Wedding Reception Memories

Three photos from summer 2017 in Michigan at my daughter’s wedding reception, held at my sister’s home on the lake. These are iPhone photos as I was so chickenshit about bringing the Nikon. That was a mistake as you can… Read More ›

The Rains Have Gone

iPhone photos from this morning. The rains have left the valley giving us our beautiful sunshine back! I can speak only for myself but when the sun isn’t shining I feel droopy and sometimes grumpy. More Vitamin D please! *****… Read More ›

Steel Butterfly

This steel butterfly was placed here by my mother many years ago. It hasn’t moved more than ten feet in all the years. My mother was a wonderful decorator both outside and in. She refused magazines such as Better Home… Read More ›

Photos From 2017

Good morning from lovely Las Vegas! I am currently out of new material so I’ve dug deep into my cloud archive for something to upload today. These photos were all taken sometime during 2017 in Michigan while visiting the family… Read More ›

Days Long Ago

Good sunny morning friends! I have nothing new today to post, so here is an iPhone photo from the summer of 2017 when I attended my daughter’s wedding reception. I was on the other boat when I took this iPhone… Read More ›

Wet -n- Wild

Wet -n- Wild is a big hit with children and parents here in Las Vegas. During our scorching, steamy summers, this place is always packed to the gills with children, squealing with delight as they frolic in the hot summer… Read More ›


My folk’s place in Michigan. So much has happened in this lovely home over the years. My second marriage took place here. Decades of family gatherings. Decades of love and family fun through the seasons of our lives. My life… Read More ›

Pinball Wizard

I snapped this shot last December 2017 in Michigan at the family Christmas. My folks have had this pinball machine for years, I forgot to shoot the entire machine!