Lantana and Fan Palm with iPhone Ten

Since the Nikon battery is still charging, I thought to try another set taken in the backyard. You’ve got to be sick of seeing these brilliant yellow flowers and the Mexican Fan Palm by now!! On another note, I just got off the blower with my dad back home in Michigan. About a week or so ago, he returned from one of his antique auto tours down in Indiana.

I wanted to give him the update on the doctor’s office visit today. After that, I asked him what’s been up? I am amazed to hear that he is on yet another tour with his antique car, all the way across the state in Holland, Michigan. Do keep in mind that this man is ninety-two years old, and his only ailment is a bad left knee. He is literally in better shape than I am! 😂😎

Good Morning From My Yellow Flowers

Perhaps I should say good morning from Smoke Vegas. The Smoke Fog is back again, these photos were taken yesterday afternoon under a beautiful blue sky. I feel so bad for the residents and firefighters dealing with this terrible situation in California. The National Weather Service says today will be sunny and ninety-four degrees, I’ll take the temperature, but the sunshine is questionable… I hope it’s sunny where you are today!

New Lantana Flowers and Wind-Blasted Palm

It’s amazing what a difference twenty-four hours can make. The smoke fog is completely gone, the sunshine has returned but with a roaring wind. Gusts of thirty to forty, surging to sixty miles per hour. Wow! Just one of the two potted Lantana has new bright yellow flowers so far, it was tricky to get these three photos as the flowers were swaying about rapidly.

The palm tree is clearly being battered by the strong winds, small pieces of frond have dropped into the backyard. The National Weather Service says Las Vegas will have a high of 82 degrees on Wednesday, with just a mild breeze which is nice, I can clean up the dead leaves from the dead Ash tree across the street that have become stuck over here.

The poor neighbors across the street have also lost their Ash just as I did a few weeks ago, no thanks at all to this summer’s brutal temperatures. Ash trees are not well suited to the desert environment according to the tree specialist I use. Tomorrow’s forecast is actually very similar to that of many Michigan summers I’ve loved over the years as a young man.

Navajo Pottery and Lantana

Howdy from my little piece of Las Vegas. I haven’t been out and about today once again, hence I am struggling to find content. My content is so damn redundant now that I’m thinking it’s time to slow down with the blog. I caught a tiny bit of “news” today, it’s very disturbing.

My Lantana is still trying to cycle back to yellow flowers!


This is cycle number two for the Lantana plants, earlier this summer, the Lantana went through this phase where the little yellow flowers faded, shriveled up and fell into the woodchips. At the same time, new flowers are beginning to form and grow. I keep watering the plants, they continue to cycle through their pretty little life unfettered by a pandemic.

G’morning from My Place!

G’morning from my little piece of Las Vegas where the morning air is calm, gently warmed and I wish it’d stay this way all dang day! Only 104 is forecast for today, with 106 and 108 later next week. At least the temperature has come down a bit, every little bit helps! It’s enjoyable to drink the morning java outside when it’s only 85 degrees.

No plans for me today except wiping the desert dust off of my ride, blowing the dust off the furniture outback, and the pavers too. A very difficult day ahead indeed! I hope you’ve all had a dandy weekend so far, wherever you are. By the way, the smoke fog from the California fires has been really bad here, God bless the very brave firefighters, Amen!

Around The House Today

The lockdown continues at my house, hence there are two new photos taken today. I took several more, but they aren’t as clean looking as these two.

The sky suddenly became fully overcast this afternoon, I’ve tried for some rain clouds photos, maybe I can capture a colourful sunset late today. Happy Saturday, friends!

An Apology

This may seem a bit odd, but I feel as though I am boring you with redundant photography. There is a reason though, that reason is the virus. I just don’t feel safe outside my home and have been spending ninety-nine percent of my time here at home. These four walls are a safe zone, I want to keep my home this way.

All that I can offer are backyard photos and photography from years past via my trusty old external backup hard drive. I hope this won’t deter you from visiting this meager little blog. The custom URL for Las Vegas Photoblog is up for renewal next month, at this time, I intend to renew but that doesn’t mean I won’t be looking at other blogging platforms.

Over the last two days, I have read blogs and had comments with other bloggers here on regarding the damned block editor. Some have already made the decision to leave WordPress. Others will leave, but leave the old blog up for others to view. I am very much on the fence with this issue but for now will renew the custom address.

In the meantime, more brilliant yellows for you.

A Sunset Sky, Lantana and A Desert Tortoise

Here is yet another pseudo sunset from late yesterday, we just don’t have the clouds lately to create something more interesting than these photos.

And this is our monsoon season too, bone dry. Hey folks back east that are being soaked to the bone, send your extra rain back here!

Wilson doesn’t give a crap about the dry monsoon, he’s happy to hang around baking in the scorching Mojave Desert sun.

In The Early Morning Light

In the early morning light, I stepped outside to water the Lantanas and the Sago Palms before the heat of the day sets in today. I fed the sagos some Moon Juice fertiliser two days ago and have been adding more water to them lately, I hope they will pull through the extra hot summer we have this year, wow! Today we should see 113 degrees.

Tomorrow and through Wednesday, we will see 113 and 114 degrees according to the National Weather Service. Is it any wonder that my Ash tree gave up and threw in the towel recently? The tree company brought their Stihl chainsaw… Fingers crossed that my old air conditioning system will get through this summer once again, a costly replacement!

Screaming Happiness

Good mid-day from my backyard, friends! Another beautiful, sunshiny day is underway in the valley. We’ve been blessed by Him to see yet another day. Let’s be happy and thankful! 🌴

Don’t they just scream happy!!

Twelve New Photos Taken Today

Here are twelve new snaps for ya! I’m trying a new post format by uploading twice a day instead of uploading so much content each day. I think I’ll like this format.

If things go correctly, I plan to take a ride into the mountains tomorrow for some much cooler air and fresh photos outside of the usual things I photograph too much these days thanks to you know what.

The Lantana continue to thrive with the addition of fertilizer, and it’s been nice to have that dead Ash tree removed since yesterday. No more dead leaves blasting into my garage, and into the backyard too. The neighbors will like that.

Ash trees are not well suited to the desert climate really, according to the tree company’s owner I’ve worked with for two years now at this home. I’ll be back…

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Early Morning Sunshine

Good morning from my backyard where it’s 78 wonderful degrees. Here are four photos of the sunshine at a different angle than the day, the light seems softer. Wilson is also enjoying the morning sunshine too! I hope your day has been good. 😎

New Flowers!

A few more flowers have popped out since yesterday on the ‘west’ Lantana. I was concerned that the plant was already root-bound but apparently not! As I snapped these photos, a bee was buzzing around the flowers but it looked more like a wasp. It soon came after me hence I headed back into the house! The fertiliser I added recently must be working, we shall see.


Whilst watering the flowers early this morning before the heat, I noticed that the plant on the west side has several new flowers begin ing to emerge. Meanwhile, the plant on the east side is still popping beautifully with color. Late last evening, I added some fertiliser to both plants in equal portions. I’m interested to see what happens. Can you tell I’m not a Green Thumb guy?

The East side

The west side

Checking The Lantana Plants

I am keeping close eyes on the two Lantana plants in the backyard. The plant on the west side had plenty of blooms a few days ago, now they are all gone except for some others trying to grow and bloom. The plant on the east side has suddenly burst out with new growth and plenty of blooms. What’s up with this? A plant expert I am not! The Sagos got some Moon Juice today.