Joshua Tree Blooms

During my short walk in the desert this morning I came across a Joshua Tree that seems to be ready to burst with big buds or pods Like I saw last summer. I’ve not seen them at this stage so… Read More ›

Outside my Front Door

It’s been a beautiful day in the valley today, sunny and mid sixties which I am loving! This tree is still looking very happy today, those little flowers aren’t going last much longer though I suppose. If anyone read the… Read More ›

March Blooms

I am expecting a delivery today of my new bedroom furniture for the two spare bedrooms, I noticed a couple flowers on my sidewalk near the front door and looked up to see that the neighbor’s tree had bloomed with… Read More ›

Mother’s Flowers from 2012

My mother loved her flowers and gardens so much, these flowers are her work. She could grow anything! She passed away in 2012, our family has never been the same. The death of a parent is a life changing experience.

White Flower

I have no idea what kind of flower this is, do you? I just like the way they look and taking the photos! My mother grew this flower years ago back home in Michigan. ❤️🙏🏻

Copper Flower

These copper flowers belonged to my mother, the sprinkler is running nearby watering the real flowers. Love you mom., we all miss you ❤️