Popped Again!

Dang Nabit! These fat tires are the weak link of this e-Bike, folks. Last year, the rear tire popped, at that time I had inserts put in between the tube and the tire to hopefully stop the tires from popping, but as you can see this thorn is really big and it’s super hard. I had to use pliers to extract the thorn after I got home. That was a solid decision to wait because as soon as that thorn came out, the hiss started. Well, I’m off the road once again, folks! It was a great 15-mile ride though.

Going To The Doctor’s Office Again

And, it’s not because I had an appointment today. Once again I had to drive there because I refuse to talk to the people at the call center that this company foolishly set up.

You can’t call the office directly anymore and the people in that call center are not native English speakers, hence I refuse to call it and my doctor and the office he is contracted to know that I refuse to call the center. I guess they don’t listen to the patients or give a crap. He is leaving and I will follow him to his new office.

My doctor was there and I saw him briefly about my refills. It’s a shame how the medical profession has gone down the crapper these days. Patients are just a number, not a human being. I grabbed these photos while taking a detour on purpose to avoid some heavy traffic areas.

Almost Colorless

These are the last images of the detention basin, the other photos are from a few days ago when that huge monsoon rain system was wrapping it up and moving north. Several years ago when I was married to number three, I was talked into buying a timeshare by her. Man, that was such an ignorant thing to do!

A few weeks ago, a company called Wyndham which was the Timshare people, kept calling me two to three times a day in an apparent attempt to get their hands in my wallet again.  Oh hell no! They went away for several weeks and now today I’ve had two spam calls from them today. Go Away!

The number is always from an area code in Florida. This is annoying as hell, I’ve never answered their calls and they go right on the blocked list. This is to me in some way a horrid reminder of that marriage that just won’t go away. I implore you, never to buy a timeshare, especially from Wyndham!