The Forecast

Nobody could complain about this forecast, could they? Certainly not me! Leaving the party store yesterday, I spotted yet another wasted face mask on the ground. Come on, Americans, you should do better than this. 😡

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Photo Fun with iPhone Photo Applications

Man oh man have I been bored all day! A short joyride broke it up a bit but not enough. I thought why not grab the iPhone and take some random photos around the home and drop them in my photo apps on the MacBook. What apps are on the phone? Pro Camera, the stock camera app for the device, and Lenka for strictly black and white photos. Just for fun on a gray, dark, and cool day. I hope you have some happy sunshine where you are!

At a McDeath drive-thru this morning (i eat that shit very rarely), both lanes were very busy as it was not too far from noon. A woman in the car ahead of me was obviously deeply involved in something on – you guessed it, her phone. She should just glue the damn thing to her face! I noticed that the cars ahead of here were more than a car length at least, yet she couldn’t pull herself from that phone.

I didn’t want to blast her with the real horn that my truck has, not a squeaker like in those foreign cars, so I shouted out the window saying “can you move up!” She had the Gaul to give me a shitty look. Back at ya, wench. So rude. People in this city can be so terribly rude and arrogant at times and I’m frankly sick to death of people like her.

Younger folk today were not taught by their parents to have manners, so it seems. It’s not nearly enough to have me decide to move back up north to the crappy Michigan weather though. I really like this place, sans the asswipes!

In other very interesting news today haha, I received yet another spam call today. They are becoming more frequent recently, hello, Block List! The calls are usually about an expired warranty on my vehicle, but this time I was told by a robotic voice that my Social Security is soon to be canceled! What? The government simply does not make calls like this and how sad is it that some people actually fall for this scam.

I received an actual call from my dad down in Florida a bit ago, we had a nice chat, talked about his heading home to Michigan next month and about the vaccine. His shots were two weeks ago and he feels fine, yay! I’m still waiting… I mentioned the spam call about Social Security, and guess what? He received the very same call today!

I mentioned that if the damn government wants to do something good for we the people for a change, how about tracking some of these turds down and stomping them out? My sister has also received this same call. One thing is for damn sure, the freaking viral pandemic has not put one tiny dent in the evil things that some human beings do.

A Cloudy Beginning

So began my day at 5:45 AM. The sun managed to pop out for the moment yet the winds are back again, this is life in the Mojave Desert. The photo of the Rock Pigeons was taken in a parking lot that I’ve posted before, I still have no clue why these birds flock in this spot apparently every day. It may have something to do with folks like me who tossed a handful of unsalted peanuts out for them as I went from and back to my truck.

I know, shame on me using peanuts! At least it isn’t bread. I need to visit the local nursery to pick up a back of proper seeds for them and those adorable Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels at Calico Basin.

About my hacked Instagram account, it’s basically gone. Instagram isn’t sending me the code to regain access, why I have no clue but I’m not happy about this. But it’s not ruining my day either. Yesterday, I spent a fair amount of time researching the pros and cons of Instagram, and the experiences that others have had both with hacked and not-hacked accounts.

I have to say that I was very surprised to find out that many people are turning their backs on this platform for many reasons including, of course, the hacking problem. The system isn’t secure enough, and is owned by the evil Facebook seems to also be having an effect on people’s opinion of Instagram.

Others have noticed that when Stories was introduced in 2016, the number of photos being added to people’s feeds was starting to diminish as they have opted to put more effort into their Stories. Not me, IG will always be a photography platform. I’m not considering opening a fresh account on Instagram. Mostly because of being owned by Facebook which has always made me feel a little twitchy.

I detest Facebook. What have they stolen from me in terms of photos, knowledge of who I am, and so on? I am thinking about other photography platforms, gladly, there are several to choose from actually.

Various Photos and A Hack Job

Good morning, folks. I wasn’t going to upload anything today, but I am aggravated. Aggravated because my Instagram account was hacked yesterday, and I can’t seem to recover the account yet. I’ll try later. But is it worth the hassle? I’ve been on Instagram for three or so years now and have ‘friends’ there too as I do here with you.

Here are two things about Instagram that I seriously despise – The sad fact that it is now owned by that evil, piece of crap Facebook. I more than detest Facebook. Since its purchase, the platform has become a hive of bullshit ads, all of the same ads that you see on your television. Every fourth or so thing that you see in your feed is another damned advertisement. Music blaring, they make me jump in my seat. More garbage that I don’t want.

Further, I am so damn tired of the Follow/Unfollow game. Being a private account, I let some folks through the electronic gate, only to see them unfollow not long after. Why? What purpose does this serve? I don’t play that game, I’m not just another asshole on Instagram looking to build my numbers at any cost.

Should I try to recover the damned account!

Moving along, I tried a sky photo last night, placing the Nikon on the ground and letting the camera take a long exposure. Did it work? Sort of. The clouds up there remind me of a Milkyway photo done by a professional. The goofy photo of the MacBook was taken while it was installing the latest version of the Big Sur operating system.

I have an appointment at nine today with the dentist to see what can be done with the broken tooth in my head. My teeth have been a pain in the ass last year and now in 2021. It’s annoying and very costly since I don’t have dental coverage but can you put a price on having healthy teeth? Bad teeth can actually cause heart disease!

One Hell Of A Windstorm!

A while ago I was in Downtown Summerlin capturing some scenes, there were far more people there than  I expected, add to that the crazy weather today. I’m so glad that I headed home when I did! Heading northbound on the two-fifteen freeway, my truck was taking a pounding from the powerful winds both head-on and from the sides at sixty-five miles per hour.

When leaving Summerlin, I could see the very dark line of storm clouds directly north of me. By the time I was at Lake Mead Boulevard, the powerful winds were upon me, throwing fine sand and human debris at the front of my truck, I also heard what sounded like a small stone that hit the lower-left area of the windscreen. Gladly, it didn’t crack, the rest of the truck was OK.

I felt very relieved when pulling into the garage and closing the bay door directly behind me. I grabbed a clean bath towel and wiped the entire truck down, removing the tiny bit of rain that was on the glass and body, I made it haha! Of course, the Nikon was ready to roll at arm’s length so I grabbed a few quick photos, the other photos can wait.

The photo of the accident was taken by just turning the camera backward and taking the shot. Got it. Apparently, the wind and dust were enough to distract one or both of the drivers. Someone’s insurance bill is gonna take a hit! Funny thing, as I passed the Metro Police car, the officer had the appearance of surfing his device. Probably not, haha.

The New Trash

One of these photos shows someone’s face mask on the parking area pavement in Calico Basin. Why, people, why? Are these dolts attempting to equal the number of cigarette butts that cover America already?

Did you know that cigarette butts are the most littered item in this country? Someone somewhere needs that face mask, and you tossed it on the pavement. Such brilliance on public display. OK, I’m done, thanks for tuning in, my friends.

Scooting along, here is the next set of photos taken this morning under that dank sky.

A Farm Windmill in The Rain

This photo is not as old as I’ve made it to look. It’s an iPhone photo I took while stopped at one of the planned venues on one of the days we toured in dad’s old antique auto in 2015. The person that owns this location had an absolutely incredible collection of pretty much anything antique made in the United States. That collection has got to be worth millions of dollars.

Well, my little photo isn’t worth that much, but it is worth what you see and think of it! These little windmills seem to be the original, and far less ugly, predecessors to our so-called ‘modern’ ugly-ass three-bladed windfarms.

I strongly dislike them aesthetically, and will never believe in them as a replacement for known, tried-and-true power sources that have helped this country to thrive and grow for so many decades. How ‘green’ am I? As green as the cash in my wallet…

After The Night Photos

After those photos, I set the Nikon in the living room and snapped these silly photos with the iPhone. Man oh man, it’s such a beautiful day in Las Vegas today! The sunshine is back and the city is on the move. I stopped at a local park and had a short walk. I was very dismayed that apparently, about 99% of the people there including children were not wearing masks!

I’d like to ask these people why the hell they are not wearing masks, but that isn’t my style. Yet shame on them for potentially adding to, and helping to spread, this terrible virus. Ignorance is as ignorance does. I on the other hand was masked up and had my trusty bottle of hand sanitiser in my pocket as always. Come on Americans, use your damn brains!