New Photos From A Desert Cruise

Here are ten new photos from today during a short cruise to my favorite local places out there that some of you also recognise. It’s just a bit cooler out there since it’s higher, how much higher I am not sure. What do you think? These are in my view the best of the thirty photos I took. It’s currently 105F under a very sunshiny sky.

The sky is that blue…

North and Southwest

In the first photo, you are looking southwest at an ancient fault line or escarpment if you wish. As far as I know, this fault line has been dormant for a very long time. If you could fly, rising over the ridge and continuing west would land you in Lovell Canyon, another beautiful place I haven’t been to in a long time.

In photo two you are looking almost north and at Red Rock Canyon proper. You can’t see it in the photo because it’s basically a huge gash in Earth’s skin and is very deep. You need to be in front of it to see it. It’s a favorite for tourists and locals alike. The canyon is inside the BLM Fee area so you’ll need to fork over some cash to enter.

In 2020, you had to make an appointment with the BLM to enter the 12-mile long scenic drive due to Covid.

Desert Photos With The 50mm Lens

I left the house around nine this morning, headed south then west on Charleston Boulevard for my favorite photo locations. I did get some cute photos of the Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels too, those will be uploaded later.

This is the first time I’ve tried this lens for landscape photos and I have to say that the lens performed better than I expected. I love the fact that this lens can make the transition from landscapes to almost macro photos, Amazing.

It’s cooler today with the temperature hovering around 99 but it was just slightly cooler in the canyons as it’s higher than down here where my home is at 2800 feet above sea level.