As The Ball Dropped

As the ball dropped, I stepped outside and to the center of my street out front. Another lovely sunset over Las Vegas Valley and the Mojave Desert. I hope that you have had a wonderful, blessed Easter Sunday, my friends. 🙏🏻✝️

Fire Up That Grille!

This morning I had some thin-sliced chicken in the fridge that needed cooking before it expires so I fired up the Weber gas grille in the backyard and got to work. I just couldn’t resist eating some of it, now there’s about half of what I cooked left on the plate, so juicy and delicious! I hope your Easter has been wonderful. I’m watching a local church here online as I type this post up and process the photos. He is love, He is Jesus, my saviour.

The Sunset Forecast

It’s slowly getting closer to our scorching summer temperatures, one week at a time. Before we know it, it will be 110 degrees again. Can you handle the heat? Hey, that’s why we have air conditioning. Honestly, I believe that there would be far fewer people here if modern cooling systems weren’t invented.

I wonder what our native American people did to stay cool? Perhaps they moved high into the mountains in summer. In the nearby Spring Mountains, the temperature up there can be in the 70s and 80s while down here in Las Vegas Valley we are sweltering in up to 120F heat!

And this my friends has much to do with my remaining here five years ago after the bid D. Checking the weather on my phone this morning for two locations in Florida, Las Vegas was much warmer in the morning hours than west-central Florida. Oh, we have no hurricanes or tornadoes here in the Mojave Desert.

My Michigan hometown was at a chilly 32F but they’ve had the 50s and 60s recently which means it’s flip-flop season for the Michigan climate. Spray some seafoam treatment into your snowmobile engine’s cylinders, plug the air intake system up good to keep the varmints out, and be sure that the sled is off the ground.

Been there done that! It’s a very different life up there. I want to wish each of you a blessed Easter, He Is Risen!

Another Pharmacy Trip and Vaccine Scheduled

This morning I made yet another run to the pharmacy for a refill, pills, pills, and more pill refills. When I got back home, I did another daily check on the Clark County website regarding my eligibility. Well, it’s about time. They are now taking appointments for people in my age group who have underlying medical conditions. If you have followed the blog long enough, then you know I have Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Please pray for me! 😂

Just three photos from this morning with the Nikon and 24/70mm lens.

As The World Passes By

This photo is about two years old and taken in the wood near my old Michigan home. This dead oak tree was overdue to fall victim to the Stihl chainsaw. The video is certainly one made while heading to or from Michigan for another wonderful visit with my two babies, dad, and sister. Hopefully, our family will be able to reunite this coming June, over one full year since I have seen any of my family.

Watching the iPhone video, I felt as though so much of my life, my children’s life, and our family have been victims of an unseen foe that is incredibly deadly. A foe that all of mankind is desperately trying to destroy. The dead Oak represents the virus. The video taken over six miles above Earth represents the hope I have of our Lord returning triumphantly to redeem mankind. Be well, my friends.

The Two Defining Forces

My friend back in Michigan sent this to me yesterday, I find it’s well worth a post. After all, it’s almost Christmas, and He died for you and me! Thank you, Jesus, thank you, US Military servicemen and women!