Snow Above 2000 Feet?

That number puts my home well within the altitude to receive some snow at 2800 feet! It’s Bogus. It’s Hanus. I know this can happen, but it doesn’t mean that I have to like it, now does it? So far it’s just rained overnight with the winds just a howlin’, but no flakes yet. Gladly, I have no reason to go out for a couple of days, the time this low-pressure system will be hanging around.

The Nikon Z6 Sensor Dust Issue

Some of you regular visitors will recall my cranky attitude about the sensor on my newer Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera. I did some deep digging into this issue on the internet today, and have apparently found a viable solution for this aggravating problem. These test photos I shot in the backyard this afternoon were one hundred percent better than previous photos.

Photos like these really augment the dust on the sensor. My research shows that my suspicions were true, many people who are using this newer mirrorless body are having the same dust intrusion problem too. I hope to keep the sensor much cleaner going forward. Being an amateur photographer, I guess the image quality may not be as important to others as it is to me…

Click a pic to see zero boogers in the photos!

Yesterday’s City Views

Nothing exciting, just the last of the photos from yesterday’s ride to the ham radio store. I did get the mounting brackets for the radios, but the bracket/adapters I purchased for attaching the Controller to the Body of the radio are the wrong ones. So, I ordered the correct items from Amazon of all places and received an email this morning that the company has just one bracket.

This inspired me to send an email to the correct department at Icom America this morning, thanking them for creating this lovely problem for me because the company does not include the mobile mounting bracket OR the adapter to attach the Controller to the radio in the box when you purchase the equipment. Why!

This is so damn stupid and the reason that I told Icom that I’ll continue purchasing Yaesu radio products exclusively as I have for many years now. That’s a very shitty way to do business, Icom. Thanks for your bullshit… Adios.