Copper Flower

These copper flowers belonged to my mother, the sprinkler is running nearby watering the real flowers. Love you mom., we all miss you ❤️

Donkey and Cart

This item belonged to my Grandmother who passed in 1993, I remember it from when I was a little boy. These are wonderful, precious memories. ❤️

Outboard Racing in 1967

This is my father racing his outboard boat in 1967. He was champion many times in the fifties and sixties. In 1968 this boat almost killed him when it flipped vertically then came down on top of him which broke… Read More ›


During the summer of 2017 in Michigan, I snapped these iPhone photos of a now abandoned auto dealership. The building and property were sold to another auto dealer, they did business here for several years before moving the business from… Read More ›

Abstract Donkeys

This cute little figure belonged to my grandmother and grandfather. I remember it being in their home all the way back to the 1960’s, a far better and sadly vanished time in our country as a matter of opinion. Want… Read More ›


Blondie the Labradoodle lives with my dad in Michigan, I made her head the feature haha!

Police Officer

This dude is a mannequin at my folk’s party room in Michigan. He has a full body in police uniform but this shot was just his head with the Nikon, last Christmas. His hand is on his police pistol… Do… Read More ›

Dart Board

This dart board hangs in my dad’s man cave in Michigan, the fridgy is always well stocked with pop, beer and liquor along with snacks nearby. Don’t mind the shotguns in the corner… Click the board, looks better bigger.