Chicken Soup – Round 2

OK, I’ve found a new food to fill the pot and my jelly belly with – chicken soup! Doesn’t everyone love chicken soup and have memories of eating it as a child when feeling good or ill? Thanks Sandy [@sandysdesigns]… Read More ›

Yesterday’s Breakfast

I don’t often go out for breakfast and this photo shows why. Rich in calories and yummy veggies, tasty cheese and perfectly cooked egg. Then the Hash Browns in all their golden brown deliciousness. Rye toast with too damn much… Read More ›


All kinds, several colours and they all taste the same I suppose! I snapped this with the iPhone at my local grocer this morning, old Johnny’s cupboards were mighty bare!

Fast Food Lighting

I became addicted to Arby’s Roast Beef sandwiches when I was very young. Thanks Dad! Gladly there are several Arby’s locations around Las Vegas but not a one of them are remotely close to my apartment. Hence my hitting one… Read More ›