Breville Burgers

It’s an odd fact that since I’ve purchased this wonderful little Breville oven that I don’t use the big range top but rarely, and have been avoiding using the grille outside because of the heat. Try standing in front of… Read More ›


I use this olive oil very little these days, it was sort of shining in the morning sun so I snapped the photo.

Pop Farts

A truly shitty taco with shit in it… Since I was a kid I’ve called this yummy treat Pop Farts. I never growed upp haha! It’s supposed to be a funny image but the striking truth about it to me… Read More ›

Getting Fried

A few iPhone 6 photos from the old apartment when I was making something for dinner. I no longer have that deep fryer as the Breville countertop oven does the same thing without the oil! I actually very rarely use… Read More ›

Chicken Soup

This photo is from my apartment days, I’ve not made this soup in about a year. If I can find enough low sodium options I may make another big pot of this delicious soup!

Oh Chili How I Miss You!

It’s been at least one month since I stopped making my chili, but only because of the salt in it. Frankly there aren’t any serious low sodium or sodium-free alternatives for beans and the other ingredients I commonly use in… Read More ›

The Antique Spoon Macros

So here is round three today having fun with the Tamron macro lens. I have a small collection of old and older utensils which is where these photos are from… This spoon would have been a soup ladle.

The Burnt Meat Macros

Early this morning I took a pound of ground round to the backyard and burnt it up before it goes bad. Meat can thaw for only so long, right? So I had some extra protein for breakfast today. Yum! I… Read More ›