Just A Bit More Cuteness

Here are the last of the photos that were taken yesterday in a very windy, blustery Calico Basin. And what do I see when I woke up before the sun today? My palm trees swaying like crazy people outside. Damn, another windy day? I don’t mind the winter windstorms, but they can get annoying. Mostly sunny and 68 is forecast for today.

Calico Basin Cuties

After receiving my first dose of the Covid vaccine this morning, I headed west out of the city for some photos. It was overcast which is not my favored lighting for photography. I only wanted to get a few more photos of these cute Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels, success. If only the damn wind would stop blasting!

Snow Squalls Blow Over The Ridge

This morning I headed back out to the open desert for some landscape photos since the weather called for snow showers at higher elevations. I was well rewarded for the trip out there. I brought the 200mm lens along but never used it since the 24/70mm was doing a dandy job with its wider angle.

I did stop by Calico Basin for some (redundant) squirrel photos, but the little buggers were apparently hiding from the strong, very cold wind. Just one brave squirrel came out from the thick bushes to grab a peanut I threw out. Even the little birds were not interested in coming out to play.

Smart little birds and squirrels! It really was quite cold up there, all I had on was a Tee and light jacket, oops.

I will upload a few more landscapes tomorrow with the snow coming over the ridge of the escarpment, or fault line. Since my Instagram account is now dead, I have thought about my posting schedule here on the blog. Things seem different now for the blog, so, what I am going to do now is upload just twice per day.

I fully admit to uploading too much which has made it somewhat difficult for folks that follow this blog to keep up with the busy schedule I’ve used for a long time now. I hope this change will help my visitors! I will be looking around for another platform for my photography to reside at too, which will take some time to figure out.

I hope you like this next set of photos, thanks for stopping by!

They Are Just Too Cute!

I hope you aren’t tired of these photos taken at Calico Basin, but they are so sweet. I want one for a pet! These are the last photos of them, for now. Sunshine and 68F is the forecast today, I will take it! πŸ˜‚πŸŒžπŸŒ΄

Exiting The City

After jumping on the 215 south, I exited at Charleston Boulevard westward. From that point, it’s just a couple miles or so to the edge of the city proper. You just pop out into the beautiful wild desert. From there, it’s several miles until you reach those mountains that run north-south.

Perhaps A House Finch?

I photographed this sweet little bird yesterday in Calico Basin. My best guess after searching online is that he/she is a House Finch. In any case, these little birds are so sweet, they make me happy inside! Do you know its name?