Liquid Torrent

Here’s another photo from last eve, I know cloud photos are totally cliche’ but aren’t the swirls and lines pretty up there? I left the image very grainy on purpose too by not de-noising during processing.

The 1847 Courthouse

when I visit home I usually seem to end up downtown photographing the old courthouse. It’s because I want to try for better photos of the old structure. The courthouse was undergoing some work when I visited this past week…. Read More ›

Liquid Green

I love the green in these photos, the liquid green is so nice! The glass has been hanging on the metal tree for a very long time. A long time. After twenty-plus years in lawn maintenance and landscape, I can… Read More ›


What is Insanity? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Insanity as: Dated: A severely disordered state of the mind usually occurring as a specific disorder. Law: Unsoundness of mind or lack of the ability to understand that prevents one from having the… Read More ›

Frozen in Time

This barn is many decades old and has been well maintained for the last twenty five years. I want to upload this one by itself, I think it’s a better photo of mine. Not perfect, just “more better” haha!

Oh The Green!

Sooo much green, it was a green overload for me! Green is everywhere high in the mountains around Las Vegas, the valley has the palm trees and shrubs that are green too of course but the sheer quantity of green… Read More ›

It’s Rare But…

I’ll be traveling tomorrow to see my father and children back home in Michigan. Finally! Talk and text is fine of course but there still ain’t nothing like the real thing. Looking forward to seeing some old friends I worked… Read More ›