Just West Of Town

Just west of town in the open desert as I call it is where I ended up this morning. It’s that wonderful time of year when the summer heat is fading away, and the nights are in the mid to upper 60s. I took a short walk too around Calico Basin. I snapped around sixty photos today, here are just three to begin this little series. These photos are from 50mm Nikkor.

The Panoramic Spin

Here is a video from the drone I no longer own a few years ago just west of the city. There is no audio and I think the drone was at 400 feet when the video was recorded. The main road you see is Charleson Boulevard. You can also see Calico Basin, a favorite location for photographing birds and Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels. To the west, you can see the Red Rock Escarpment covered up with clouds too. The video length is just 46 seconds.