A Chicky Lunch

Chicky, or Chicky Wicky as my mother and I called it, always makes a dandy lunch. All I used for seasoning was chili powder, faux salt, and ground black pepper. Along the way, I added just a bit of water, then later a bit of extra-virgin olive oil, and kept the pan covered to seal in the moisture. A different way to cook thin-sliced chicky but man was this delicious! I miss you, mom.

Chicken Fried in Olive Oil

Now it’s time for a quick lunch in John’s kitchen! This is once again the thin-sliced chicken that I really love to cook since it cooks very quickly. For these breasts, I used Mrs. Dash’s salt-free seasoning, organic Oregano, a pinch of Italian seasoning, ground black pepper, and my faux salt substitute. Oh, and a pinch of poultry seasoning too. this is such a delicious lunch, just add a veggie and bingo, such a delicious lunch! I’m out of here to take a slow drive on this beautiful, warm day.

Peanuts and Pumpkin Seeds

Looking for better-snacking options, I purchased this large bag of delicious pumpkin seeds from Amazon about a month ago. Looking to reduce my sodium intake, I tossed a few food items yesterday as I am so sick of battling high blood pressure. These pumpkin seeds have about three milligrams of sodium, a completely irrelevant amount, the peanuts have zero sodium.

How can I get the No Salt substitute to stick to the dry, smooth peanuts? Easy, just boil some water, place the peanuts in a colander, and place on top of the steaming pot just long enough to coat the peanuts with a fine coat of condensed water.

Quickly, add the No Salt to the moistened peanuts and stir them to mix them up. Next, pour them into a bowl and add the pumpkin seeds. Mix the peanuts and seeds together and that’s all there is to it. You have a really delicious (to me) extremely low sodium snack that is both tasty and very good for your innards. Hey man, I’m trying to get my diet under control! 😂😎