Attempted DMV Visit

Overnight I received an email from the Nevada DMV alerting me that my driver’s license will expire in a few weeks. Not one to let things slide, I headed out this morning. I arrive at the closest location and walk in and was told immediately by the greeter that I need an appointment.

I asked why? She had no idea as the state makes these decisions in Carson City, Nevada our capital. Carson City is around 500 miles north of Las Vegas near Reno and Tahoe. So, I drove home and will check into this more. I still can’t find the link on the internet to do this online!

Anyway, I grabbed a few photos along the way today, as you can see, that powerful low-pressure center that caused the wind and dust storm the other day has long since moved on to the east, and thank you for that. Good riddance! How has your Tuesday been going?

Update: I found the site and renewed it online, much better than standing in line.

The Eye Of The Rat

You may remember my recent battle with the flying rats, aka pigeons recently. The birds took over my new bird feeder and drove the sweet little birds I wanted there to photograph and enjoy in just one day.

They kept coming back to where the feeder was for a week or more, pushing and flipping the woodchips onto the rocks in a desperate hunt for seeds. Sorry, it’s all gone now, they haven’t been back, Thank God! These birds are a big problem here, and that pole is going to stay there to be used otherwise.

While they are an attractive bird to me, they are just not welcome home invaders! Click the pic.

Bird Feeder Experiment: Terminated

Thanks very little to those damned pigeons which I knew would come but didn’t know that they would try to feed from the tiny feeder and come in such numbers, the bird feeder is gone and won’t return.

I can hang something else on that pole. Pigeons are a real problem around Las Vegas, they are flying rats that can damage your property and cover it with copious quantities of shit too. Thanks for nothing, you airborne rats! They are already so fat, I’m not gonna add to their obesity. 😂

The Rat Pack Has Taken Over

And, I do not mean the rat pack that once roamed the Las Vegas Strip of course! These Rock Pigeons have taken over the feeder as the photos clearly show. I watched them for a while on and off this afternoon. They have effectively driven off the smaller birds that I wanted to attract to this small feeder. Of course, the pigeons need to eat too but not like this. Bummer… These photos are not altered.


Are you streaming your television programs? Did you know that there are over 300 streaming services today? Neither did I until I did some research on whether or not I should switch to streaming instead of my cable service today. Over 300? That’s ridiculous!

The consensus is that almost 50 percent of Americans are frustrated with seeing their programming being moved to a streaming service (like me) and having to have more than one subscription to view the programs they like the most.

There are two seasons of Star Trek: Picard that I have never seen because I simply haven’t wanted to take on the extra cost. My monthly cable bill is already ridiculously expensive!

So, in this way, these streaming companies competing for your paycheck are ripping you off either by moving programming to a streaming platform or by the consumer not wanting the extra monthly bill. I know that I have left out some important points and facts here but I think the point has been made.

I once again chose to keep my cable service which is bundled with a 300MB internet download speed. It’s all about the dollars and no sense!

High Over Lake Mead

These iPhone photos were taken the other day just before landing at McCarran International. Look closely and you will see the white bathtub ring that indicates where the lake level should be which gives you a good idea of just how low the lake really is. The photo quality isn’t good at all but you get the idea.