Burnt Peanuts

Yeah man, I burned peanuts in my man cave today. After all, everything humans read online is true, aye? Mr. Salt and Mr. John are basically mortal enemies these days as my high blood pressure is chronic and needs to… Read More ›

Fresh Pot!

Guess what? Another pot -o- goodness! if you have followed me here on WordPress a bit then you’ll know of my love for all things Chili. Is it a northern thing? I am a native Michigander and grew up eating… Read More ›

The Black Bear Diner

The Black Bear Diner is located at Durango Drive and Sahara Avenue, I have drove by this place many times, I decided to have a Club Sandwich there late this morning and I was not disappointed! The place was nutty… Read More ›

So Berry Fresh!

My lovely neighbour Linda was walking toward her place, she stopped, we chatted. Suddenly, she tosses these two delicious containers of blueberries up to me. Yummy! I gave one to my neighbour Jenny upstairs who also loves this fruit. Pass… Read More ›