Bonnie Springs, Destroyed

If you are a Vegas local then you probably remember Bonnie Springs up until it’s recent demise being bought out by greedy developers. That’s another story but this was a unique place albeit in need of some upgrades. Today it’s gone. That makes me sad and I’m not even originally from Las Vegas. I have a strong dislike of land developers destroying places like this in the name of the almighty dollar. Others call this “progress”. Bullshit.

I Checked In…

To the hospital early this morning. Yesterday a sharp pain suddenly happened in my left side. This morning the pain was too much, was doubled over with pain so I drove my butt to the local hospital.

Probably shouldn’t have been driving! Long story short, I have a new kidney stone! I had one back in 1995, I remember it too well. Tomorrow morning the doctor will place a stent inside me so the stone can if wants, pass but it’s not likely.

SO, when I finally make it home to lovely Las Vegas Saturday I’ll have to call my primary care doctor for an appointment with a urologist to have the stent removed and I’ll set up an appointment to have Lithotripsy done again.

Lithotripsy  pulverizes the stone so it passes easily. Wish me luck, friends!

Porking Out

According to my spell check and an online dictionary, Porking is not a word. Bullshit. It’s interesting to watch people stuffing their faces in restaurants isn’t it? So many different shapes and sizes of bodies in there. Some skinny, others bulbous. Me? I’m somewhere in between honestly… I’m no toothpick myself. The omlette was really good…

That little boy below porked down a huge piece of cake in record time. Porker.

Shitty Drivers

This is an iPhone photo from my days working at U Haul. I think this truck was returned to my location but it was rented at another location. In any case, this is the net result of allowing people who have zero experience driving larger vehicles behind the wheel of these taller trucks. I hope the driver signed up for the insurance…

This crap reminds me of the many moronic drivers in Las Vegas Valley who’ve zero business behind the wheel of anything except perhaps a child’s plastic car. People should remember that driving is in no way a right! Driving is a privilege, and one that can be taken away from you under certain circumstances. I know from personal experience, something that I’ll never discuss in this space. You folks know who you are…

The Old Timer

This old timer is probably long gone now as Bonnie Springs Ranch is long gone. Bullshit. Wouldn’t it be so creepy if his eyes turned to look right at you?

I Feel Ripped Off


For several weeks now I’ve been dealing with tooth repair in the form of oral surgery and also at the dentist office. I signed up for dental insurance late last year, for this year knowing that I was going to have these surgeries done. Yesterday I received a letter from my insurance provider that my submissions for dental coverage have all been denied. Denied? Why?

According to the letter, my coverage for these services doesn’t kick in for one full year! In the meantime, the company was continuing to take my extra $30.00 per month for the supposed dental coverage. I was and still am seriously pissed off! I’m on the hook for the full amount, thanks very much, assholes. Our medical insurance system in our country is a farce.

I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again – the time has come for the States to change to the same medical coverage system that Canada and the United Kingdom have been using. NO system is perfect, the systems used by these countries is by no means perfect but I believe that it works far better than the f****ing system we have today, thanks to the assholes in Virginia.

Today I called the rat bastards and removed the faux coverage from my plan. Hey provider, **** you!

Scorpions: The Assault Continues

If you’ve followed this blog long enough then you already know that I’ve had a continuing problem with scorpions inside and outside of my home this summer. Early this morning, I found this tiny scorpion stuck on one of several sticky pads laying on the floor in key areas around my home. He’s really tiny, they are the worst to be stung by as the venom is more potent.

I used the new Tamron 60mm Macro lens for these photos. I really love this macro lens, without it I’d never capture the tiny hairs protruding from the head area of this evil tiny demon. This home has been sprayed both inside and out for any form of bugs on a regular basis, apparently it’s just not enough to stomp them out. I’ve been shining most nights outside for them too, usually kill one or two outside.

Idiots With Guns

My buddy back in Michigan sent me this video overnight. I told him that I’ve seen 99% of these videos on that show called Ridiculousness on MTV. I’m about done with anything MTV today by the way because of the nasty so-called reality TV shows they run today. Gross images of people swapping spit and disease. MTV is a promotional tool for Anarchy and sexual promiscuity as far as I’m concerned.

That said, the show I mentioned has run these videos of pure stupidity on public display by people who obviously have zero business handling guns. In the very first video, notice where the guy’s finger is – on the trigger! Idiot. I’ve had plenty of training with handling and firing guns back in Michigan over the years. Rule one: Never, ever touch that trigger unless you intend to discharge the weapon!

Left To Rot

Here’s a lovely abandoned home I passed by today. So attractive! It’s been like this ever since I’ve lived in Vegas… Land is basically indestructible so the land is likely worth more than the structure.

A Couple of Thoughts

Yesterday I had a pedicure done by my usual lady named Holly. I’m sure Holly isn’t her real name as she’s a Vietnam immigrant. In Las Vegas it’s normal to see entire families involved in the Mani and Pedi business. She did her usual wonderful work on my feet. Being diabetic, I take foot and hand care extremely seriously! Who want’s a foot or hand cut off?

Today I visited again, this time just to clean up my hands which took her about fifteen minutes as promised. During the process, she took each of my hands, one at a time, interlocking her fingers with mine. This was the moment I realised that she, this little Vietnamese woman was the first woman who had held my hands since the divorce now four years ago.

I began to snicker a little with that thought. She, in her best possible English, asked me what’s up. I told her that she’s the first woman to hold my hands in four years. We both got a laugh out of this! And so did one lady customer setting not too far from me. I put my hands up and said hey, it’s the truth!

Yeah, yours truly is great at foot and hand care but when it comes to meeting women? I’m still practically mortified. It’s too risky. It’s too scary! That said, I’m a hermit and love being at home but do love getting out and about with my camera obviously! Should I meet a gal friend someday, she may not like the fact that I’ll never marry again.

Nor would I grant access to my bank account. Ever. That’s the way it’ll be, don’t like that? Bye. See? I am now a bachelor until death do I part. After three marriages, it’s three strikes and I am OUT!

A Gripe About The Police

A couple days ago whilst heading home from the long ride around the Spring Mountains and passing through Pahrump, when I arrived back in Las Vegas, I noticed two Las Vegas Metro officers on their Harley’s. Yes, they ride the best. Both officers passed me, moving in almost perfect sync. When they passed me, the bike on the right came what must have been within fifteen foot of my truck. Now this really pissed me off. WTF, officers?

I was rather livid over this for a few hours. Why? Because I believe it was a damned reckless thing to do. Also, I’ve seen too many officers in cars and on bikes failing to use the turn signals whether changing lanes or making an actual turn. If you and I do this, we get a ticket, a fine and possibly lawyer and court fees to pay.

So then, what do the hypocrites get when they do this? Nothing! That’s bullshit in it’s purest form. Further, as I entered the two fifteen freeway, these two jokers blasted by everyone heading north. In a few moments. they were far far ahead of the lot of us who had entered the freeway at the same time. How is it that cops can go 80mph in a 65mph zone legally?

That’s hypocritical bullshit officers! Unless they were on an actual emergency call or chasing some nutter, they had zero business going so fast. There were no sirens or strobes switched on on either of the police bikes. When I saw what they were doing, I too sped up to eighty miles per hour. These two cops set a shitty example for the public.

Should I have tried to report them? Yeah right. If it even got sort of kind of done, all these cops will get is basically a slap on the wrist. So, the lesson here is that the police are hypocrites who operate above the laws of the state of Nevada. And we the little peons best behave or we’ll get squashed by the damned Gestapo with fines and other costs. Bullshit is bullshit no matter how you slice it.

Unlawful to Abandon Animals?

This sign shouldn’t even be here. It wouldn’t be here in a perfect or better world but people actually do this terrible thing. It’s sickening! I suggest abandoning the humans who do this cruel thing out here in the scorching Mojave Desert. Justice will be served, enjoy your death…


Along this road were many more people than this with shopping carts loaded with whatever had been collected by these homeless folk. The irony of it. Drive a bit either way, you’ll see the Vegas Strip in very sharp contrast. This should never be in our country, it’s complete bullshit. Look closely at the sign too…

Public Storage

This company has locations all around the valley. As I drive through my neighborhood, I see many garages absolutely stuffed front to back with junk. Or what looks like junk to me. May I suggest to you my neighbors that you can clean out all of your hoarding spoils to a paid storage unit? This would make it possible to use the space for it’s intended purpose! I’m what is called a Minimalist. Don’t need it? Be gone!

Where The Deer Leap

This photo isn’t much to look at but I know the history of this little piece of road. Over the decades, my father and some friends have hit deer that have leapt out of the Cedar Swamp on either side of the road. It’s a major blind spot as the swamp and trees are so dense, it prevents any driver from knowing that there is a deer near the edge of the road, ready to leap onto the road and commit suicide. Deer are pretty and frankly very tasty when prepared properly. But those little deer brains never get any smarter as the years roll by. One by one they crash cars, injure people then sometimes die in the process. Such smart animals…

Oh The Green!

Sooo much green, it was a green overload for me! Green is everywhere high in the mountains around Las Vegas, the valley has the palm trees and shrubs that are green too of course but the sheer quantity of green was like WOW! I’m no longer used to seeing so much green. Mid Michigan has seen so much rain this spring that the Mosquitoes are enjoying a total bumper crop this summer. I was vigilant in keeping the little bastards off of me, got stung just twice! Skeeters are nothing but disease carrying skank!

Neon Museum 6

Here is round six from yesterday at the Neon Museum. I don’t know the story behind this true man of steel but he’s pretty cool. These photos show more than anything previous why using a phone camera sucks, there is sooo much Banding in them, and they weren’t captured clearly either. Jitter! I try to put forth my best photos each time I publish as an amateur photographer, but being forced to capture what I see as historically important subjects like this makes doing so rather frustrating and difficult. My Nikon please!

Naked Magicians and The Eiffel Tower

Here are a few more drive-by photos from yesterday. I wish there were better parking options along the Vegas Strip. The greedy casinos now charge we locals for parking which many of us think is a crock of shit. The best place I’ve found to park though not free is very near The Linq as it has a major outdoor parking lot, less chance for dents. Honestly, it’s the lack of good parking that stops me from going down there – my four year old truck is in mint condition, don’t want it damaged in a stupid parking lot. Call me weird but…