Building My Pot Of Chili

I finished off the previous pot of deliciousness this morning for breakfast and needed a run to the store so off I went. Oops, dang it! I meant to buy a pound of ground turkey, not beef! Oh well, too late. I’ve done this step by step photos of building my chili before but here’s another compilation.

I always slow-cook my chili for six hours, then unplug the pot and allow it to cool down very slowly, occasionally turning the chili over and covering it up again. Mmmm, delicious! It has become rather dark in my living room, there are storm clouds gathering, I hope we get some rain today!

Breakfast Before The Apple Store

Yesterday morning I arrived at the Apple Store one hour before they opened, I thought they opened at nine, not ten. So, what better way to fill in that hour than filling my belly up with something delicious? That omelet is as delicious as it looks! It has shredded chicken with some kind of delicious sauce inside, yum! I couldn’t resist those delicious diced potatoes either, dipped in catsup, yum! I arrived back at the Apple Store just ten minutes before the doors open, a perfect hour, right? The staff in the restaurant were fantastic by the way.