Me, Reflected

Yesterday, it was actually cool enough to have a seat in the backyard for a bit, yay! I haven’t sat there in a long time, nor used the Weber grille for many months now due to the heat.

When it’s one hundred ten degrees outside, nobody wants to be standing in front of a two hundred plus degree fire! And the weather today?

Currently, it’s ninety-eight with a pretty good wind blowing which is for me, still not grilling weather. I miss burning beef and chicken on the grille, the flavours are so much better!

The goofy photo…

Almost Meatless

After the dentist visit today, I hit then local grocery to grab the proper items for another pot of deliciousness. The last was eaten for breakfast a couple days back. I forgot the damn beef this time, damn. I had two chicken breasts in the fridge that needed baked before they are no longer good.

So I grabbed those breasts and got tom work.

I cut up one entire breast into very small, and some not so small, pieces and added the meat to the pot. So far, so damn delicious! Of course, chicken meat is miles ahead of red meat in terms of the health benefits over red meat. The pot is cooling just now, after a longer than usual eight-hour slow-cook.

I expect total deliciousness tomorrow morning, perhaps a topping for breakfast or lunch or a snack tonight! 😊

Eggy Toasty

Eggy is not a word of course but it’s been a while since I made this simple meal, so this morning I whipped this up. I destroyed the eggs as the yolks broke. I think it’s time to make scrambled eggs instead. But it’s hard to dip toast into scrambled eggs, or wrecked eggs as I’ve always called them. Which is your favourite egg style? Over-easy or wrecked? Yum!

Dirty Banana

This dirty banana was photographed with the iPhone, in the old apartment around three years ago. Grunge food! Some say the banana is no good for you these days, that’s dirty.

Note: the post name has nothing to do with an alcoholic cocktail!

Mmmm So Good!

Here is yesterday’s newest pot of deliciousness, and I just finished a bowl. Needs more red cayenne pepper and chili powder, but otherwise, it’s another top-notch pot of chili!

Roberto’s Tacos

This isn’t a shameless plug for this very tasty local food chain, I just love these tacos! Whether you choose chicken or shredded beef, you will never be disappointed. These tacos are so much better than the Taco Bell taco. Or sometimes called Taco Hell by yours truly!

Recent Cookins’

If you are like me, you’ll take photos with your phone then promptly forget about them. Doink! The eggs-n-toast was yesterday’s breakfast, the chili was whipped up early this morning after a very early trip to the grocery store. I had the last of the chili from the crockpot this morning, and really wanted to make a fresh pot! It’s enjoyable to watch the boob toob and cook too. Today’s hot forecast is for 106F and a light breeze. No wind augments the heat!

Bachelor Grub

On a whim late yesterday, I decided to use up some of the potatoes that are getting old, and try one half of the turkey sausage I grabbed the other day. I’ve not tried this sausage before, and have to say that it’s delicious when baked!

The fries just seemed to go along with the sausage, and I used up the last of some extra sharp shredded cheese for a topping. Add the crushed black pepper on top, chow down!

A quick thought I’m adding to this upload before it publishes at noon, would this blog look better in an all-white format instead of the current dark format? Modern web design has many photography sites sporting a fresh, clean look in all white. Any thoughts are appreciated. 😎

High Temperatures and Delicious Sausages

Once again Las Vegas has a forecast for 111 degrees, it seems to be a popular temperature around here this summer. In due time, the temps will recede to normal for this time of year but it’s been tough. I can’t be outside for too long with my health issues. I’d love to get my Kona on the road for some exercise. Those sausages were totally delicious for breakfast yesterday!

The cooking directions said to put one cup of water (I used two), boil the water and cook for several minutes. Then, drain the water and cook for about eight to ten minutes. After the water was gone, I added a few small plops of butter to the pan, reduced the heat, and slowly heated them. So delicious! All they needed was eggs and toast on the side, yum!

Building My Chili!!

I did manage to hit the grocer today since the AC repair tech won’t be here until this afternoon. And of course, I grabbed the usual ingredients for my chili!

I used the Nikon for these fifteen photos, so far, this pot tastes more like the ‘better’ pots I whip up, regardless of having the same basic ingredients. I am truly a creature of habit.

Bachelor style! By the way, I have determined that my AC shut down because the cooling fan on top has seized up. And it’s 109 outside!! So lovely, isn’t it?

Breakfast and Lunch

Eggs -n- Toast, a classic that everyone loves, right! A simple, quick breakfast. The fries are organic and have just a very small amount of sodium which is a major win for me. The other two items are chicken and broccoli, with a yummy crust on them.

Just bake for twenty-five minutes at three hundred fifty degrees. I added an extra seven minutes as the fries and chicken were baked at the same time, in the Breville countertop oven at three hundred sixty-five degrees. Perfectly baked!

Boiled Goodness

Yum. This simple batch of boiled goodness was tossed together late yesterday. I’d add some well-seasoned beef if I had some, but it’s so good as-is. There are a few spices in there that really add to the flavor of something so simple to make. Or, perhaps I can add some sliced up fried chicken pieces?? Maybe some of my chili in the fridge? Home-cooked deliciousness!!

The photos are not in my intended order…

Burger Bites

Good eve! One last upload today, this was today’s yummy lunch. The meat had been in the fridgy a bit too long but was still good to go, so in the pan they go. It’s still too hot to use the backyard grill at one hundred three degrees. Burgers and chicken always taste best on the grill, don’t they? More so when you use an old fashioned charcoal grill. G’nite! Be well and safe.

Baked and Grilled

Recent things I whipped up! The baked chicken is so basic yet made a dandy lunch today, the grilled cheese was made late yesterday. I don’t have those flat cheese slices (yucky) so I used shredded sharp cheese instead, worked pretty good! I recall eating grilled cheese as a little boy, everything mother made to eat was always so delicious! We miss you, mom. 🥰

Taters and Other Things

Good morning! Here are a few photos taken around the house yesterday, I made these potatoes a bit differently, They are soaked in water for a while to remove the starch, then seasoned with Italian and other seasonings and some olive oil. Covered in aluminum foil and baked at 375 for one hour. Delicious!

The antenna is just the two-meter 1/4 wave antenna on the truck for VHF FM ham radio. Did the sunset photo turn out decent? I’ve enhanced the image a whole lot to try for the colorful glow and silhouette. It looks Okay.

The palm tree photo (are ya tired of them?) photo was enhanced big time too. My backyard looks better now that the dead Ash tree is no longer dumping dead leaves everywhere! I’ve been out very early this morning watering the Lantana and those apparently dead Sago Palms too. I think they are dead…

I was going to head into the mountains this morning, but decided to wait until tomorrow as I have got to head to the bank and take care of some financial stuff. The mountains will be there tomorrow, eh? I may have a ride out to Calico Basin though, I’ll decide that in a while. It’s cooler today with the high around 101 for a change, better!  I’m back here later.

From Start to Finish

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Good late morning from Las Vegas. I’ve been very busy today with catching up on things I’ve let slide including grocery shopping, hence the photos. Some of the photos are not in focus which sucks, I think the iPhone would have done a better job than the Nikon!

I’m a bit burned out on blogging lately which is also why I haven’t uploaded anything earlier. Maybe an upload twice per day would be better?

In this batch of home-brewed chili, I’ve used all of the same ingredients usually used, no variations such as black beans instead of dark red kidney beans, it takes very little to change the outcome of the flavor. I hope you like the way I build a pot of chili!

Krappy KFC

A couple days ago, GrubHub delivered this overpriced, soggy meal. The chicken was supposed to be crispy, it was nowhere near to crispy. The serving size of mashed taters was pathetically small. I’ve not eaten a thing from KFC for a long time because it upsets my system, to put it politely. I had a feeling I shoulda ordered elsewhere, yuck!

Krappy KFC, sorry, colonel…