Colors Of The Grocery Store

Well, ol’ Johnnies’ cupboards were gettin’ kinda bare again so off I go to reprovision my place. Of course, I had to grab a few more lovely flowers photos for you guys! I did much less processing on this set which makes the process much faster. It’s currently 68F and full sunshine, I actually like it! But those 100 degree temps were nice too…


I’m certainly no flower expert but the lovely red flowers look like a lily. And you guessed it, this was taken at the grocery store. Where else would I find the stuff to make that chicken soup?

Belles Fleurs

Well of course I had to take more flower photos at the store today! After waiting nearly two hours this morning for a damn simple blood draw I was ready to hit the pharmacy then the grocery store. Old Johnny’s cupboards were getting rather bare! My local Quest lab is as far as I’m concerned, terribly understaffed. Nobody should have to wait so long for something so damn simple. I did enjoy a couple of nice chats though with folks. Next time, make an appointment, John!