America Under Attack

Yesterday I was digging through my photo archives and came across this photo of Liberty that I took on the Vegas Strip a couple or so years ago.

As I was playing with the photo in an application, I had the thought that this somehow applies to America these days. We are under attack from a deadly virus.

We are under attack by groups of people rioting for various reasons that I won’t address. We are under attack by hurricanes and tropical storms.

America is no stranger to strife these days. Add to this, we are in a presidential election year.

America, today you are not the America I grew up in. America, I fear for your survival.

An Angel Over The Desert

Last eve I was having a cold one in the backyard and noticed this very large white angel, flying so high over the Mojave Desert. Do you believe in angels? I sure do! The other photo was taken two days ago near Bonnie Springs Ranch, or what’s left of it. I think another ride into the desert is in order, and soon!

Remembering Christmas 2019

Thinking this morning of what has happened since our family Christmas 2019 in Michigan, I think these color images turned grayscale fit the bill nicely. And what is yet to come? My family decided unanimously a couple of weeks ago to postpone our usual gathering in Michigan to June 2021.

I’m sad, I’m angry but there is zero anyone can do about the situation. It’s the smart decision, the right decision but it still sucks.

At this time, it’s already been over one full year since I’ve actually laid eyes on any of my family and it hurts. We stay in contact of course, but it’s just not the same but I’m grateful for the technology that allows us to stay in contact. These converted photos of home seem appropriate.

This Ski Doo’s For You!

Last night, I came across this fun old TV commercial for the Elan model Ski Doo, a sled that members of my family owned in the early 1970s when our family traveled to northern lower Michigan almost every weekend to ride hundreds of miles on our sleds, and always pulling a trailer sled that had all of the food and booze for a nice campfire late in the day. Those days of riding were great fun, so many wonderful memories! Sadly, most of those family members, aunts, and uncles have passed. They are gone now, yet they still and will live on in my heart.

The Lonely Horse

Not one child was seen in the park today where I photographed the Police Memorial, I’m still working on those images. Everyone I talk to about the virus has had well more than enough of this shit. It’s tough to keep a positive perspective on this, to believe that it will eventually end and I believe that it will, but we can’t let our guard down for one moment. Be alert, folks.

Wonderful Colours

These wonderful china pieces belonged to my mother, I brought them home to Nevada a couple years ago. She was, and is, an extraordinary woman with such beautiful taste in home decor. And the best mum a guy could ever have. I love you, mother.❤️

A Smokey Blanket

As I mentioned earlier today, I feel so bad for the residents and firefighters battling the wildfires in California. May God bless them. This photo is looking west from the end of my road, it’s obvious that the smoke has returned. It hasn’t blanketed the valley for several days now. America, you are in trouble… Pray the Lord will help us, and the world.

A Family Decision

Via a text conversation very early this morning, the members of my family have decided to postpone the family Christmas until June 2021. Usually, we all fly into Michigan from different states to meet up back in my home town at my folks’ place. I am sad.

As of last month, it’s been one full year since I’ve seen any of my family in person. Now, it appears it will be the better part of two years before I can see any of them. Why? The damned virus of course. But we are a very cautious bunch.

My father is ninety-two years young and as such, at high risk for the virus. I am also at high risk because of heart disease and type two diabetes. My children and my sister’s children are all in good health though, thank God!

We all agree that it’s much better to be safe than sorry, to use an old cliche’. It’s true of course. But that will never alleviate the emotional pain this damned virus has caused my family. And of course, millions of other families. I am angry. 2020 can go to hell.

The high at my home yesterday, the official temp was 114 I think.