Chili – The Next Experiment

The latest batch. This one is a bit more mild than a couple weeks back, I used a mix of hot and mild powders, beef with a skosh more fat and added almost one entire white onion, finely chopped. Yum! And some better quality tomato sauce and beans too, it really makes a difference. I hope your weekend has been as tasty!


We Northeasters use different words to describe things in a different way than those here in the Desert Southwest. In conversation with people here in Nevada I find it funny that people here don’t see the LP fuel tank below as a Pig. Nope, no legs, no coiling twisty tail or pink snouts or oinks here! Nor are there any breakfast foods either but I can certainly recommend using the LP gas in this tank to cook your bacon for breakfast!


Rather than go to my favourite restaurant for breakfast after fasting for a blood draw since last night, I went straight home and whipped up this tasty breakfast. I ran out of Olive Oil, hence the taters are not browned up. Using butter isn’t an option so off to the grocer for a refill. I was ravenously hungry by the time I got back home! Yet another Wind Storm has settled into Las Vegas Valley… Hold on to your hats and anything else loose!

From Chicken Soup to Chili!

Well, I’ve now learned how to make several pots of Chicken Soup, and can now create another whenever I want. Yum! It’s time to make the switch back to my yummy Chili though and this slow cooking pot has so far not let me down.

I built this pot with standard Chili flavouring but did add just a few shakes of Chili powder. It’s just right so far. Around seven PM, this pot will be ready to be devoured! Chili isn’t just for cold weather you know… I make Chili when it’s 110 degrees outside!

Mmmmm yummy!!!

The Bogus Campsite

Yesterday whilst walking in the desert I met up with a stranger named Lucy. I’d seen Lucy and her black and white dog walking this same area several weeks ago. We introduced ourselves and chatted a bit. She mentioned a place where she saw a presumably abandoned camp site near the little two lane road.

I thought about checking this out yesterday and had a quick look this morning. No big deal obviously. The bag contains a popup tent that’s had lots of use. Also there were several empty Pork & Beans cans along with two litre pop bottles and cans. That’s bullshit. I may head out there Monday, grab all that shit and take it back home to the bin. I’m not a native Nevadan yet appear to care more for the Mojave Desert!

A possible sad truth here though is that a homeless person has been staying here on and off. Lord I hope not! Las Vegas has so many homeless folks and that bothers me. I’m NOT patting myself on the back by stating that when I see a person begging with a sign right along the road, or around businesses, I’ll purchase food and drink for them and hope they are still there which is usually the case. Or I’ll give them cash if I have it. Well, sorry for the short rant, these photos make me think about that subject…

Sammy’s Restaurant

Yesterday I had the oil changed in my truck, it’s first fluid service. Whilst waiting for the work to be completed, I walked next door to Sammy’s Restaurant. They don’t serve breakfast, rather their own brand of pizza, burgers and other options. The burger you see was totally delicious, and the French Fries had a really tasty texture on them and tasted great. Sammy’s has three locations in Las Vegas Valley. By the time I finished the burger and walked back to the dealer, my truck was ready to roll. A tasty oil change!

Chicken Soup Fixins’

I keep increasing the amounts of specific ingredients in this easy chicken soup recipe such as Broth and Chicken, fast and simple to make! I’ve gotta fill that pot up!