Homeless People

Almost every time I take a bike ride, I see homeless people or in this case, what this homeless man left behind. I had passed this way two days before. Now he’s gone and the stolen shopping cart was left behind. I frequently see random things like blankets, socks, and other clothing left laying in certain areas.

This is the downside of riding in a large city and it makes me sad. Last week, I saw a girl who looked 25 or younger sitting on the ground with a small cart filled with presumably her worldly belongings. I so wanted to help her too. I gave ten bucks to a different man and told him that God loves him. What more can I do?

The Dirty Side of The Ride

Sometimes I see some nasty things along the trails. This drain channel has plenty of trash and graffiti, there is much more to the left of the photo too. The other day I was heading out of Tivoli Village and passed a small park where there was a bum taking a pee under a pine tree in full view of anyone including me.

That’s just gross man! What a flip the weather has pulled on me, no bike ride today since the high will be just 45 degrees with gusts to 50 miles per hour, a new windstorm. Welcome to the Mojave Desert!

Stuff I Saw On Today’s Bike Ride

Some good, some bad. The wasted pasta on the road is angering! Food costs way too much now to do crap like this. That rubber ducky floating in the tiny pond was right below the cross on the wall, cute! I love my eBike! It was barely 60 degrees this afternoon but I managed the entire fifteen-mile ride today.

Another Downside of Technology

The next time you are around a crowd of humans, have a look around you and count the number of them that have their necks and head tilted down with their faces buried in a device. Man, I am so glad that I grew up without the internet and cell phones! Technology is good of course, but not when it takes over our interactions with other humans. Look closely at the image. Disclaimer – the image is not mine.

Oh Gray Go Away!

I captured these photos on the way home from the doctor’s office this morning. Oh gray, go the hell away! My doctor has had enough of the gray too. This winter has brought in an inordinate number of days with gray skies compared to our normal sunny days in winter. I hope that you have sunshine where you are. These photos are unaltered, with no processing whatsoever.

Captain Kirk and Dumb Girls

I grabbed these images from Instagram yesterday. Why? As a diehard Trekker, I like the photo of Captain Kirk taking a big swig of something, maybe it’s Romulan Ale or Sorian Brandy. Bottoms up, Captain! The other image is from a follow request on Instagram.

These young women are apparently too dumb to understand that Instagram is not a dating app! Try your local pub or an actual online dating site, sweetie… I must receive five or more follow requests like this every day among other requests I reject. Still, Instagram is lots of fun.

I have friends around the world on that platform too, just like here on WordPress. Sorry young lady, but I am three times divorced and no longer do the dating thing. 👍🏻😂 Note: I was not trying to offend ladies with the dumb girl title.