On Plane

My father’s hydroplane is fully planed off in this photo, note the propeller digging into the water aft! He was a master of his craft. I was a seven year old kid who now carries those wonderful memories in his… Read More ›

It’s All So Familiar

I mowed this very large yard for over twenty years and can tell you exactly where the holes, tree roots and other things that will damage mower blades in any area of fifteen acres of grass. A true feel for… Read More ›

Zebra Mussels

Zebra Mussels are not native to the Great Lakes Basin and were accidentally introduced into the lakes several years ago via ballast water from an ocean-going vessel that came from salt water. Since then, these nasty mussels have wreaked havoc… Read More ›


Here’s a photo from 1977 when I was in High School and traveling with my dad to many locations around the country racing drag boats. Our boat is on the trailer, it was a Blown Alcohol engine in a three-point… Read More ›