Morning View

I was up early today, the sun was low and really illuminating the Lamadre. Click the photo. It’s always a pleasure to walk outside early in the day and see these beautiful mountains.

After The Blood Draw

I headed out toward the desert, not ready to head home yet after that delish Subway Sub and Fasting for basically almost twelve hours! Would you like to live in my sunny state?

Canyon Cruising

I took the long way to the beer store today for some photos. I was trying the Neutral Density (ND) filters again, haven’t messed with them much. Though they are the same for the 70-300mm lens as on the little… Read More ›


Well, the wind finally fell below the threshold that allowed me to lift off earlier today, it was great fun to be back flying again! The first thing I wanted to do is shoot up to four hundred foot for… Read More ›

Lake Mead Needs Water!

Several photos in this set show you just how low our beautiful Lake Mead water level really is, thanks to the ongoing and apparently never ending drought here in the American southwest. The spillway shown has been dry since the… Read More ›

An Ancient Sea Shell

I’d say this was a very luck find! While flying the drone yesterday I noticed this sea shell near my feet. While it’s not unusual to find seashells on the valley floor around Las Vegas Ive never seen one like… Read More ›

Ancient Lines

  Millenia upon Millenia have made the Mojave Desert the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen, it never disappoints. It was too chilly for me to fly the drone today so I’m staying home where it’s toasty! Click the photo,… Read More ›