The Old Days

Do you remember these items? I sure do and this is a great way to date yourself too. My folks took my sister and me to the drive-in several times. Sister and I wore our onesies pajamas and would run to the playground before the movie started. My mother had an electric frypan just like the one in the photo, yum!

I recall mom slicing hard-boiled eggs with that slicer. And canned crackers, yes! Today, it’s just paper and plastic wrapping your very breakable crackers. Did you have a 78rpm record player? I remember using one to play oldies from Paul Revere and The Raiders as an example. Nope, I’m no spring chicken!

The Flower Bug

This old VW Bug is my mother’s idea, it was created many years ago too. It has looked much better than this, sitting in the Michigan humidity and rain each summer has damaged the hand-painted surfaces. Mother passed in 2012, many items around the property have not been disturbed since. The roof of the car was obviously cut away, and the engine actually still fired up back in the day it was created. We miss you, momma.