The Taste Test Results Are In!

And, my taste buds told me that this fresh pot of chili with one can of dark red kidney beans and two cans of white kidney beans and so much more will be very delicious! My love of chili is fun to play with, just a slight change of ingredients can alter the flavor for better or for worse, but I think this is for the better. I wish that I could share a bowl with you, I know that you would be happy!

I Forgot The Noodles!

Does this happen to you? Do you go grocery shopping without a list in hand and come home without all of the stuff you need to make a certain meal? I was going to try my hand again at making chicken soup and forgot the bloody noodles! So this freshly made pot of deliciousness was whipped up instead. Slight variations on the ingredients make subtle changes to its flavor, and this pot has that extra bit of deliciousness! Click that photo.

Red Hot Pizza!

Well, the oven was glowing red hot! Once in a while, I’ll have a spicy late-night snack like this which is delicious, but my system has to work hard all night which sucks.