Me, Reflected

Yesterday, it was actually cool enough to have a seat in the backyard for a bit, yay! I haven’t sat there in a long time, nor used the Weber grille for many months now due to the heat.

When it’s one hundred ten degrees outside, nobody wants to be standing in front of a two hundred plus degree fire! And the weather today?

Currently, it’s ninety-eight with a pretty good wind blowing which is for me, still not grilling weather. I miss burning beef and chicken on the grille, the flavours are so much better!

The goofy photo…

Almost Meatless

After the dentist visit today, I hit then local grocery to grab the proper items for another pot of deliciousness. The last was eaten for breakfast a couple days back. I forgot the damn beef this time, damn. I had two chicken breasts in the fridge that needed baked before they are no longer good.

So I grabbed those breasts and got tom work.

I cut up one entire breast into very small, and some not so small, pieces and added the meat to the pot. So far, so damn delicious! Of course, chicken meat is miles ahead of red meat in terms of the health benefits over red meat. The pot is cooling just now, after a longer than usual eight-hour slow-cook.

I expect total deliciousness tomorrow morning, perhaps a topping for breakfast or lunch or a snack tonight! 😊

Eggy Toasty

Eggy is not a word of course but it’s been a while since I made this simple meal, so this morning I whipped this up. I destroyed the eggs as the yolks broke. I think it’s time to make scrambled eggs instead. But it’s hard to dip toast into scrambled eggs, or wrecked eggs as I’ve always called them. Which is your favourite egg style? Over-easy or wrecked? Yum!