One Fuzzy One Not

Whilst heading home westbound on Sahara Avenue from the photo print shop, (got more of my photos printed!)I passed one of my more favourite breakfast joints, Denny’s. Denny’s is a nationwide chain, one that I’ve always found satisfactory at each… Read More ›

More Chili!

I have a serious addiction with chili going on the last couple of weeks or more. This morning I finished the previous pot off (yes, chili for breakfast!), had to hit the grocer anyway so hey why not make more!… Read More ›

The New Pot

Nah, not that kind of pot! I ate the rest of the previous pot for breakfast today! While at the grocer this morning I grabbed the makings for another pot. Can you tell the money is a bit shy this… Read More ›


Some like it hot. Some love it hot! I love the hot weather here in Las Vegas, I also love really hot and spicy chili. The more it makes your nose run, the better the chili! Can you handle it… Read More ›

It’s Holsum…

This little bread factory is on Charleston Boulevard between the Fifteen Freeway and Las Vegas Boulevard at the north end of the Las Vegas Strip. This area has been all torn up with road construction for at least one full… Read More ›