Wanna Go For A Cruise?

I can’t sit in the house all day, it’s just too beautiful outside so off I go for a ride. No particular direction, just go. The purpose of this blog has always been to show people the other side of this city, Las Vegas isn’t just about those greedy casinos that basically steal your money. I show people what I see as the real Las Vegas.

The places that we locals see every day. The funny thing to me is that I’m not the only valley resident that avoids the Strip, it’s too crowded with looney tourists for me. Anyway, these photos are all via the new 50mm Nikkor lens. So far, this lens has been very enjoyable to use, so different from the telephoto lenses I’m used to.

Nevadans and Box Houses

Well, up goes yet another overpriced house with all the elegant shapes of your standard box! If I had this kind of cash on hand, I’d not buy this box. The other image is exactly true. I believe that when many folks think of people that live in this valley, they conjure up images in their head about doing nothing but gambling all the time. While that’s sadly true for some folks here, it’s just not my modus operandi. In 9 years here, I’ve never once put one red cent into one of those bandits. Look at the resorts here, obviously, these owners don’t need my money!