Another Sunshiny Day

Most of the time the sun shines here, in fact, Las Vegas receives over 300 days per year of sunshine so if you are a lover of Old Sol, then this is the place for you! It’s only 95 today so it’s much nicer to hang out in the backyard for a bit longer. These photos are from the iPhone 12. I’ve thought about using the iPhone for photos on this site, maybe for a week or so, and see how that goes, what do y’all think? I hope you have a great weekend my friends!🌴🌞🌵

I just put that pot of chili together this morning!

Nikon In The Pizza Shop

After the job interview, I headed west to Downtown Summerlin to pick up a case for the new iPad Pro, done! Grabbed some Pizza that was so darn delicious! The ceiling photos with lights are inside the pizza shop via the Nikon. I shot a couple videos too with some tunes playing, enjoy the songs from the good old days!

More iPhone Photos

These photos are not directly from the phone, I’ve ‘enhanced’ them as usual but still, they are damn good photos aren’t they? I changed the Aperture speed and other settings on the Nikon yesterday too so let’s see what that does later today. Today’s weather forecast is for 100F which is a normal summer temperature for Las Vegas, cooling to the 90s tomorrow. It was so enjoyable in the backyard last night with the perfect warm breeze and a cold drink!