Another Dead Boat?

This is disgusting! If you’ve been hanging around here, then you’ll remember this post and the burned boat on the side of the road on Lake Mead Boulevard.

However, this boat is directly behind homes, well within the city limits. I photographed this crap while on the way to the party store today. Things like this are a part of why this blog exists, though.

I have always intended to show people a different side of Las Vegas even though it may seem disparaging. Las Vegas is like any other large city with its sketchy folk, trashy folk, and plain old bullshit like this.


This nasty critter got itself stuck on one of many sticky pads I have throughout my home. I always ask the pest control tech to leave a few extras for this purpose. There are four of these in the garage too, I take scorpions very seriously! I’ve never been stung as yet, but when I was married, my stepson was stung getting out of the shower.

That was a really bad experience for him. We took him to a satellite emergency room where he was given a rabies injection I think, which counters the scorpion’s sting. While they are nasty critters, humans need to remember that we have invaded their territory. They are a part of living in the Mojave Desert! I hope I never meet one in bed…

According to this link, this may be a Bark Scorpion.

Big Views, Cacti and A Closed Play Area

Here’s another children’s play structure that has been locked down. I hate this damn virus, it’s stolen so much from all of us. Just don’t go playing around in the Barrel Cacti, children… The view of the foothills was taken from the upper deck walkway, looking west. The two-fifteen freeway is in front of those tightly-packed homes. That’s how we do it here, my home is very close to my neighbors on either side. Squish!

Politicizing My Memories

I’ll get right down to it here, a couple of days ago, I left a comment on an IG account I’ve followed for some time now. This person who won’t be named is a Star Trek actor that I’ve liked for many years. I’ve liked the acting, but never the occasional political statements or hints thereof.

I find them to be typical Hollywood hard-leftist bullshit.

On my last visit, I left a comment that I find the politics un-American in nature and left. This morning, I received a reply from the actor asking me to unfollow. I had already done so and mentioned this. I told this person that the acting is really good, but that the politics are un-American.

I then blocked the account. So there you have it, people. Politics suck ****. And this is why you’ve never seen any politically charged posts on this meager little blog. And you never will. This asswipe is one of too many Star Trek accounts on IG that have far too much political content.

Some people apparently believe that a perfectly wonderful science fiction program dating back to my formative years is a perfect platform to spew un-American beliefs and ideals that are for me in every way, Socialist and even a bit Communist at the core. Wake up, Americans.

Wake the hell up before your country is spelled AmeriKa. Hollywood was once so classy and respectable many decades ago. Today, Hollywood is nothing more than a hive and haven for those who completely disrespect this country in so many ways. Hey Mr. Star Trek, Please get out of this country.

At Downtown Summerlin Today Two

Here is round two from Summerlin this morning, I hope you enjoy these. While I was there, I sat down for a bit and called my dad back in Michigan, we had a nice conversation as always. In the last couple of days, I’ve been missing my family more and really needed to hear a familiar voice.

I worry about my dad so much as he is ninety-two years young.

I feel like this damned virus is stealing time that should be spent with him and my children and sister as I haven’t been able to make my usual two trips up there each summer. Of course, millions of people are in the same or similar situations, but that’s not much consolation is it.