Red Meat

This tasty chunk -o- meat made a dandy lunch yesterday, it was too windy to use the Weber in the backyard so I used the Breville countertop oven instead. You just can’t beat cooking meat on a gas or charcoal… Read More ›

Eggs -n- Cheese

Mmmm yummy breakfast early today, had three eggs of a half dozen left, best use them before they literally go down the drain! I’m very much on and off with eggs these days. As a kid I gobbled them down… Read More ›

Black Cinnamon Coffee

My favorite coffee these days is the cinnamon flavoured coffee with Truvia sweetener added which to me makes the taste even better. Two cups in the morning lasts me all day! Straight up black coffee is good too. NEVADA LOVE!!

Porking Out

According to my spell check and an online dictionary, Porking is not a word. Bullshit! It’s interesting to watch people stuffing their faces in restaurants isn’t it? So many different shapes and sizes of bodies in there. Some skinny, others… Read More ›

It’s Chili Time!

Yep, I’m back on my Chili thing again! This new pot built today has an unusual flavor, one that I love too. 😎❀️

Panning For Gold at The Nugget

These are iPhone photos of the same door both inside and out. I’d just finished that yummy Open Face Hot Turkey Sandwich and was heading out to continue my trek back to Las Vegas. I’ll photograph almost anything eh? 😎