A Duck Liftoff

Here’s a photo that became an oops photo because the duck lit off just as I snapped the photo. Mr. Duck here lived at a wonderful pond at Bonnie Springs Ranch which has now been demolished. Poor duck, there are man-made lakes around the city though, easily within flight distance for him of course! Now get quackin’!

An Angel Over The Desert

Last eve I was having a cold one in the backyard and noticed this very large white angel, flying so high over the Mojave Desert. Do you believe in angels? I sure do! The other photo was taken two days ago near Bonnie Springs Ranch, or what’s left of it. I think another ride into the desert is in order, and soon!

Bonnie Springs Railroad

Some of you will have seen this photo before and listened to me carry on about how the damned property developers purchased and tore down Bonnie Springs Ranch. Sorry. This photo of their miniature railroad was taken well before the place was sold out to greedy people.

This is one of my better photos, in my opinion, the train was used to ferry people from the parking areas to the ranch which also had a restaurant. The sign is still up at the road though, why?


The Ingersoll Rand Corporation is still operating today, I think this is a wonderful testament to American ingenuity and true grit. This iPhone photo has been in this space before, I like this version better. This old air compressor was at Bonnie Springs Ranch which has been demolished, thanks to the greed of land developers. Such a crock of dookie!