The Old Shooting Gallery

Here are a couple more iPhone photos from the defunct Bonnie Springs Ranch. It’s kind of funny that I never noticed the No Photography sign over the bar until today! How did I miss it?


Hiking Photos

Here is another photo set taken inside the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. There are always beautiful scenes to photograph here, the cute rabbit is to me a bonus photo! Who doesn’t love bunnies, right? They is sooo cute!

Hiking The Desert Floor

These beauties were taken while hiking around the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park probably two years ago with my old Nikon D3300 body. The website says the park is closed which is zero surprise right? Two things that I seriously want to do when this situation passes is hop on a big jet plane and go home to Michigan and see my children and the family! And of course get my bum back out in the open desert for some fresh photography. I miss the freedom!

She’s A Beauty!

Some of you know I love birds so much, Mallards are among my top favorites! This sweet lady was photographed at Bonnie Springs two years ago with the old Nikon before it’s demise. It was a quacked decision by management to have sold the ranch in my view.

The Itchy Burro

Or as I pronounce it, Burrah. This guy and others were grouped around the entrance sign for the now dead and gone Bonnie Springs Ranch. The last drive out that way the very large sign was still there. Why? You land developers suck!! But I don’t have an opinion… 😂😂

Old Machines

These old timers were at Bonnie Springs Ranch which is now gone with the desert winds. I have a few more photos of the place that I may upload. Thanks a lot, land developers…

No Longer Combusting

Here is another image from the dead and gone Bonnie Springs Ranch. This old engine and several other abandoned items were in a small fenced area on the edge of the trails.


A few years back some rotten developers starting causing homes to pop up like pimples that were spreading toward the open desert as I call it. Specifically, toward beautiful Red Rock Canyon. Then, Bonnie Springs Ranch was sold, the large parcel will have guess what built on it – more pimples. This makes John a very unhappy camper seeing the beautiful Mojave Desert being turned under! Nothing is sacred today except profit… That profit came at too high a price.

Bonnie Springs, Destroyed

If you are a Vegas local then you probably remember Bonnie Springs up until it’s recent demise being bought out by greedy developers. That’s another story but this was a unique place albeit in need of some upgrades. Today it’s gone. That makes me sad and I’m not even originally from Las Vegas. I have a strong dislike of land developers destroying places like this in the name of the almighty dollar. Others call this “progress”. Bullshit.

The Old Timer

This old timer is probably long gone now as Bonnie Springs Ranch is long gone. Bullshit. Wouldn’t it be so creepy if his eyes turned to look right at you?

Heading Home From The Desert

Today I took a two hour ride into the desert and around town, these photos are from the drive back home. I snapped 100 photos on this little trip, more to come. A short post on Bonnie Springs too which cranks me off!

Bonnie Springs Cowboy

Here’s an old photo I snapped at the now dead Bonnie Springs Ranch. Dumbass developers! Isn’t he just so handsome? Not! Look at the sign to the right of the wooden man, signs like this were frequent in my opinion, all around the property. Don’t do this and don’t do that! Signs signs everywhere a sign…

Bonnie Springs is Gone

I’ve posted about this somewhat recently, but seeing this sign near what was Bonnie Springs yesterday morning really drove it home for me. Why does this bother me? After all, I’m not even from Nevada or Las Vegas! What pisses me off is that homes are to be built out there and that’s just pure bullshit to me. Sure go ahead, add more human pressure on the delicate Mojave Desert environment. Damned developers!