A Vegas Strip View

In this image, I am over ten miles west of the Las Vegas Strip looking east. There is about one-third of the strip that isn’t in the image to the south or to the right from this location on a slope on the western side of the valley. Behind me is the Lamdre’ Mountains and Red Rock Canyon.

Primm and Ivanpah

Primm, Nevada is right on the Nevada and California border and about forty minutes south of Las Vegas on the fifteen freeway. It’s a small place with a couple casinos and a fuel station. Last chance for fuel for a long way south!

Ivanpah is a huge solar plant which I personally dislike as much as those ugly wind turbines.

The bright glow is light from the thousands of mirrors focusing on the top of one of three towers that heat water and make steam which generates electricity. Good old coal, hydro and oil are much better, tried and truly dependable power sources for we humans.

The Spires of Excalibur

This is a really different photo, I love the colors and architecture of the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. When I first moved to Las Vegas, the now Ex and I attended that really fun show they have very often where it’s Jousting and other fun things in the program to watch while you are served the most unusual foods. Foods that were made back in the day. The waitresses wear period correct costumes too, I recommend a visit when the world restarts. I’m not sure where I was exactly when I took the shot but it was taken with the old Nikon D3300 body.

The Face of Bellagio

The Bellagio is so far my favorite place along the Strip, when this virus has run it’s course I should head back down there for some photography, but I best ask first about using a full size, real camera inside rather than an iPhone ten. I’ve been told before that my Nikon isn’t welcome, especially in the casinos which I understand why.

Some time last year I did a shoot at the Neon Museum which has a huge collection of signs which once lit up the Strip long ago. It as really fascinating! I brought the old Nikon D3300 with me but was told I couldn’t use it there.

I was pretty well shocked. The reason given was that in the past, a foreign company or photographer had brought a full size camera in, taken several high quality photos and took them back to Europe. Thanks, asswipe. He screwed everyone over, going forward. So my Nikon stayed at the front desk. Grrr! Visit the Neon Museum.

Circus Circus and The Stratosphere Tower

Here are some oldies from about three years ago taken on the Las Vegas Strip with the old Nikon D3300 body. I have never been inside the Circus Circus casino or hotel before but have been in the Stratosphere casino and to the top of the tower a few times. Honestly… That tower creeps me out big time because on a windy enough day it has a very perceptible sway to it!

Old Vegas Photos

I’m digging deep into my SSD to find something at least a bit interesting, I don’t know what year I took these actually. The steel roof photo is the top of the Federal Building, Downtown Las Vegas. The sunset photo is from somewhere around town and the baseball photo was taken on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Resort

The Red Rock Hotel and Casino is located on Charleston Blvd at the 215 freeway which is a long way from the Las Vegas Strip. More of a locals casino, it has all of the usual things inside including some really good dining places. If your in the area, stop by!

A Nice View of The Las Vegas Strip

I recorded this video with the iPhone one or two years ago departing Las Vegas for Michigan. The aircraft used a different runway this time that has a fine view of our very expensive Las Vegas Strip. Welcome to Sin City. We then gradually roll right for the northeast hop toward Michigan. This aircraft sounds like an Airbus A319 or A320, beautiful aircraft. I kinda love to fly!

Photo Perspectives of the Red Rock Hotel and Casino

I snapped these photos yesterday directly after shooting the Downtown Summerlin photos. The locations are directly next to each other. I wish I could take the new Nikon Z6 inside this casino, I think it’s beautiful inside as are so many venues like this around Las Vegas.

I view this hotel and casino as being a Locals casino because it’s located all the way to the west side of Las Vegas Valley, nearly up against the western slope, no where near the Las Vegas Strip.

I’ve taken some very sneaky iPhone photos inside before but I always feel guilty as your really not supposed to do this, especially in the Gaming areas.

Visiting Downtown Summerlin 2

Here is the second set of photos that were taken this morning. Three of six photos are converted to black and white, I did some fancy cropping and balancing with the ‘wing’ photo. This place is a serious shopping destination for women in my not so humble opinion. There are shops that sell so many different types of women’s clothing. And just walking along I was intoxicated with the scent of pizza and other foods cooking away as they prepare for the lunch crowd. Mmmm delish!

East, North or South?

Your looking east here from a few hundred foot above the valley floor. Behind me are some small foothills at around three thousand feet or so. Which way will you choose? Head north, hop off at Ann Road, there are some great shopping opportunities and food options.

Head south, you’ll come to Red Rock Hotel and Casino at Charleston Boulevard along with great food and shopping in Downtown Summerlin! If you like, I can be your tour guide LOL!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Overcast Strip

It’s been overcast and kind of gloomy all day today which makes me feel blah. Even the Las Vegas Strip seems sad and gloomy seen from several miles away… The 24-70 lens did a good job here.

Vdara, Cosmo and Aria

Three of many players along our Las Vegas Strip. It’s kind of funny that I have lived in this city nearly seven years yet very rarely visit the Vegas Strip. The place is just too damn crazy busy for me, creepy people and too many drunks! Would you visit the Strip more if you lived here?


The Rio

Here is a three year old Black and White taken along Flamingo Road, just east of the Vegas Strip. This photo was taken with the Nikon D3300. Have been to the Rio? I haven’t!

Along Durango Road

Along Durango Road this morning I snapped these on the way to the pharmacy. It’s a bit overcast today but at sixty degrees, I’ll take it! Considering a walk this afternoon, back later.