A photo from several years ago, I have no idea who snapped this photo of my mother. Miss you mom. She loved dolls, all kinds of dolls!

Mom’s Antique

I snagged this from my folks home in Michigan, along with several other items to keep close to my heart. We miss you mom.

The Lamp Made Of Love

My mother made this lamp for me around 1995 and it’s been a cherished possession ever since. It lights my bedroom every evening and receives a thorough cleaning as needed. I also have several other items of mom’s that I… Read More ›

Lake Angelus, Michigan

Another photo via the iPhone7 from this past August in Michigan. This is the lake I grew up on and were certainly the best days of my life. I had a dandy childhood here!

Lake Angelus, Michigan

A photo from my trip to Michigan a few weeks back, using the iPhone. I seriously wish I’d have brought the Nikon! I was on my sister’s boat when taking this image… Visit Lake

The Egg Man?

Or The Bunny Man? In any case, he’s rather fun looking isn’t he? My mother got this fella several years ago from – I have no idea but mother was very proficient at interiour and exteriour decoration. I’ve posted this… Read More ›