The Morning Photos

A few photos from early today as I headed for the doctor office to collect my records. Several years ago in Michigan I requested all files and information from a doctor office as I transferred to a different doctor. I… Read More ›

Riding The Ninety Five

Here are some 35mm photos from late morning today heading for a different doctor office. I have decided to kick the other doctor to the curb and go elsewhere regardless of this likely setting things back a little bit, it’s… Read More ›

A Rodent Dog and A Lost Cat

Sitting inside Subway a couple hours ago the guy you see here and his little rodent dog were wandering around the storefront as he put the rodent down then picked it up again. Repeat sequence twice. He then wandered off… Read More ›

The Joy of Apartment Life

Imagine yourself living in a one bedroom apartment for over two years with this view being fairly common as people move out month by month. I can’t really explain the deep frustration I felt with this situation as it unfolded… Read More ›

Site Restored

I put a bit of a dent in my day today by making the choice to try the WordPress Business plan. Words of advice: don’t try it. Now, I understand that not everyone will have issues with the plan but… Read More ›


I’ve enabled that damned Business plan from WordPress, and am having it removed. It’s a joke. It’s messed up the way the site looks and now every page loads incredibly slow. Do yourself a favor, don’t try it! I hope… Read More ›

Pulling Posts

Thank you all around goes to WordPress.com once again for not making storage space purchases possible. Why did WordPress.com remove this option? Because they suck. Note: the image below is not my work. Update: I’ve upgraded this site to the… Read More ›