Wilson, The Glamour Shoot

I’m being plain old goofy here, these are the last photos of Wilson helping me in the kitchen the other day. Ain’t he a sexy dude haha! My father had surgery on his left knee early this morning in Michigan. I received a call from my sister a bit ago, he’s come out of surgery doing great! Yay! Thank you, Lord! 🙏🏻

From A Simpler, Gentler Time

I captured this old Ford yesterday, the photo has been published but this is a different version. My father is an antique car expert and life-long car guru, he believes that this is a Ford Shay, I can’t provide a proper link for a better explanation as I can’t find one. Thanks to you know what, I can’t be with him. Pisses me off!

It’s Been Over One Year

It’s been far too long since I’ve had an actual eyeball on any of my family and it’s pure bullshit. Corona, I detest you, I don’t even like your nasty, salty beer! I very sincerely hope that 2021 will see us all returning to normal family lives, that the virus will have run its evil course and vanish as quickly as it came. Amen.

I miss my home state for so many reasons…