Calico Basin

Visual Perspective

Looking southwest you see a small portion of the Red Rock Escarpment and a few cars, the owners likely on a hike out to the edge of the escarpment. I’ve hiked this before, a tough one for my compromised back…. Read More ›

Pushed Up

In the distance rising steeply is the Red Rock Escarpment. The escarpment is a fault line formed millions of years ago, here it is seen from several miles east near Calico Basin. This is an old photo of mine…

Northbound Grunge

In this re-worked photo you are headed north on Charleston Boulevard. The overlays really alter the mood… Perhaps the 1890’s but with a modern road.


I over-processed this photo deliberately… Whoa, that color! Maybe Mars with a blue sky 😂

Hiding in Calico Basin

It would be a good place to hide, among the Creosote bushes and others… Those roofs are covers over picnic tables and charcoal grilles. I wanted to photograph the cute little birds and Golden Mantled Ground Squirrels that like to… Read More ›

Don’t Bother Me!

While in Calico Basin today I stopped on the road for this photo as there were very few people around due to the heat. It just seems to work like this every summer, and I love the lack of traffic…. Read More ›

The BLM Fire Truck

Today at Calico basin I was chatting with a Volunteer Fireman about the great upgrades that have been done with the Red Spring Boardwalk. It’s been completely rebuilt, a good thing as the old one was rather rickety. This BLM… Read More ›