actress. Sunshine and 61 degrees are forecast for the valley today. It’s currently 41 degrees in my Michigan hometown.

What’s The Name of This Range?

I don’t know either, I forgot! And, I can’t find it specifically either with an extensive search which is odd. Anyway, the big clouds under a much bigger sky make a beautiful photo. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was quiet as usual and relaxing.

Just right of center about 2/3 the way down the photo you can see some much lighter-colored rock. In this area is Red Rock Canyon proper, it can’t be seen unless you are directly on or near its edge and it drops way down! Think of it as a giant gash on the surface of the earth. Ouch!