The President’s Dam

It’s a bit odd how Hoover Dam ended up with this name, you can read about this right here. Such an amazing feat of engineering considering the available technology of the 1930’s. So many amazing and brilliant people dedicated to bringing electricity to the American Desert Southwest!

Nearing Hoover Dam

The topography around Hoover Dam is very steep with deep canyons and sharp rock. I’m going out there when the weather cools down which is coming soon gladly. The 90’s are coming in the next few days! Our scorching summer will end soon, back to normal temps!

Steel Bike at Bootleg Canyon

I’ve never rode my bike in this park but it looks like a dandy place from what I could see of it when visiting the parking area. This steel bike is in the parking area, why not get a photo? It isn’t going anywhere!

Electricity Leaves The Dam

Here is another older photo from Hoover Dam. The transmission towers pop up from the canyon far below, transmitting that wonderful electricity that makes human life comfortable and even possible here in the Mojave Desert. I’m glad that Hoover Dam was built so incredibly strong!

Navajo Pottery

Several days ago I was in Boulder City, NV for some art for my home, this is one of many pieces I purchased that day. They are beautiful pieces and I’m proud to display them in my home! I will photograph one per day and upload, something like that. There are two pieces I am really pleased with, all will hopefully be photographed in the bright Las Vegas sunshine for best exposure. I like tons of light in my photos usually…

From Boulder City to Las Vegas

Here are a few 215 freeway photos showing Las Vegas from several miles to the southeast. Note the snowcapped mountains, likely Mount Charleston and Fletcher Peak, high in the Spring Mountains. Looking closely, you’ll see the Stratosphere Tower and other famous Las Vegas landmarks. I’m using the little 35mm lens, hence zero zoom but the colours seem much sharper. I love the new 35mm lens!