Inside a Firehouse Subs 2

I had posted a photo of this earlier today but ended up in there today getting another one of their delish subs again, so why not get a different view? Good old iPhone, always ready for the next shot!

Home Cut Fries

As a forever-more bachelor, I have reconnected with the enjoyment of making super simple meals like this. I enjoy the smell and sounds of chicken and hamburgers cooking on the stove but prefer a grille of course. I enjoy deep… Read More ›


I tried a new sandwich at my local lunch joint yesterday and didn’t totally favour it. It had none of that disgusting avacado on it at my request, but the sandwich was really not worth the money. But of course… Read More ›

Lunch At The Pub

Last week my neighbour Carol and I had lunch down the street. Today we had lunch at MacKenzie River Pub, this time her treat. She had not been inside the City National Arena where the pub is located and is… Read More ›


I finished the old pot the other day, had to hit the grocery today so why not grab the ingredients? This pot-o-chili is a bit less spicy, that aside the flavour is just more mellow and smooth. I have zero… Read More ›

Burnt Peanuts

Yeah man, I burned peanuts in my man cave today. After all, everything humans read online is true, aye? Mr. Salt and Mr. John are basically mortal enemies these days as my high blood pressure is chronic and needs to… Read More ›