Pop -n- Coffee

Here in the Desert Southwest people refer to Pop as Soda, this sounds so dumb to me! I use the word Pop in restaurants, I sometimes get that look which says your not from here are you? No, I’m not… Read More ›

The Happy Flower

This is a different version of the sunflower at my folk’s place in Michigan. I softened it up and basically messed it up!

Dad, Circa 1967

This is an iPhone photo of this old photo of a time in my life that is very special! Yours truly has race boats in his blood!

The Reception

This morning I’m digging into my archives on the outboard SSD for some photos, nothing new to upload. This is my daughter’s wedding reception in 2017 at my sister’s home on the lake back home in Michigan. It was a… Read More ›

I Am A Michigander

And will always be one! American by birth, Michigander by luck. No, I’m not considering moving home to Michigan but when I take these trips back up north it brings back so many fond memories and some bad ones too…. Read More ›