Horse On The Loose

Imagine what could happen should this larger-than-life horse actually gets loose and runs onto Charleston Boulevard? The carnage… He’s at the north entrance to a large and very high-end neighborhood. The pigeon is giving you a great glamor shot, isn’t it?

The photo of the rollercoaster locate at New York, New York is also about three years old. The high temperature today will reach only 99 degrees and believe me, you can feel the difference. Have a great Sunday!

The Old Zoom Lens

I can kind of kick myself in the bum for selling the lens that captured these much closer and cleaner-looking photos of the Strip. Another, longer zoom lens than I have now will of course set me back a bunch of green. Oops! The current lens is a Nikkor 18-140mm size. Oops. 😂

Difficult To Work With

This morning I pulled out the SSD external backup drive for my photography and came across these oldies from 2017. My photography is gladly a little better these days, the HDR application on the MacBook couldn’t do anything to improve them so this is what you get!

The busy road heading west from my location on the dirt curb is Lake Mead Boulevard looking west to the foothills across the valley. The tall building standing alone is the Red Rock Casino and Hotel, a very lovely place located many miles west of the Vegas Strip.

The snowcapped mountain is our beautiful Mount Charleston which stands at 11,916 feet high.  I love our mountains! Could you live in Las Vegas? I am your guide!

The NFL Draft in Las Vegas, 2022

I rarely view any television news but did so this afternoon to get the scoop on the goings-on on the Las Vegas Strip. I watched two TV stations’ coverage as the big day approaches tomorrow. It’s true what they said on the TV, no city in the world can host big events like Las Vegas can!

There’s even a large stage that’s temporarily I’m sure built over a portion of the water of the famous Bellagio Hotel Fountain. The announcer said that as many as 600,000 out-of-state people may show up for this huge event. Now, as a local, I very rarely visit the Strip because it’s always chaotic enough.

Imagine adding 600,000 more bodies into an already crowded area that is getting busier now because of the coronavirus apparently fading away which is fantastic of course. As for yours truly, I live here so nothing changes! There’s no bloody way I would go anywhere near that mega crowd! Image source.

Unfortunately for these people, the wind tomorrow will be gusting over forty miles per hour!