Good Morning

From Mr. Pigeon! I’m featuring this little dude because I’ve not been getting any new photos lately. Been busy with life you know… Also, my dad and I have had an ongoing text conversation since yesterday regarding my health, how would my family know if anything happened to me and so on. I reminded him that I have Life Alert.

I get the impression that he wants me to come back to Michigan.

But that’s not terribly likely. The thought of living in a bitter cold and dark environment again like Michigan doesn’t set well with me and I made that clear. I must admit though in spite of sounding even more conflicted that I do miss Michigan and the few friends I still have there. It’s bloody tough being alone in a big city.

Just one more thought here from yesterday – to the little turd on Instagram that referred to me as a bitter old man – fuck you. Get some respect for others. You will age like the rest of us, perhaps one day you will be referred to as the bitter old man. I still have no idea what the turd meant as I am NEVER disrespectful to others on Instagram. You are blocked.