Into The Desert Heat

I took a drive out of the city for a little while today to the usual places I like to visit, please excuse the redundancies. Today there was much less traffic out there than the last trip out about one month ago which is great. There is usually a little less traffic in summer due to the heat, but it’s even less now which I suspect that damn virus is responsible for.

Without a zoom lens, it’s very difficult for me to capture good photos of those sweet little Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. Only one attempt to photograph one was slightly useable. This amateur photographer can’t justify $2600 bucks for that 70/200mm zoom lens for the Nikon Zed 6 lens. Unless someone wants to help with the cost, haha!!

This is round one of about sixty photos taken today. While outside in the sunshine, I grabbed a couple photos of the truck with the new wheels for insurance purposes as suggested by my local insurance dude. It was very hot out there, even at 3200+ feet above sea level!

Desert Wildflowers

I have zero idea what plant this is but they grow wild around the desert. This plant was photographed in Calico Basin the other day. Others were drawn to it too, wondering what the heck is this wonderful flower saying ooooh and ahhhh!

Little White Buds

That’s what I call them, possibly not the correct name but this is a Creosote Bush. Each year, right on time, these cute little fluffy buds come to life. Why the bush has this name I don’t know.

To me, creosote is something you never want in your chimney as it’s terribly flammable and can burn your home down!

I’ve seen a creosote fire in a chimney once years ago, the fire and sparks were flying high out of the chimney, and the fire had a bit of a roar to it. Seriously dangerous!

Mr. Bunny Makes a Run For It!

This morning, I was so surprised and happy to see this wonderful little bunny! I was concerned that he or she might get the crunch though by a dumb driver not paying attention. Gladly, this sweet bunny made it across the warm pavement and found shade under a Creosote Bush!

No Picnic

Visiting Calico Basin yesterday, I found the picnic tables all wrapped in the plastic tape as though it were a crime scene. You can walk past them though, and on to the boardwalk higher up. The virus knows every inch of the planet…

Westward Out of The City

After picking up some needed medications, I headed west on Sahara Avenue and eventually connected with Charleston Boulevard which will take you out of the city proper. Hello Calico Basin, it’s been a while. It’s so wonderful to be out of the house again!

Popcorn Bird

This little cutie was photographed in Calico Basin about one year ago during one of my jaunts into the desert. It’s a fun place to photograph both birds and those cute little Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. I did not feed the bird the popcorn, nor would I feed them bread, it’s not good for them! I want to head back out there, it should be no problem but it’s comfy at home.

Wild Flowers in Calico Basin

Two oldies of yellow wildflowers in Calico Basin located west of Las Vegas several miles. A favorite place for photography and hiking as well as rock climbing. I’ve seen countless cars from the States and Canada that have apparently come to this rock climbers paradise.

Welcome to The Show!

Here is a different angle on our famous Las Vegas sign as I call it with zero people in the image! In the other image. I am westbound on Charleston Boulevard just outside of the city. The Red Rock Escarpment is seen just left of centre and several miles away from my location.

The Escarpment is a faultline.

A Mojave Desert Storm

Here are three old photos from I don’t know when! Perhaps three years ago but one was taken at the Red Rock Canyon Scenic Overlook, the other in Calico Basin. The third image I don’t know where that one was taken. Rain and thunderstorms in the desert are beautiful to behold.

Canyon View

This view is very close to the actual Red Rock Canyon which is a seriously deep gash in the earth. The rocks have such nice red colors though.

The Idiot

This video is about two years old, taken at the Calico Basin parking area. It’s quite obvious this idiot is on some serious drugs! And I certainly don’t blame the woman for having an attitude!

On The Food Hunt

I suppose your tired of seeing these adorable tiny squirrels in this space but  I just love them! Always zipping about, turning over the dirt hunting for whatever they can find to eat. In this case, someone had tossed a bit of bird seed or whatever it is out there for them. I think peanuts are a no-no for them though if I recall correctly. These photos are heavily cropped but still held together.


So Far I’m Very Pleased!

This morning I headed out of the city for my usual haunts around Red Rock Canyon, stopping at my favorite locations. While I am still learning the camera settings, the Nikon Z6 series is a hit with me. The clarity of the images is superiour to the Nikon D3300 but I guess it should be with the advances in technology and the fact that this camera is mirrorless.

That is to me what makes the largest difference. I used P mode almost exclusively, and manual focus as well. The Auto Focus or AF often won’t lock in clearly on some subjects. Some of the lenses I used on the D3300 body had the option for manual or auto focus which I did use both but this camera seems to work or like the manual focus mode better.

Much more to come, I’m looking forward to processing the Landscape photos.