I really like thin-sliced chicken breasts, they are super easy to cook and cook very quickly too. Probably three days per week, I’ll bake or in this case, fry up the lot of the package. I woofed down two pieces for lunch!

Me Tacos

Yesterday I suddenly wanted tacos, this is what I came up with. Super simple and yumz, but I grabbed the wrong lettuce. Still good! That sauce kept my mouth smoldering a bit. Deliciousness. ❤️

Yes Please!

At the grocer today, I broke down and grabbed the goodies to make my chili. Call me weak, I said I’d not make chili for a while too. Oh well, it’ll still taste delicious! Mmmm yes, please!

Too Sweet!

The other day at the grocer, I grabbed this roll of cinnamon rolls. And I never should have since I am diabetic! Well, I decided to bake them last night, and wow did the house smell sweet! I had a couple of little pieces of course and put them in a bag in the fridge. Now what? Take some photos of course!

Fried For Life

Have you ever seen videos of young children going almost batty for french fries? Well, I was one of them those many years ago, that love of deep-fried taters has been a life-long love of mine.

The downside though is that these days all of those extra carbohydrates just add up on my waistline. Uhg!! What can the carbohydrate-addicted person do? Well, I can just top eating taters in any form. Yah right.

Or once per week? Nah, not gonna happen. One good thing about frying or baking at home is the fact that I never doust my fries with real salt, oh hell no!

I use No Salt, a darn good compromise as it tastes almost like the real thing. And of course, add plenty of ground black pepper. For this serving, I added a few little splotches of very spicy mustard, whoa so good!

Taters, taters how I enjoy thee far too much, LOL!!

Deep Fried Deliciousness

To deep-fry or to bake, that is the question! Deep-fry it was, and it was so delicious! And this time I didn’t forget to place the fries in the basket! Well, it’s yet another day staying home, how about you?

Ringed Meat and Taters

Here’s a little something I cooked up around seven last night, so delicious! I added a few things to the meal after it came out of the Breville, the taters were baked a bit more with some extra butter on them. So good!

Six Hours Later

And it’s done. This pot has even better flavor than the previous pot, all I did differently was changed was the type of tomato sauce used. Cooking is so weird, man! Shall I try some for breakfast? It’s for champions!