Just West Of Town

Just west of town in the open desert as I call it is where I ended up this morning. It’s that wonderful time of year when the summer heat is fading away, and the nights are in the mid to upper 60s. I took a short walk too around Calico Basin. I snapped around sixty photos today, here are just three to begin this little series. These photos are from 50mm Nikkor.

Color, No Color

Four old photos for this upload, the four-point building is the church I attended before the divorce. It’s the chapel the church added not too many years ago. The other color photo is looking westward at the Red Rock Escarpment, or fault line many miles away. The grayscale photo with the palm tree is in my backyard, the other is somewhere in the city.

Blue Sky Love

Well, guess what? Las Vegas has a blue sky today! Are you surprised? I had a couple of missions this morning so these photos are all that I could capture along the way. It’s cooler today with just ninety-five degrees and it feels wonderful for a change. Soon our summer heat will go away until next May but our winters are very mild thank God.