Bigger Roberto’s Tacos

Following along with the previous taco deliciousness post, as far as this Yank is concerned, Roberto’s Tacos wins. Mostly because of the larger size, yet when dipped in their hot sauce, it’s too dang delicious. My store-bought hot sauce was much hotter though than the company sauce which was a serious plus too.

Cutting Back

It was time to cut back the Lantana a few days ago. They had a great summer of multiple blooms, giving me several photos to share with you and enjoyment for me.

I will try repotting them come spring in larger pots as I suspect that they are both rootbound. I included the forecast for Las Vegas Valley too, not too shabby for November, eh?

Knowing the weather here as I do, I assure you that those temperatures will fall at some point which I will share in this space should anyone really care.

A Few of My Best Photos

Since I have nothing new to work with today, out came the trusty external SSD backup disc. Why not dig through the folder labeled Best Photos for a change?

Once in a while, this amateur photographer gets the shot just right both in taking the photo and in processing. Not the best photos ever captured, but I am damn proud of them!

There are many more than these ten photos that I feel are some of my best photography in that folder.

Still Hanging On!

This is one tough Lantana! The other plant has been cut back as it just shriveled up and gave up last week, but this guy keeps on going and going. It’s going to cool down just a bit in the next few days to the thirties at night and the upper fifties or low sixties in the daytime do let’s see how long this one can hang on.

The Color of Yellah

I haven’t uploaded any Lantana flower photos lately, they are still hanging on since it’s not been remotely chilly here yet. When the time comes, I’ll cut them back. They may not need repotting until next summer. My ex seemed annoyed with my pronunciation of some words like Yellow and Window.

I’m not the only one from up north that speaks this way, ok? Grr. It’s Windah, and Yellah, OK? A creek is a Crick, and so on and on. How about a little Aye, too? Not everyone is from California, thankfully! 😂

Backyard Beauty

Here are four Lantana photos and a sunset sky from a couple of days ago. The Lantana is hanging on very well into October, but at some point, I’ll have to prune them back.

Something Old, Something New

Good morning! Happy Tuesday wherever you are today. So what’s new? Just the photo of my Lantana that is still growing like weeds, they’ve stopped sucking up so much water though because it’s cooler now which is nice. It’s been in the 60s overnight which feels a bit cool. Cool to me since I’m used to 100+ degree weather.

What’s old? That not so good image from the iPhone, taken in 2017 I think back home in Michigan. Damn, why didn’t I take the Nikon with me on that trip! The same trip where I went to my daughter’s (delayed) wedding reception and got some shitty iPhone photos instead. I have been wanting to take a ride into the mountains again, but I never seem to make it out of the house, my leather couch is just too comfortable…