Deep in The Valley

These photos were taken about three years ago on the way home from a visit to Lake Mead, maybe from Hoover Dam too. It’s obvious that I’m at the very eastern edge of the valley, the ground drops off very sharply on this road and continues west across the valley. Frenchman Mountain is to my left at around four thousand feet feet.

Joshua’s on A Fault Line

Joshua trees that is, not some fella named Joshua. Or Joshua in the Bible! The rock face you see beyond the trees is the ancient fault line, sometimes called the Red Rock Escarpment too.

Red Rock Canyon proper is about two miles north from this location. I will never become tired of the beautiful Mojave Desert!

The Frenchman Beyond

I dug this photo out of the archive backup drive yesterday. I have no idea where exactly in the valley the photo was taken but am sure the older Nikon D3300 body was used. That’s Frenchman Mountain on the east side of the valley, many miles away. Sunny and 103 today!