The Vegas Strip, The Mountains

These photos are from the Nikon yesterday. We Vegas locals seem to generally avoid the Strip because it’s so crazy and for me, it’s the ridiculous parking issue. It’s too bad really because I imagine all of the great photos I could capture down there… Oh well.

Using Up The Old Stuff

Certain photos seem to fall through the cracks so to say and are left hiding in desktop folders, here are three of them. I would love to have one of my 20-mile bike rides today since it’s sunny but the wind has really picked up once again and it’s in the 40s too. Damn… Think 110F degrees!


I took this iPhone photo the other day to send to the family. I’m amazed at the clarity of the original, unprocessed image. Usually, iPhone photos deteriorate when trying to shoot a long-range image like this. At the end of the day though, they are pretty ordinary photos…

A Warped Strip

There are many functions in my photo software apps that I never use, here is one of them. The Vegas Strip looks like its buildings are drunk and falling over. Gee, how much does this happen in Sin City with its tourists? Sunny and just 69 chilly degrees are in store for the city today, brrrr! Click the pic.

The Las Vegas Strip With Distant Thunderstorm

Taking a quick ride to the store this afternoon, I stopped by my favorite place to photograph the strip. The thunderstorm beyond was causing flash flooding in Searchlight which is well south of Las Vegas on the 95 freeway. The storm was moving north, I haven’t had a flash flood warning for my area of the valley yet. I used the Nikkor 200mm lens on the NikonZ50 body.

Mom and Pop Gaming

Molly’s is just one of a few independent gaming companies around the valley, to me, they are mom-and-pop operations which is something I support, but not the gambling aspect. In my nine years here I have deposited not one red cent into any machine, my money stays in the bank! Partly cloudy and 108 are forecast for today, yet another scorching day. The tree company will be here at 7:30 this morning to prune my palm trees, finally! Pictures are coming of course. Oh, they are here now! Here are some photos, much better!