In The Church Auditorium

Good afternoon people, I hope your Sunday has been great. I grabbed a sub after church and headed home for the day and what a beautiful day it is! The sunshine photo was taken early today in the backyard, the other photos were taken very quickly during the music which is always wonderful. The singers are different from week to week as is the drummer and sometimes the guitar players. The sound system is so fantastic!

The Auditorium

This is the auditorium where church service is held, it was wonderful to be back yesterday. As you can see, I like to get there early to get an aisle seat. Funny thing though, I tried to record a video of the band playing which is great by the way, but the phone just wouldn’t record. Why? I also tried to take more photos but the camera would not take the photos other than these two. Very odd, why would the camera not take the shots!

Sunshine and 91F today, a hot day in the valley!

Things From The Past

I’ve been collecting photos of old stuff like you see in the photos, how many can you identify? There must be a few visitors to my humble blog that won’t know what some of the items are! Today is the first time I’ve been back to church since the final divorce. I attended the same church that she and I attended. It was difficult. It was painful but also joyous because He Is Risen! I had a wonderful chat with a woman that I have never met before who must have been there by His design, more I can add but I’ll spare you, and no, not what your thinking. She is married! She can help me with my diet and more things I need to change. Happy Easter!

He Has Risen!

Wishing my Christian followers a very happy Easter, Jesus is the reason for Easter! Not little rabbits as the TV commercials and others would have you believe. A rabbit can’t save your soul… God bless! 🙏🏻

Sleeping On The Bridge

Once again, I came across a homeless person sleeping in a tent, this time the tent was on a pedestrian bridge over Summerlin Parkway. The man was apparently fully asleep, I just rode slowly on by feeling sad for this man. Why Lord? The other photo is of course a Bible verse near the front entrance of a large church and school. I did fifteen miles today and took a different way off of the usual trails I ride which means riding sidewalks occasionally. It’s so beautiful today with the low 70s and sunshine, yet another beautiful day in Las Vegas Valley! Sin City does have redeeming values…

Do You Believe?

I do and have been a believer for around forty years. I saw this sign early today while running errands. Sunshine and 64 windy degrees are on deck for today, the low to mid-60s will be here for the next several days which is wonderful!

Truths Of Days Of Old

In my view, if you remember these things then you are very lucky to have lived those years. The meme that mentions giving you something to cry about is related to a conversation I’m having with some brainwashed dolt on Instagram this morning. This person believes that disciplining your child is abuse.

My reply was that we grew up having respect for our parents, elders, and people in general. The politically correct army has brainwashed this poor bastard and I feel sorry for him. This kind of thinking will only lead to more anarchism. I am so grateful that I was born in 1960 and have such great parents and family. Amen.

He’s Coming Home!

Good Monday morning, friends! My father has been in the hospital for nearly a week down in Florida for reasons I won’t mention, but I am so grateful that my sister is there to be with him. Our family has been having a wonderful group text all morning about dad/grandpa finally getting out of the hospital. Dad is 93 years young and is one tough man, nothing stops him from moving forward in life! Fifty-nine degrees and mostly sunny is our forecast today, I’ll take it! I chose these older photos for this morning as for me, the blue sky represents the joy of my dad going home today!

More Thoughts On No Blockages

I want to mention a few things about yesterday’s experience this morning. First, I knew this was gonna kick my butt and that it did having slept nine hours which is very unusual for me but man that was nice! Laying on the very slender table in the procedure room which was super cold, the doctor doesn’t put you all the way under for this.

Rather, you feel drunk. Yeah, it was a fun experience in that sense! Your right arm is on a board that your wrist is turned over on and taped down to immobilise your wrist while the camera is being inserted into your artery. You can’t feel the camera moving inside you at all which is amazing to me. Thank God they didn’t have to use my groin!

Meanwhile, a lovely woman was injecting me with the happy medication, then suddenly one of the two male nurses, or whatever they are technically called, exposes my mid-section. I thought to myself “how incredibly embarrassing!” The woman explained to me that she sees this all day long, not to feel embarrassed. Well, I was!

A complete stranger seeing me naked! Ahhh the fun of hospital visits! When the procedure was going on, there was a very large screen to my left which made it easy to see what the doctor was doing. It was amazing to see my innards in such detail as the spine, the ribs, and the heart as it moved while the dye showed clearly the areas in question.

The entire procedure took about thirty minutes, done! This was a very interesting experience, one I won’t soon forget. Especially since there were zero artery blockages and that I was naked in front of a woman that I had never seen before until that thirty minutes. I sincerely hope that you, my friend never have to experience this!

Grateful. I feel incredibly grateful to the Lord that no blockages were found, no stents were needed, and that I have a new lease on life. It’s no fun walking around each day knowing that you could have a heart attack and drop dead at any moment. I feel very blessed and happy today. 🙏🏻

Insertion Point

More Late Night Palms

Essentially the same photos as the previous post late yesterday with more processing. Early this morning, I received a call from my sister. My first thought was that something had happened to my dad. Thank God, nothing was wrong with him! She was calling to check up on me regarding the diagnosis of two clogged arteries in my heart. I love you too sis!

We talked about my situation and dads too. We talked about the family and how we seem to have drifted apart from other family members, it’s not like it was in the sixties and the seventies. Some have passed, others have been swept up into the current of their daily lives as we all have been. Sis made me aware of my daughter’s husband in the hospital.

She (daughter) never told me to which I said I feel like an outsider sometimes. I’m not going to call her and be a jerk about that, rather how is he doing? At times like this, I wonder if staying here after the third and final divorce was a good decision. Yes, it was. But I also feel like I should be home in Michigan too, it’s a crappy situation to be in!

Matters Of The Heart

Well, it wasn’t good news from my cardiologist this afternoon. The CT scan of my ticker a few days ago has revealed that two of the three main arteries going into or from the heart have very bad blockages. Hence, the doctor ordered STAT what I think is called a catheterization which will lead to two stents likely be inserted into the affected areas.

Talk about a big shocker! I am a bit scared, not afraid to say so either. However, this procedure is common and has a great success rate so I am optimistic that this will turn out fine. Speaking with my family about this on the phone, people they know that have had this procedure always feel much better after it is done. My dad is getting a stent next month.

In the end, this is up to God and his plan for me, my faith is strong. I trust in Him! I’m not looking for sympathy by mentioning this, it’s private stuff but I simply want to share this with my online friends that I enjoy so much!