Remembering Bonnie Springs Ranch

If you have followed this site long enough then you will know about my dislike of property developers. Whoever this company is, they have destroyed what was once a wonderful place for families and couples to enjoy.

The other side is that the owners of the ranch must have been in deep financial trouble and saw their way out of them with the property developers’ purchase offer. Such a wonderfully vicious little circle, right? I have plenty of photographs of this ranch but this little engine is a favorite.

It pulled several small cars that would shuttle patrons from the parking areas to the main attractions. The engine was powered by a simple gas engine that sounded like a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine.

To pull that much weight though, the engine must have been coupled to a gearing system that would increase the amount of torque for the little engine to pull the extra weight.  The grayscale version was made this morning.

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