On The Wing

These are five iPhone 10X photos from my departure to Michigan a few days ago. No room for the Nikon on this trip sadly, you can certainly see the difference between the two cameras if you’ve followed my meager photo… Read More ›

Drone Selfie

The selfie thing has never been popular with me, it’s far too narcissistic but here are three oldies…

Radio Tower

This large communications tower is located along the ninety five freeway in the northwest area of Las Vegas Valley. I find it odd that the top Halo as they are called has no antennas on it. Maybe the tower owner… Read More ›

The Softer Version

This photo went through one of my favourite apps again this morning, added some “softness” to it, an overlay and a vignette. Yours truly kind of likes his palm trees!!

Visual Perspective

Looking southwest you see a small portion of the Red Rock Escarpment and a few cars, the owners likely on a hike out to the edge of the escarpment. I’ve hiked this before, a tough one for my compromised back…. Read More ›

Pushed Up

In the distance rising steeply is the Red Rock Escarpment. The escarpment is a fault line formed millions of years ago, here it is seen from several miles east near Calico Basin. This is an old photo of mine…