Skulls Watch You Eat!

Hi all! Going back to the Linq walk the other day, on the back wall of Chayo Mexican Kitchen you’ll see all these crazy-eyed skulls staring you down whilst you eat! Each skull is unique as far as I could… Read More ›

Wrecked Eggs -n- Taters

Yummy! Super fast and simple to whip up! I was considering heading up the street for a greasy breakfast but just didn’t feel like leaving the house just then so why not create my own version of wrecked eggs -n-… Read More ›

A Pot-o-Deliciousness!

Yep, yet another pot of chicken soup was just but here! I seem to favour the soup now over my home-brewed chili. It’s funny how our tastes change over time with food and other things in this life…


Here is my latest pot-o-goodness created yesterday. It made a damn tasty breakfast aye! Mmmmm…

Shooting The Microwave

Just goofing around last night! I was watching the Golden Knights kick ass again while cooking some chicken up in the oven. Go Vegas Knights!

Leftover Breakfast

Well, sort of. I had a pound of beef thawed that needed to be cooked, and some canned kidney beans and diced tomatoes left over from my last pot of chili. Better to have too much right? So I threw… Read More ›

The New Pot

Nah, not the pot you smoke! I’d say this is my best pot yet, the balance of water, veggies and noodles is right plus I’ve added a couple bouillon cubes for some extra taste. Yeah, it added some sodium but… Read More ›