The Duck Posse

On the way back home early this morning, I stopped along the lake to photograph this posse of ducks. Not the best photos, I didn’t want to hop out of the truck.

It was amusing to watch the lot of them all moving toward me at once. This tells me that there are bad humans around whom are feeding these ducks. Bad humans, bad!

The colors are off a bit off in these photos

This Makes Me Sad…

After arriving back home this morning and having my tacos, I had a walk to the backyard to water the surviving Lantana. I noticed something out of place near the table and chairs.

I found this sweet little bird laying dead. My best guess is that the poor bird didn’t know the glass on the bedroom window was there. I gave the bird a proper burial near one of the Sago Palms.

This sweet little bird deserves nothing less than a proper burial. 😔

A Bird Brain Meeting

Check this out, almost every time I stop in this location for the bank, there is a huge gathering of these Rock Pigeons. I wonder what is so attractive to them? Could it be the fast-food joint a stone’s throw away?

I never see anyone feeding them either. The world may never know, or care! I also stopped here to put some liquid Tire Shine on my tires too, I won’t do this in my garage as it can stain the concrete. So nice of me, aye?

Walking The Boardwalk

What a wonderful day this has been! My crown was cemented over tooth number 20 this morning, I then proceeded out of the city and back to Calico Basin for a walk.

This time, I just walked the Red Spring Boardwalk though, a much easier walk for my compromised heart. I took about two dozen photos, here are four of them for you.

Wild Donkeys

Some of you will remember these wonderful totally wild donkeys that roam the Mojave Desert not far outside of Las Vegas. I believe they are the descendants of donkeys brought here during the 1800s, perhaps having to do with the gold rush, or perhaps families moving westward.

In any case, they’ve been running wild and free for many generations. In one photo, a donkey seems to be preening the back of another donkey, so cute.

I’ve seen people feed them before, and that’s not only dangerous but completely illegal too. Should the BLM rangers catch you, you’ve just earned yourself a three hundred dollar fine!

And that’s how it should be in my opinion. The same fine applies to feeding the wild horses that roam freely here too. Wild horses also roam free high in the Spring Mountains.


This nasty critter got itself stuck on one of many sticky pads I have throughout my home. I always ask the pest control tech to leave a few extras for this purpose. There are four of these in the garage too, I take scorpions very seriously! I’ve never been stung as yet, but when I was married, my stepson was stung getting out of the shower.

That was a really bad experience for him. We took him to a satellite emergency room where he was given a rabies injection I think, which counters the scorpion’s sting. While they are nasty critters, humans need to remember that we have invaded their territory. They are a part of living in the Mojave Desert! I hope I never meet one in bed…

According to this link, this may be a Bark Scorpion.

At Downtown Summerlin Today Four

Here is the next set of five photos from yesterday. I think the bird is a Grackle? It let me get pretty close, but I also had the 24/200mm lens on the body. Gotta love that brilliant yellow-ish eye! I’m very colorblind…