As The World Passes By

This photo is about two years old and taken in the wood near my old Michigan home. This dead oak tree was overdue to fall victim to the Stihl chainsaw. The video is certainly one made while heading to or from Michigan for another wonderful visit with my two babies, dad, and sister. Hopefully, our family will be able to reunite this coming June, over one full year since I have seen any of my family.

Watching the iPhone video, I felt as though so much of my life, my children’s life, and our family have been victims of an unseen foe that is incredibly deadly. A foe that all of mankind is desperately trying to destroy. The dead Oak represents the virus. The video taken over six miles above Earth represents the hope I have of our Lord returning triumphantly to redeem mankind. Be well, my friends.

Boat Racing, Always In My Blood

Here are some photos of what yours truly grew up with. I will always have little racing boats in my blood, and a family history of traveling and boat racing. To this day, photos of those wonderful days are all around my home. Note that all photos are our family photos except the poor driver hanging upside down with his boat on top of him, boat racing is very dangerous.

The Airbus A320

Do you miss flying as much as I do? I really miss those twice a summer flights to Michigan. Seeing my homeland then returning to the desert that I have come to love so much. Sometimes I feel torn between two worlds! 😎

Memories of 2015

Here are some iPhone photos from the trip to Michigan, Georgia, and Florida with my dad and our antique auto tour. Such wonderful memories! The two vertical, or portrait photos, were taken at my folks’ place in a guest bathroom. My mother was a wonderful interiour decorator! The other photos were taken along the way at different venues that the tour was scheduled to visit over a few days. I’ve so many beautiful memories of times and places with my wonderful family over the decades. 🙏🏻🥰

A Farm Windmill in The Rain

This photo is not as old as I’ve made it to look. It’s an iPhone photo I took while stopped at one of the planned venues on one of the days we toured in dad’s old antique auto in 2015. The person that owns this location had an absolutely incredible collection of pretty much anything antique made in the United States. That collection has got to be worth millions of dollars.

Well, my little photo isn’t worth that much, but it is worth what you see and think of it! These little windmills seem to be the original, and far less ugly, predecessors to our so-called ‘modern’ ugly-ass three-bladed windfarms.

I strongly dislike them aesthetically, and will never believe in them as a replacement for known, tried-and-true power sources that have helped this country to thrive and grow for so many decades. How ‘green’ am I? As green as the cash in my wallet…


These nine photos give you a little peek at where yours truly is from in Lapeer, Michigan. I miss my little hometown, a huge difference from the big city that Las Vegas really is. Will I ever move home to the gray skies and bad, salty roads? Perhaps I will when my health is such that it’s not a good idea to be far away from my children and family. Why else do we have children!

A Chicky Lunch

Chicky, or Chicky Wicky as my mother and I called it, always makes a dandy lunch. All I used for seasoning was chili powder, faux salt, and ground black pepper. Along the way, I added just a bit of water, then later a bit of extra-virgin olive oil, and kept the pan covered to seal in the moisture. A different way to cook thin-sliced chicky but man was this delicious! I miss you, mom.