A Chilly Eleven Miles

Even at sixty degrees, you still pick up a bit of a wind chill factor at fifteen or so miles per hour and riding for more than one hour continuously. It was great to get back home and step into my nice warm home and the smell of my freshly made pot of chili which is super delicious! These are for of eight photos I took along the way today.

Beauty Before The Rain

This morning I met a friend at the store where I purchased my Pedego bike as she is interested in getting into the eBike scene. We plan on riding tomorrow which will be fun, so nice to have a biking buddy! The photo was taken around 9:30 this morning, about 45 minutes before a windy and rainy front blew through the area. No ride today, riding in high wind sucks. I made the new pot of chili yesterday morning, it’s pretty darn good even with lower sodium content. Yum!

A bit Less Fire This Time

The last pot of chili I built a few days ago had three Serrano peppers added to it, I didn’t think that they would add so much fire to the chili and I actually had a bit of difficulty eating it! My tongue and lips would sizzle like a burger on the grille. Taste tests after this pot had one hour of six hours of slow cooking behind it proves that this pot won’t light my fire this time. Always keep some milk around to help tame the flames!

Freshly Made!

This beautiful new pot of chili was built by yours truly early this morning. For this pot of chili, I used two cans of Ro-Tel, two cans of seasoned diced tomatoes, three cans of kidney beans with spicy sauce, one small can of tomato sauce and 2/3 can of tomato paste to thicken the chili up. Also in the mix are three Serrano peppers and one white onion. This is strictly my own recipe that I occasionally change just a bit which this time is using the Serrano peppers. Oh, I also add one packet of powdered HOT chili mix. This pot of chili should keep the bedsheets floating over the bed all night!