Mr. TJ

These are some fun images I made a while back with my son, he’s a good guy with a fun sense of humour!

Mum’s Clock

This beauty plays several songs in place of chimes, a beautiful clock. Sorry the image is a bit fuzzy, I couldn’t clean it up more.

Blondie’s Eyelashes

Well, I finally managed to get a photo of my pop’s dog Blondie that really reveals how sweet they are. They do not interfere with here vision or daily activity either. When I was younger, girls always loved my long… Read More ›

Two Boats

These boats are in Michigan, summer 2017 at my sister’s home. Lovely memories growing up on this beautiful lake.

Generations in The Desert

These photos have seen this space before but not recently. I processed them with an HDR app on the Mac, they do indeed look brighter, crisper and better than before. I tried real hard to be coy taking these photos.

Antique Auto Tour

My father loves his antique cars, this photo is from 2015 when dad and I went on a tour in Georgia and Florida. It was lots of fun riding in his big old car (not shown) for two days. One… Read More ›

The Masters Award

This monument is about six foot tall and represents the Pontiac Masters, an award given to Auto Dealership owners for excellence for General Motors dealers. The item is easily thirty years old, many if not all of the men scribed… Read More ›

Milzow House

Good morning. Here is a crappy iPhone photo from summer 2017 in Michigan. I grew up on this lake and know the Milzow family. I’m not happy with my decision to not have brought along my Nikon for this trip.

Dog Face

My father’s dog Blondie has appeared in this space before, I tried applying a bit of HDR. Look at those lashes!