Flying Home Winter 2018

From Las Vegas to the cold of Michigan, I fly home for our family Christmas last year. I love my family, I love flight! Not all of my family are dogs though, let’s be clear here LOL!! 😬

Well Waxed Wood

I admit to slacking on cleaning my home. I said it. Today I cracked that in half and got to it, cleaning the hard floors, dusting and then waxing the wood around the house. I really like my dining room… Read More ›

Outdoor Decor

A couple older photos from some years ago in Michigan at my folk’s place. Mother had yard decor everywhere! 😍

The Steel Butterfly

The Steel Butterfly has been on my folk’s lawn for many years. It’s been repainted as needed. Wonderful family memories from the 1990’s!

Drag Boat 1979

Actually more like 1979 or 1980. This was a time when I had just graduated High School and was traveling with dad around the country racing this liquid quarter mile drag boat. Exciting and wonderful days they were! The man… Read More ›