Crappy Fireworks Photos

It wasn’t worth the effort last night to try for better photos… It sounded like a damn war zone in the backyard too. I’m glad that’s over with for another year, although there will be a few explosions today and tonight. I sent an email to my HOA folks about my same neighbors three doors down once again lighting fireworks in our neighborhood, it’s illegal. Morons!


I took a quick jaunt around the area to get the heck out of the house for a while today. Had a nice chat with my dad while parked in this little park. I feel a bit childless like this playground regarding the damned virus. I so want to see my children and the rest of my family but it’s not possible. The fence around the playground is like the virus, a fence that keeps families apart.

A sad sight

Star Shots

These are admittedly not good photos, but I don’t do night photography. There have been zero clouds at sunset the last few days, hence no new sunsets. I have zero plans for the upcoming holiday, do you? This holiday will be very different for many Americans. Myself? No difference really but there will be no trips to Michigan this summer either. John is not a happy camper…

The Mahogany Fire

Yesterday, a wildfire started burning in a campground called Mahogany near Mount Charleston. I searched the local news sources again this morning, I couldn’t find any solid information about how much if any containment was happening.

The major problem for the firefighters is the lack of resources, and the very strong winds we’ve had since yesterday with gusts to fifty-five miles per hour. A recipe for disaster. I hope that today the firefighters up there will make some headway in containing the fire.

I would post a link for you, but there aren’t any good choices. I took these photos from my backyard last eve, I am gladly a very long way from the fire, hence the photos aren’t much to look at. Honestly, I don’t like them.

Super Hot Pavers!

I was in the backyard a bit ago and tried stepping on the pavers barefooted. Oh heck no! I thought to grab the temperature gauge I use for cooking and see what I get. OM Gosh, that’s incredibly hot! Note to self – always wear your shoes outside! 😂🔥🌵🌴

Quickie Trip

A bit ago I headed out for some needed supplies. Along the way, I took a different route to my destination via a local park where I was amazed to see the park full of people enjoying what is truly a beautiful day here. What shocked me though were the two separate playground areas packed full of children! And zero masks in sight. Wow. I darn well wore my mask into the store!


Welcome to my pharmacy. Daily I take several blood pressure pills along with other medications for other things, this pile of pills is mostly for blood pressure but as you can see here I haven’t always needed my evening or late night pills much of late. Thank God for this! The less you need, all the better for the body I say. I hope you’ll never need any of these pills!

The Spray Bombed Van

Some dolt painted space creatures on this van at the local grocer. Nice work, asswipes! Anyway, I went to the grocer for a few items and came out with much more which is usually what happens. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of those very hot items including water and bun wad are returning to ‘normal’ levels.

Translation: people are stopping the freaking out. The one thing that honestly speaking pisses me off is how many people were not wearing masks! Why the hell would a mother with four to six-year-old children take her babies in this store with zero masks on them, or herself! She’s a very stupid woman, I’m not sorry for saying this either.

As I have said in this space so many times – Common Sense took a permanent holiday from America a long time ago.


A fine memory from my days working at a U Haul location. This jerk rented two units next to each other and proceeded to alter the electric wiring and make other alterations to the units, in total breach of his signed contract. Some people should never breed.

A Quick Ride

I had a quick ride to the store for supplies at mid day, captured these not so exciting photos that do show that Las Vegas is still alive and well. it’s been several days since I went out, the traffic level appears to be up slightly. In the store I was not happy to see several folks were not wearing masks, that’s being stupid, people! But what is one man’s opinion worth…

Those Lovely Apartment Days…

Now here’s a lovely photo! My apartment was obviously right next to an enclosure of trash bins which was a constant source of anger. I was at the office fairly often complaining about this bullshit, complete with photos like this one. I saw ‘dumpster divers’ (I so dislike that word dumpster) and also a young woman was raped in that enclosure.

How the hell I didn’t hear that is beyond me. Apartment life was hell, I’m sure it still is. Sadly I suspect that because of this terrible virus, many people will lose their homes and end up in an apartment. Sad. Be thankful for your house if you have one, I surely love and take excellent care of my home where I decide what happens, not a management team!

The Itchy Burro

Or as I pronounce it, Burrah. This guy and others were grouped around the entrance sign for the now dead and gone Bonnie Springs Ranch. The last drive out that way the very large sign was still there. Why? You land developers suck!! But I don’t have an opinion… 😂😂

A Fuel Station Fire!

This fore happened about a year ago, perhaps more but I was glad to be far away from it! The fore trucks rolled in and put that fire out very quickly, thank God. I spoke with the employees there they were understandably a bit shook up by the experience. I don’t know how it started but it must be because of a stupid person lacking brains and common sense.

Why The Difference?

My Michigan buddy stated a day or two ago that fuel prices are around $1.09 or so there, so why the heck are our prices the same as before this terrible thing happened? Human Greed.

Empty Streets

I had a quick ride to the party store for some items that my online grocery order today won’t deliver which really sucks but that’s the way it is at this point. I really don’t want to be away from home! As you can see here, nothing has changed with the area traffic, as empty as ever…

After Picking Up My Drugs

I snapped a few shots on the way home. There weren’t many birds to photograph at the lakes which sucks. I did use the mask I made yesterday, it’s kind of funny how people thought is was a decent mask even after I told them how it was made! I asked about gloves and masks at a couple places I was at, nada, zip, zilch. They can’t be found anywhere!

This Was Yesterday

The screen shot of the National Weather Service website’s forecast for Las Vegas shows a very different weather pattern for the next several days. Honestly, I don’t want the rain here as badly as it’s needed here in the desert southwest. It reminds me of the daily gloomy conditions of Michigan too much… Rain Rain go the hell away. Don’t come back any other day.

Out Of Business

These pedicure chairs used to be in the salon where I had my feet taken care of every two weeks or so thanks to Diabetes. Apparently the business has closed, how sad for the owners and we customers. All because of something so small we can’t see it. Bullshit! This situation will devastate millions of small businesses which I see as the core of what makes the United States what it has been for so long. When this is done, America will have a new face.

More of My Backyard

Are ya sick of seeing my simple, basic backyard yet? Honestly I’m quite bored as are so many I’m sure. I even scuffle hoed the few weeds I found both front and back today. It’s almost as though I’m thankful for the stupid weeds that give me something to do! Pathetic eh?

I have far more than enough photography from long ago to keep this blog going but I don’t wanna bore people either with old photos or the same old shit either… I’m wanting to take a couple photo trips too, one is the Hoover Dam, the other is driving all the way down to Laughlin, Nevada along the Colorado River. Actual, real photo opportunities!

Faux  Green Grass
Mr. Tortoise
Exciting photo of my chimney!


Or flaccid if you prefer. No high winds in the valley today which is nice, I snapped this photo after leaving the bank this morning. I tried setting up the online transfer thing Saturday with a bank employee, it didn’t work so I’ll di it the old fashioned way. That blue sky is beautiful!

Staying In, Staying Home

Here’s a small piece of my self-imposed quarantine: End Table Items. Two way radios, my phone and some water. Oh, and a weather station. To my left is the TV controller, an iPad and the MacBook Pro. So this is being stuck at home eh? Obviously things could be so much worse.

Empty City Streets

I took a quick ride to the beer store this morning, it’s so odd and a bit creepy to see these streets like this that are usually bustling with Las Vegas Locals like myself. I slathered up with hand sanitiser before going into the store, and before getting back into my truck and touching anything inside. These are scary times, my friends. Stay safe, stay home if you can.

Three Locked

A few years ago I worked at a U Haul location. What’s going on in this image? Your renters contract states a customer can place only one lock on their unit. Obviously this joker can’t read. Each morning I would take a walk around the entire interior and exterior of the building. One reason for that was to look for what you see here.

I placed the third lock on the unit to basically force the customer to come to the main office. Hah. All they need do is remove the second lock. I also came across units where it was obvious that the customer has been sleeping in the unit which is a huge no no!

Another customer had two units side by side that he abandoned, leaving me to clean all the crap out and haul it to the big steel bins. Thanks a lot asshole. I also had to clean a unit within twenty four hours after a customer moves out per company policy. And baby that’s a hot job here in the desert in a non air conditioned building.

It may not seem like it but the job wasn’t all that bad, what was bad was the pay. Another two bucks per hour would have been sufficient considering the labour involved and the summer heat as well as dealing with cleaning up after pig customers. In the end I left the job because of the shitty disrespectful management.

That’s a very common reason why employees leave a job in my life’s experiences. The soon to be wife was a really sweet woman. What I would not continue to put up with was a man younger than me who was retired military constantly talking at, through and down to me at any opportunity. That’s abusive. And he was a few years younger than I. That matters.

I hope you’ve never had to deal with asshole management in your work experiences!!