Attempted Pizza Pie

Yesterday at the grocer I decided to try my hand at making pizza. I purchased a pre-made pizza crust and the simple fixings that I always like on my pizza. This is the result! It wasn’t terrible at all, yet… Read More ›

Baked Chicken Lunch

I’ve had some thawed chicken in the fridgy and needed to use it or lose it so it was thin sliced and super simply baked at 425 degrees until just done. Not overcooked and dried out. Mmmm it was delicious!

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

This photo has been in this space before but as an uncropped image with much less processing. I over processed this image on purpose to try different things with the software.

Planter’s Peanuts

I really love peanuts and always have but these days, I can only eat the Unsalted version. Damed high blood pressure! So my cupboards were looking rather empty the last few days so off I go to the grocer. What… Read More ›