The Fiesta Hotel and Casino

These photos, taken while stuck at a traffic light, show that only the parking garage is left, the rest of the casino and 100-room hotel were recently demolished. I have seen the place being torn down while driving by on the way to my doctor’s office. Simply put, the pandemic killed this place. This link will tell you everything you may want to know about this place. The pandemic has put plenty of smaller businesses out of business here and everywhere else od course, very sad.

It Was A Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a very beautiful day with the high temperature in the 80s for a change. I am glad to see the summer heat slipping away even though I do like it. I squeezed a 9-mile bike ride in too.

And, yes, the burn on my arm looks horrible. The shiny area is Neosporin on the worst part, the white cream is Zinc Oxide which speeds up getting rid of bruises. it seems to be helping the areas away from the really bad part to heal faster. Yuck!

Going To The Doctor’s Office Again

And, it’s not because I had an appointment today. Once again I had to drive there because I refuse to talk to the people at the call center that this company foolishly set up.

You can’t call the office directly anymore and the people in that call center are not native English speakers, hence I refuse to call it and my doctor and the office he is contracted to know that I refuse to call the center. I guess they don’t listen to the patients or give a crap. He is leaving and I will follow him to his new office.

My doctor was there and I saw him briefly about my refills. It’s a shame how the medical profession has gone down the crapper these days. Patients are just a number, not a human being. I grabbed these photos while taking a detour on purpose to avoid some heavy traffic areas.