Two Roach Coaches

Back in the day at my job one of these mobile kitchens would pull into the shop with plenty of food freshly made, but the food wasn’t always that good either, hence the name Roach Coach came about. Mmmm roaches!… Read More ›

Frozen Dinner

Late last night I used up the last of a bag of frozen crinkle-cut fries and heated up these frozen chicken and broccoli things which are actually very delicious! Imagine that – frozen dinners that are actually good!

The Nutmobile

Coming out the grocer yesterday I say the Nutmobile again! I saw this funny thing a few months ago somewhere else in the valley. And guess what? I loooove peanuts! As long as they are unsalted of course which is… Read More ›

That First Bowl…

That first bowl was sooo delicious that I was totally compelled to ladle up another bowlful of chicken soup deliciousness! For this big pot I chose to not add any spice at all which is usually just ground black pepper… Read More ›

A Late Night Burger

A couple nights ago I had some serious munchies going on so I took two store-made burger patties and mashed them together to create one big mega burger. As you can see in the photos, it was a chunky burger… Read More ›