Linq Pod

This older image from about two years ago has been in this space before but it looked a bit different. I’ve tweaked the color depth a bit. The photo was taken in the parking lot from roughly one thousand feet away. I used iColorama to create the swirling effect. By the way, there are no toilets in those pods so then watcha gonna do when the urge hits ya? 😂

A City Shut Down

This photo was taken today during a quick joyride. Will Las Vegas ever be the same? I’m glad I was able to be here to experience the city before corona was let loose upon the world. Evil.

Not a good photo without a telephoto lens…

Inside the Bellagio

Here are two old photos from long before the evil virus came to Las Vegas. The Bellagio is my favorite venue along the Strip. Today’s forecast is for sunshine and 108 degrees, the same tomorrow but with 109 degrees. That’s a hot summer!