Mother and Son

Time changes everything, nothing ever stays the same. This photo shows my mother and I twenty nine years ago at my second wedding to my children’s mother. Since those days my two babies have become adults with their own lives,… Read More ›

Taking A Break

I will be taking a break from uploading any new photography until August 16th. This blog needs some serious attention in the Back End. In order to recover storage space, I will be deleting at couple thousand posts at minimum,… Read More ›

The Old Stone Church

Located in Lovely Lapeer, Michigan this old church is.. I’m not sure how old actually but it’s certainly not new. I left the image rather dark on purpose, it seemed to look better a bit darker…

Mother’s Bell

Hi mom, it’s me! I brought another one of your things back home with me from Michigan, I hope you don’t mind mom. I just want to keep you close to my heart. I miss you every day mom. ❤️