Beefing The New Grille

Yesterday was the second time I’ve used the new grille in the back yard, love this thing! It cooked turkey burgers really well too the other day, outdoor barbecue tech has come a long way since I was a kid… Read More ›

Hot Pot!

Here’s the latest pot-o-hot from ol’ Johnnie’s kitchen! I changed up two ingredients with this one, and added spicy steak seasoning to the pot both while being built and after it had been bubbling for a bit. As usual, I… Read More ›

Thick Chili

Yesterday’s creation isn’t as tasty as the previous batch yet still yum. It needs more chili powder I think…

The Yellow Restaurant

This coney joint has been at this location longer than I can remember, but it wasn’t always painted this brilliant yellow colour either. It’s a hell of a colour contrast to it’s surroundings – typically gray Michigan skies. Repaint the… Read More ›