A few years back some rotten developers starting causing homes to pop up like pimples that were spreading toward the open desert as I call it. Specifically, toward beautiful Red Rock Canyon. Then, Bonnie Springs Ranch was sold, the large… Read More ›


All those TV commercials tell me that America has a legalised major drug dealer – Big Pharma… And I’m one of their loyal customers. High blood Pressure and Type Two Diabetes are the main reasons I must swallow so many… Read More ›

The Trump Roadrunner

I’ve never seen so much vitriol spew being puked at a president in my life. The so-called Democrats are so full of hate for President Trump that it’s despicable. What the hell is wrong with these people? Is it because… Read More ›

Air Travel

iPhone photos from today. Shit people drop on the floor that’s missed by the cleaning folks. 😂😎

Bonnie Springs, Destroyed

If you are a Vegas local then you probably remember Bonnie Springs up until it’s recent demise being bought out by greedy developers. That’s another story but this was a unique place albeit in need of some upgrades. Today it’s… Read More ›

I Checked In…

To the hospital early this morning. Yesterday a sharp pain suddenly happened in my left side. This morning the pain was too much, was doubled over with pain so I drove my butt to the local hospital. Probably shouldn’t have… Read More ›

Porking Out

According to my spell check and an online dictionary, Porking is not a word. Bullshit! It’s interesting to watch people stuffing their faces in restaurants isn’t it? So many different shapes and sizes of bodies in there. Some skinny, others… Read More ›