An Ancient Sea Shell

I’d say this was a very luck find! While flying the drone yesterday I noticed this sea shell near my feet. While it’s not unusual to find seashells on the valley floor around Las Vegas Ive never seen one like this to date. I did a quick search for the type of shell this is but found nothing about it. If you know what this is, lets hear it! Much of the American West Coast was once underwater in a warm, shallow sea many millions of years ago, hence we can find these wonderful scenes from many millions of years ago. Happy Sunday friends!


From my little patio I can see to the west fairly well and noted that the peaks around Red Rock Canyon had their winter faces on today so into the truck and away I went after a quick excursion to near the Strip this morning. I really enjoy Landscape Photography the most but fear that if that’s all I do on the site here then my people will go away! Pretty silly eh! Our temperatures have been in the fifties too, that’s too cold for me!!!

Calico Rocks – Last Round

So here are the last photos in this set from Calico Basin a few days back. Yay! I need seriously to reduce the number of photos I take on these little daytime photo excursions. I’m still waiting for the plumbers to swap my toilet out, they are in the adjacent building now. Damn. I really don’t want to have to stay home all day tomorrow for this – sorry but I really don’t trust strangers in my home while I’m away!

Calico Colours

Good sunny Monday to you my friends. I wish you a fabulous week. Today I’m pretty much stuck at home until the plumbers come through to replace my toilet. Yep, super exciting stuff eh? It seems the entire apartment complex is getting new toilets, yay! And I’m just kidding! But I don’t see the point of this other than water conservation as the current toilet works perfectly and is kept clean as hell by me with bleach!

So off I went being a nosy resident in my little piece of Las Vegas, inquiring about the why is this being done? The word on the grape vine has it that a government program is being put into use here as a water conservation project. If that’s the fact Jack then I’m all over that. I get a bit ticked when seeing water running down the side of a road or otherwise being wasted around Las Vegas. C’mon Las Vegas, we can do better.

Have a look at our beautiful Lake Mead, where your water comes from, Las Vegas!

Rough Textures

Here are fifteen photos from a few days ago in Calico Basin again, tired of my pretty rocks yet? The textures and crazy colors are amazing to see in person. No photo can truly express the actual sizes and depths of the colors here. If you visit Las Vegas, get outta town and come see this place. There’s so much more to Las Vegas!

Hiking Calico Basin

Or perhaps walking is a more fitting description. Regardless, I’ve been wanting to test myself with a walk around Calico Basin for a bit now, today was the day. Since I have CHF, or Congestive Heart Failure diagnosed in 2002, I have to take the up-bound portion of the walk very slowly, making frequent stops. Meanwhile others walk past at a nice pace. Showoffs. Just kidding! But I do miss being able to do more athletic stuff.

The other reason for the walk was to get some new wonderful rock photos. More rocks! Got rocks? We have em’ here! Turns out I snapped exactly one gig’s worth of photos today so I’ll have to search through them for the best ones, here’s a start. If you visit Las Vegas in the future or are returning for another visit, get away from the Vegas Strip, there is so much more to the Las Vegas area than the glitz and craziness of the Strip!