Near Hoover Dam, 2018

Good morning folks, here are some oldies pulled from my archives. I haven’t been to the dam since before the virus came around so maybe it’s time for a ride down there again. Sunshine and 86 degrees are forecast for the valley today, Saturday will see 90 degrees, our scorching summer heat is officially on its way back!

Mojave Desert Grayscale

Using the Nikon Z50s built-in effects, I grabbed a few photos in grayscale mode. The images the camera takes are maybe a bit better than converting the image in processing, maybe. I played around with the looks in the Aurora HDR application too, changing colors and tones, and adding a vignette to one image. That wall you’re looking at is actually a portion of an ancient fault line that I sincerely hope doesn’t slip and release an earthquake! This area has been geologically active for millions of years, hence our beautiful mountain ranges.

Beautiful Geology

Good morning, here are some older photos that I took in Calico Basin about three years ago. The designs and colors are beautiful, aren’t they? The photos do them no justice really! 68 degrees and partly sunny are in store for the valley today, I may take a nice bike ride later. What are your plans this Humpday?

In The Desert, 2018

Rolling the clock back four years, these photos were taken in the state park near Red Rock Canyon and along an ancient fault line which are the cliffs you see. Sunshine and 72 are on tap for today, time for another ride today. The high temperature back home today will be just 16 degrees, too cold!

Round And Down You Go!

I wish that you could see this view with your own eyes, the camera can’t do the view real justice. It’s a very long way down there to the bottom of the valley, and those mountains are far higher than they look in the photos. One of them is a solid 6,000 feet high, that’s a bit more than one mile high. This range forms the north end of Las Vegas Valley.

The other photo was taken while heading out of the city on Charleston Boulevard toward Calico Basin with the walls of the ancient fault line easily seen with clouds touching the top. I would like to wish each and every one of my readers, followers a wonderful, blessed, safe and happy 2022. May you find good health and happiness in 2022, my friends!

Higher Elevations and The Beauty of Calico Basin

Continuing with more photos from Calico Basin, the colors are amazing when the sun strikes the multicolored rocks. The other photos nicely show the change in elevation on the west side of the valley that can make your ears feel like they need to be popped! Cloudy and 53F are on tap for Las Vegas today, a forecast that I am not happy with! The winter months are my least favorite here, I may as well have a cabin back home in Michigan and go snowmobiling!

Cloudy Mountains

After picking up my medication from the pharmacy, I decided on a whim to have a drive west to the usual places I photograph to capture the clouds hugging the peaks, Please pardon the redundancy of these photos? The Nikon Z50 did a darn nice job capturing the beautiful colors and the clouds up there this morning, do you agree? It’s still so cold though at around forty-five degrees. Cold for this desert rat anyway! I’ll be glad when it’s warm enough for a bike ride…

I Just Don’t Like Them…

I don’t know why, but these photos taken yesterday are way too blue and I couldn’t get the level of blue down no matter what I did in processing. Irritating! Anyway, I wish my American friends a very happy Thanksgiving day today! Since my family is scattered about, I am alone today which is OK, I like my peace and quiet. It’s time to call everyone and wish them a wonderful day today and I’ll see you soon! Sunshine and 61F are on tap for today, the low 70s are back soon!

Mojave Desert Colors

These photos were taken in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in 2018. This area is just east of Las Vegas. Access is easy from the city by taking Lake Mead Boulevard east, you’ll drive right into the park. The photos don’t really do the beautiful colors justice. I was using the old Nikon D3300 body too. The Nikon Z6 would do a better job I’m sure.

Scenes From Lovell Canyon

It’s been three years since I last visited Lovell Canyon, a very nice wildlife area. If you go east up the ridge, you will eventually fall into the Red Rock Canyon area. And I do mean fall! About 1000 feet or more to the desert floor below. This is an ancient fault line, I wish I knew the last time it shifted. Read about Lovell Canyon.

Just West Of Town

Just west of town in the open desert as I call it is where I ended up this morning. It’s that wonderful time of year when the summer heat is fading away, and the nights are in the mid to upper 60s. I took a short walk too around Calico Basin. I snapped around sixty photos today, here are just three to begin this little series. These photos are from 50mm Nikkor.

Color, No Color

Four old photos for this upload, the four-point building is the church I attended before the divorce. It’s the chapel the church added not too many years ago. The other color photo is looking westward at the Red Rock Escarpment, or fault line many miles away. The grayscale photo with the palm tree is in my backyard, the other is somewhere in the city.

Blue Sky Love

Well, guess what? Las Vegas has a blue sky today! Are you surprised? I had a couple of missions this morning so these photos are all that I could capture along the way. It’s cooler today with just ninety-five degrees and it feels wonderful for a change. Soon our summer heat will go away until next May but our winters are very mild thank God.