The Friendly Goose

This lone Canadian Goose was very friendly. At one point, the goose was so close that it had to be around three feet from my feet, and looking up at me as if to say hello, do you have something to eat? Those wonderful Canadians, always so friendly! I remember these geese as a child in Michigan, stay away when they have goslings.

A Peaceful Life

Looking at these photos from yesterday this early morning, it struck me just how much humanity can learn from the peaceful life and way of living these birds have. No worries except for the next meal and guys with cameras getting a bit too close to you. No coronavirus worries. No bills or taxes to pay. Only a peaceful, simple life.

Feel The Thump

This Canadian Goose wasn’t very far from the shoreline, neither was I when the bird reared up and flapped its wings several times. It had been splashing about taking a bath for a few minutes. Honestly, the sound of the wings was impressive as was the powerful thump that I could feel in my chest as those powerful wings moved so rapidly. These are large, powerful, and beautiful birds. Just keep an eye on the ground as you walk about the park. As a kid in Michigan, I’ve stepped on too much goose poop!

A Visit To Floyd Lamb Park

Good afternoon, this morning I decided to get out of the house for a couple hours and take a ride to Floyd Lamb Park. I’ve been there twice now, this park is far better than Sunset Park in terms of the number of birds there. You’ve got Coots, different kinds of ducks, and geese alongside the huge flocks of Rock Pigeons.

People are fishing in the different ponds, riding bikes, and enjoying the lovely day, some with a camera in hand like me. Downloading these photos to the MacBook, I noticed the total of all the files was 1.5G, that’s a lot of photos. So, this will be the next large set of photos for a couple days I guess, something like that, I hope you will enjoy the photos. 😎

The Boogie Squirrel

The 200mm lens wasn’t quite enough, but it did capture this Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel in action as it ran really fast for the Creosote bushes nearby. They and the Mourning Doves I think they are were gobbling up some bread that someone had tossed recently. But please, feed these critters the proper seeds or similar. Bread has no nutritional value for these critters.

Ducks, Coots and Mountain Views

Alrighty, here’s the next set taken today while on the way to, and on the way home from, the pharmacy. I had run out of Metformin, that wonderful, time-tested drug that controls my diabetes.

As much as I detest these damned drug companies and their never-ended onslaught of television commercials, I am grateful for the research and availability of this drug that keeps me alive.

I stopped and hopped out of the truck to get the photo of the ducks and coots, as soon as I got to the end of the truck bed, an actual flock of Rock Pigeons flew right at me, some were so close to my head that I could actually feel the air being disrupted as the birds passed by me. Cripe, I could have literally reached out and grabbed them!

Sorry, no food from me you little bastards! πŸ˜‚