More Lovely Colors

Well, old Johnny’s cupboards needed a restocking so of course, I grabbed a few flower photos at the grocery store again. This Kroger store has wonderful fruits and veggies, fresh bread made in-store, and much more. I feel so blessed to have access to so much good food! Let’s not forget how fortunate we are in America. πŸ™πŸ»

Food Shopping Flowers

Once again I snapped a few photos of the lovely flower arrangements at my local grocery store. And as usual, I gave a nice comment to the lady behind the counter who was putting the bundles of flowers together. Some of the bundles have a Happy Valentines Day attached to them which makes me think about the reasons I still live by myself, and still have no desire to date a woman again. It’s like starting all over again which doesn’t sound too appetising but life today is much better! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»

Grocery Beauty

This is my third round of the really nice flower arrangements at the grocery store. I always thank the gals for doing a beautiful job, and for saying yes to my taking some photos of their work. Two of these photos were run through iColorama and Aurora HDR for a little more processing since I didn’t like them as-is from the iPhone. By the way, my older phone is an iPhone ten. The damn thing still works perfectly, takes dandy photos and it’s also paid for! If it works, don’t fix it as the old cliche goes…

Color Varieties

I snapped a few more photos at the grocery store this morning for the blog. I haven’t felt like blogging at all today which is a bit odd but there’s nothing wrong with a short break, right? Blogging is for me an avocation but if it becomes more like a chore, then perhaps it’s time for a long break or throw in the blogging towel.

Bundled Flowers

Here are the last three photos I snapped yesterday at the grocer’s flower display. The older iPhone Ten still does a darn good job and with a bit of help from Aurora and PhotoScape X. The last couple of days I’ve felt a bit edgy. I chalk it up to Cabin Fever as my daughter says, she’s got the same thing going while working from home back up north. When will it end? Let’s hope and pray this terrible season will end in 2021.

Meanwhile, here’s something to make you feel better!