A Simple Breakfast

Good morning! I woke up at six AM and thought about whipping up some eggs and toast. The eggs needed to be used up anyway so here it is, so simple and delicious! You’ll notice that I’ve stopped making them over-easy. Wrecking them is much faster anyway. There are four eggs on the plate, my toaster only makes two slices at a time or I’d have four slices! Today promises sunshine and ninety degrees, not bad for October!


I whipped up lunch a bit early today, this pound of ground round needed to be cooked up before it went bad. I was being lazy and skipped the backyard grill too. It’s only ninety today though, not too hot for grilling!

Chili Fries and Chicken with Chips

For lunch today, I decided to pan-fry this single chicken breast instead of baking it. Frying seems faster but it always comes out a bit dry whereas baking it in the Breville keeps it really moist and juicy. No big deal though, just add your favorite BBQ sauce or Heinz 57 sauce. Yummy! I whipped up that nasty looking but so dang delicious plate of chili fries late last night. It really was good, I promise! Nobody goes hungry here!

Lower Sodium Chili

I finished the last batch of chili off a couple of days ago and happened to be in the grocery store this morning, so you can guess what I grabbed! There was an abundance of low-sodium ingredients this time so I went that route. After spicing it up a bit, the lack of sodium was obvious, so I did put one pinch of salt in the pot.

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Baked Turkey Kielbasa

This Kielbasa needed to be cooked up, so I popped it in the Breville oven late last eve. It’s a bit too salty but still really delicious! It made a tasty breakfast too. On a different note – I had an appointment at then this morning to have my permanent crown installed. I showed up on time, the crew got to work on this.

After several minutes of trying to fit the crown, the assistant called in the doctor. Guess what? The damn crown doesn’t fit as it should. Wonderful. To get the tooth ready for a different crown, I had to be numbed up again, and I despise this because I always bite the inside of my mouth which I’ve already done this morning.


This once again proves that we never know what each day will throw at us… It was tough eating lunch!