Flying The Ledge

Hey! Here’s a video from yesterday where I was flying the little drone off a ledge and back up. doesn’t sound terribly exciting but hey, I’m a noob at piloting a drone. That’s my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it! It’s so enjoyable to have control of a drone. This video is a bit over two minutes, it’s OK if you don’t watch the entire video! 😎

Photos From 350 Feet

It has been a stormy twelve or more hours here in lovely Las Vegas as my Instagram account will show. Not sure why those videos haven’t made it up here but I’ve got much better video coming later today from the drone this morning.

I opted to stay well below the 400 foot legal ceiling today but wouldn’t it be cool to fly up to the bottom of the cloud deck? Illegal as hell for a drone and likely to run out of radio range! I hope your Sunday has been a delightful day.