A Random Mix

From 2018, I offer you a real mixed batch of photos this afternoon. The desert photos are from the east side of  Las Vegas Valley, one looking down into the valley, the other looking east into the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The photo of the Whizzer bike was taken with the iPhone on a summer trip back home to Michigan. The couple doing the pee-pee dance is inside a Jimmy John’s restaurant. And the Luxor Hotel photo was of course taken on the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Views, 2019

OK, moving along on this sad day I hope that these photos of my adopted city will give you a grin anyway. The sign that says Lone Mountain is on the southbound 215 freeway with great views of the Las Vegas Strip. The mountain you see is on the east side of the valley and is called Frenchman Mountain. The kid holding the sign is somewhere on Sahara Avenue. This is one year before the terrible virus hit our world, no one could have known except God.

These photos are via the old Nikon D3300 body